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"In The Garage" - by Val Shrum (kiyonekatz at yahoo dot com)

Chapter 32 - Final Chapter


There was always something about Sunday morning that felt different from any other days of the week. That last day of the weekend and the first day of the week all in one. The morning sun peaked through the curtains of Lance Alvers' room. Tiny rays of light played across the covers of the bed.

"Nmnng." Kitty vocalized a soft, unintelligable sound. Her hand reached up to run her fingers through her short brown hair. Her eyes opened, focusing up at the ceiling. 'Huh. This doesn't look familiar.' She looked over to the right of her to notice the sleeping body of Lance beside her. A rush of realization overcame her. 'Oh... oh man...' She nudged Lance, "Hey. Wake up."

"..mnfn... what?" Lance turned to look at Kitty, "Too early."

"Who cares. Wake up, please?" Kitty nudged him again.

Lance turned to look at her tiredly, then yawned, "Okay... okay. I'm up." He started to sit up and commented, "Oh wait, this is usually the part I realize I'm still asleep." He looked at Kitty, things started to sink in. "Uh... goodmorning?"

"Yeah. Goodmorning. Uhm, that is to say..." Kitty looked away, then back at Lance, "I don't know what to say."

"There's a first." He joked. Then he said, "It's okay, because I don't either."

Kitty reached over and took his hand. She squeezed it softly and looked down, "I guess then the question really is, where does that leave us?"

"What do you mean?" Lance wondered, "It's going to be the same as it was before. Isn't it?"

"I don't know." Kitty sounded really concerned. "Do we... like... tell people? Do we keep this to ourselves?"

"Loaded questions." Lance looked Kitty over. "It doesn't change anything about how I feel for you. As much as I've ever wanted you to wake up beside me... I don't want us to act all weird around each other now just because a little lost virginity between us..."

"Hey now. It's not lost. I know exactly where I left it." Kitty abruptly interrupted. "I see your point, though. This stuff changes people. How do I know we'll be different?"

"Because it's us, Kitty. We've been through enough. I trust you enough to know we made a good choice."

This made Kitty smile warmly back at Lance. "Yeah. I trust you too." She let go of his hand and moved forward, wrapping her arms around him in a gentle hug. Then a soft knock from the door echoed through the room. Kitty let out a sigh, "Maybe we can ignore it." Another knock.

"What is it?!" Lance raised his voice.

"Phone. For Kitty." Said a female voice, obviously Wanda's, from the other side of the door.

"... I so do not want to face this." Kitty let out a sigh, then pulled away from Lance. She unlocked and opened the door, holding out a hand. "G'morning, Wanda."

"Not good if I'm being woken up at the crack of it by someone elses guardians." Wanda set the phone down in Kitty's open hand. "Good luck."

Kitty made a face, heading back over to the bed to sit down before she placed the phone to her ear. She took a breath and said softly, "Hello?"

"Nice to hear from you, Kitten." The voice on the other end of the phone replied.

"G'morning, Ororo. Or should I say 'Mom'?" Kitty rolled her eyes and leaned back against the headboard.

"Very funny. You know, we could have used a call in regards to your whereabouts." Ororo started.

Kitty messed with her hair tiredly, "I told Kurt where I was goin' when we left the dance. We came back to the Brotherhood house to watch a movie. He managed to make it home last night, right?"

"That's not the point. The point is that your phone was turned off, we couldn't get a hold of YOU directly."

"... my phone. Uh..." Kitty blinked, "Oh... oh crap. I don't know where it is. I put it in my bag, which had a change of clothes and... crap. Ororo, I swear to you I have NO idea what happened. I might have left it backstage or in Lance's jeep. I really don't know where it is. I would have answered it if I did. Honestly! This wasn't some weird defiance of authority, I really forgot it somewhere."

"And I believe you." Ororo sighed on the other end of the phone. "You should try to find it, then. When might we be expecting you home? The Professor wants to have a talk with you."

"Great, another talk. I was hoping this facet of my life would be just that, MY life." Kitty sounded annoyed, then looked at Lance, "I dunno. Maybe after I get some breakfast I'll get a ride back. A few hours."

"Just like you said earlier, Kitten, we're not just authority figures, but also your 'parents'. Normal kids go through this, too." Ororo hinted.

"Yeah, I know. But usually normal parents ignore most of the stuff their kids do after a certain age. I'll see you later, then. G'bye."

Kitty clicked the hang-up button on the phone. "Dun-dun-dun! Busted!" She tossed it back to Wanda.

"Look at the bright side, at least they care." Wanda caught the phone. "They even sent Kurt to pick you up last night, after midnight."

"You're kidding, right?" Kitty raised an eyebrow. "That's just cruelty."

"Cruelty?" Wanda wondered.

"You've never noticed? I think he has a big crush on you." Kitty replied.

"Now YOU have to be kidding. That's not funny, Pryde." Wanda pocketted the phone.

"No, seriously. Sure, he's got a girlfriend and all, but I think once we started the band he started crushing on you. Nothing to act on, of course. He's a loyal elf." Kitty commented.

"Sure, MAKE me feel bad for giving him a kiss." Wanda shook her head, covering her eyes.

"You what? Ooooooooooooo, Wanda!"

"Whoa, hey now! I told him he looked nice. Which he did. Poor guy ported all the way here for me to tell him to go home." Wanda justified.

"Maybe he's not the only one with a crush." Lance teased.

"I know where you sleep." Wanda glared at Lance. He held up his hands in defeat. "I'm going to go now before anything else gets said. Enjoy these moments, you two. I doubt things'll ever be this easy again." She left through the door, closing it on her way out.

"Worst part is... she's right." Kitty let out a sigh. "I'm so grounded, again."

Lance wrapped his arms around her. "Maybe not grounded, but on careful watch. That's what they do. 'That Alvers kid is a bad influence! You can do better!'"

"Channeling your best Scott Summers, I see. Been through this before?" She asked, then remembered something, "Wait a second... I do have a question, it was bugging me."


"Last night... when we uhm... I don't even know how to say this. How exactly did you get so good at unhooking a bra?" Kitty seemed embarassed to even ask.

Lance laughed, then replied, "This is stupid. Remember when Tabitha lived with us?"

"This answer is going from bad to worse..."

"No wait, lemme finish before you get mad at me!" He tried to deflect the small glare he could feel Kitty was giving him, "She was pretty bad. She'd steal my ride, she'd destroy my door, she'd make Toad go even longer without a bath because he was terrified of her intruding. It wasn't exactly the best days at the Brotherhood."

"I remember you telling me about that. Go on..."

"It was one of the 'getting back' techniques. Kinda juvenile. She'd be watching TV in the living room and I'd have Fred distract her, then snap her bra through her shirt. At some point, between me and Pietro, we'd complicate it further to see how pissed off we could make Tabitha. Pietro was always faster, but the challenge came from not just snapping it, but unfastening it. Through her shirt? It's tough. Really hard, but between getting back at her and the competative edge it had with Pietro... uh, yeah. I got good at it. Only downside is that I don't run as fast as Pietro and Tabitha just stopped wearing bras as retaliation."

"Wow. You're such a jerk." Kitty managed to say in a non-angry tone. "But I don't know if I'm genuinely appalled or facinated. Maybe a bit of both. Just... wow. I don't even have the words."

"I am a jerk, some of the time. I'm not going to disagree with that."

"It was Tabitha, though. With her being insane and all, it's no wonder you had to find unique ways of getting back at her... so I forgive you. I just have to remind myself... hey, at least it wasn't ME." Kitty patted Lance gently, then changed the subject. "... hmm, how does pancakes sound? I want to kill as much time as I can before I head home."

"If killing time is all you want to do..." Lance closed the space between them with a kiss.

Kitty pulled away after a moment with a smile, "No, not that. I'm not sure I'm quite ready for that again." She ran a hand through his hair, "I told you, things aren't going to change between us. That also means that I still need to take things slow from time to time, this included. Okay? Our relationship is more than just sex."

"I know Kitty, I know. It was just a... silly suggestion. Actually, it's kinda a relief. I don't think I could handle you changing too much. Into that kind of girl." Lance blushed.

"Oh, you're a little disappointed." She nudged.

"... okay, maybe just a LITTLE. But it's only because you look really hot right now."

"Uh... oh... uh... thanks." Kitty blushed, then said softly. "Sorry. I just... need time to adjust and recooperate."

Lance hugged and said honestly. "Take all the time you need. I'm not going anywhere."

"Better not. I could totally kick your ass otherwise." She joked.

"What kind of guy do you take me for?" Lance replied back, sounding serious when he obviously wasn't.

"A guy." Kitty smiled. "But you're my guy. And... yeah, it's really tempting to say the hell with it all and just... throw caution to the wind. However, my conscious is telling me to find my bag and get ready to face the music. So... where do you last remember me having my bag?"

"You don't remember? Okay, hold on." He leaned back and scratched his head, "Uh... I remember you bringing it with you to the jeep. I... huh. I don't remember you bringing it backstage or anything. I do remember taking your ID though."

"Then it must be in the back of the jeep. Hey! Give me my ID back!" She realized.

"I will! Calm down." He climbed out of the bed and went to his pants, pulling his wallet out.

"While you're doing that, I'll check the jeep for my bag. I might have put it under the seat or hid it the back. It'd really suck if my stuff got stolen, at the prom no less." Kitty got up and stretched. She looked down at her outfit. Lance's red button up shirt from last night and a pair of boxer shorts, "Meh. Good enough. Be right back." She walked through the wall leading outside.

"Augh..." He looked up. 'It freaks me out when she does that sometimes.' Lance pulled out her ID and sat back down on the bed, looking over the text on the drivers license with interest.

Outside, Kitty wandered over to the jeep. She climbed into the back, looking under a small blanket Lance had laying over a few random items. 'Nothing.' She frowned. She climbed into the front and reached under her seat, feeling a cloth strap. "Oh good." She sighed, pulling the bag out from under the seat. She leaned back and hugged the backpack to her for a moment, relieved. She opened it up and retrieved her phone which had the message, "7 Missed Calls" across the display screen.

A faint breeze drifted past her, then she climbed out of the jeep and turned around to go back to the house only to be confronted by Pietro. "Aaaaaaaaaah! Don't go sneaking up on people, Pietro!"

"Couldn't stand to do the walk of shame, hmmmmm Pryde?" Pietro wondered.

"What are you, tweleve? I don't even know what you're talking about. I left my bag out here. See?" She shouldered the bag and glared at Pietro.

"So you and Lance had a little fling, huh?"

As quick as the sentence processed, her fist found it's way into Pietro's nose. Speed would have been a factor if reaction time was involved. Her recent training had put her in a different class of speed and agility than before. Almost as soon as the punch connected, Kitty stepped back and gave a mean smile, "Oops! Hand slipped..."

"OWWWWWWWW! What the HELL, Pryde?!" Pietro yelled, holding his now bloodied nose. The shock on Pietro's face was somewhere between wondering how it connected and didn't see it coming to the fact that she just punched him and drew blood. He glared at Kitty, then she began to speak.

"A little advice. Whatever may or may not have happened is between me and Lance. You ever so much as BREATH a word of this to me again, joking or serious, I will make sure you cry. Your idle attempts to humilate me will be in vain if you can't even move your legs to run after I'm done with you. It's not funny to me in the least to get this kind of harassment for as long as I've been with him. For once, JUST once, I'd like to have everyone just accept and move on. This is not a fling, not a joke, and certainly not a phase. That attitude is so last year."

"Freaking psycho! You punched me and almost broke my nose!"

"No, if I were actually trying I would have broken your nose. Now, Pietro, are we clear? Please don't forget, Wanda's on my side about this. She's a far worse person to have disliking you than I am. And you can bet Wanda will hear about this. Are. We. Clear?"

"As clear as discontinued Pepsi." He glared.

"Best answer I'm ever going to get, I suppose." Kitty walked toward Lance's bedroom. She looked at Pietro. "I don't hate you. I just hate how you treat me like I'm a second class citizen, whether I'm dating Lance or not. Just... leave me alone or be polite. That's all I ask."

"I don't have to be nice to you." Pietro sneered.

"Oh, don't do me any favors. I didn't ask you to. I asked you to stop being an outright asshole. Slight difference." Kitty rolled her eyes and phased back through the wall into Lance's room, back inside the house.

"That took a while, find everything?" Lance looked up from the bed, now dressed in some casual clothes.

"Yeah, everything is peachy keen. Looks like you're already dressed. Great! Should I hit the bathroom or...?"

"God, no. I'll just step out. Let me know when you're ready. I don't wanna keep you out all day." Lance rubbed the back of his head. "Oh! And here's your ID. Sorry." He handed it back to her.

Kitty slipped it into the backpack pocket. "Okay. Just... uhm... a little privacy then, I guess."

"Duh. Of course." Lance headed over to the door, then said, "You know, we really shoudln't be worried about feeling self conscious around each other..."

"Baby steps, Lance." Kitty guided him to the door, "Maybe when we're all grown up and living together I won't be all self conscious. In the meantime... I'll be out in a few minutes, okay?"

"Yeah, okay. I get it." He opened the door that lead to the hallway. Kitty smiled and pushed him out playfully before closing and locking the door.

Kitty looked around the room, 'Great. Now to gather my stuff and get dressed.'


Lance stepped into the living room. Pietro was on the couch, napkin plugging his nose. "What happened to you?"

"Your girlfriend almost decked me."

"How? When?" Lance looked mildly confused.

"She tried to bail on you, man. I just made a little trip outside to make sure little Kitty-Kat wasn't sneaking out." Pietro leaned back.

"And that encouraged her to punch you? Did you somehow forget how to DODGE?" Lance sat down on the edge of the couch arm. "She was getting her bag."

"Newsflash, I know that NOW." Pietro tsked. "I don't see what you see in her Alvers."

"You don't have to, you're not the one dating her."

"So how was it?" Pietro wondered.

"Dude, NOT cool." Lance glared at Pietro.

"Sheesh, you both are real touchy. Fine, I'll drop it."

"Good." Lance looked down the hall to see Kitty emerge from his room, bag on her shoulder, clothed casually in a pair of jeans, a teeshirt, and a light jacket. "Ready?"

"Yeah. Can you believe they called me seven times? Craziness." Kitty put her phone away.

"Maybe it was different people giving your phone a try? You never know." Lance stood up and started toward the front door.

"No, but I will soon." Kitty followed Lance outside and headed toward the Jeep again. "I'm wanting pancakes."

"Then pancakes it is." He got into the jeep and started it up. Kitty climbed into the passenger side and buckled herself in. They drove down the street in silence, until... "So, I saw what happened with Pietro."

"He was harassing me! I don't need That kind of crap from him." Kitty crossed her arms.

"I'm not disagreeing, I'm just saying I saw it." Lance quieted down. They were stopped at a light, he turned to look at her, "...you're angry."

"Well... no... yes... dammit. I just don't want to think what we did was wrong, but when I have jerks like Pietro make me feel guilty. That's wrong, right? We're not supposed to feel guilty."

"I don't feel guilty, Kitty. And neither should you." He frowned, "Look, maybe I should just get you home."

"No Lance, please. I just want to get breakfast then you can take me home. I need to be prepared for the screamfest that will occur." Kitty sighed.

"Fine, okay. But it'll be a short breakfast." Lance insisted.



Lance pulled the jeep into a nearby restaurant. "Look, Kitty... I'm not trying to push you away. Are you okay?"

"I'm really okay. I'm just a little... I'm nervous. I don't mean to take out that frustration on you." Kitty sighed and reached over, taking his hand. "Sorry."

He leaned over and kissed her on the cheek. "I understand. C'mon, let's go eat."

"Okay." Kitty nodded, letting go of his hand and heading into the restraunt. Lance quickly followed behind.

They were quickly seated at a booth and given menus. Lance slid over close to Kitty, putting an arm around her, "You're tired, huh?"

"Tired is putting it mildly." She set her head on his shoulder. "Sorry I'm being such a drag."

"No, it's okay. Really. You're scared, huh?"

"Probably even more than I was last night before we performed. Like... there's a whole weirdness. Sure, the Professor'll probably talk to me about the dangers, maybe even have Ororo sit down with me to talk about my life choices. Yadda yadda... but when all is said and done? The perspective has changed on who I am. Good or bad, I have to live with this change."

"Does that bother you?"

"No, just..." Kitty composed her thoughts, "Let's think of it like... you know how it is at school, right? You hear about a girl who is a little promiscuous and she's a slut. You hear about a guy, and it's all like 'Yeah, he's THE MAN!'. It's another one of those double-standards. Where it's encouraged for guys to do things and when girls happened to do them, they are looked down upon."

"You're NOT promiscuous, Kitty. We had one night. It's not going to get spread around the school, either. What happens between you and your 'guardians' at the Institute is your own business, but I think it's safe to say you can convince the majority of non-psychics in the household that you're still the same ol' Kitty you were yesterday."

"I know, you're right." She shook her head. "Maybe that's part of the problem, I'm still hung up on how people perceive me. You're right... just... whatever. I'll just have to stop caring about that and learn to live my life. No day but today, huh?"

"That's my girl." Lance smiled as a waitress approached the table.

"Ready to order, kids?" The waitress asked, holding up a pad of paper.

"Sure, I'd like a..." Lance started.


The jeep pulled around the corner up to the Xavier Institute. The gate open, Lance drove around to the circle near the front door. He put the vehicle in park and looked at Kitty, "Are you sure you want to face this alone?"

"Positive. Less fear in one room, the better. You know, they can smell it on you." Kitty smiled playfully. "I can hold my own against them. It's amazing what a week in Japan'll as a confidence booster." She checked her backpack and pulled it onto her shoulder. "Well, here goes."

Lance reached and touched her arm, "Hey... hold on." He reached over and popped open the glovebox, pulling out a cd in a plastic case. "I've been meaning to give you this. Listen to it later, okay?"

Kitty took it with a nod, "Sure." She slipped it into her backpack and zipped up the bag. She turned to Lance, leaning over and wrapping her arms around him in a tight hug. "Wish me luck."

"You won't need it. You have better luck than I do." Lance smiled, giving her a final kiss before she exited the Jeep and headed to the front door. He put it back in gear and drove away, leaving Kitty at the Institute entrance, alone.

She took in a deep breath, looking up at the large building. "There are worse things, Pryde. Growing up isn't one of them." Kitty shook her head and entered through the front door.

A light telepathic request entered her head from Charles Xavier, Ah Kitty, wonderful to see you've made it home. Please meet me in my office. This isn't a request, it's an order.

Kitty rolled her eyes. She tossed the bag down on the couch and headed down the hall to Xavier's office. She opened the door to find Xavier behind his desk, hands folded politely while Ororo was standing to the right of him. Kitty nodded and closed the door, taking a seat in the chair before the desk. "Sorry I'm late. Breakfast took longer than planned."

"Longer, indeed." Xavier raised an eyebrow, then placed his hands on the desk. "So, Katherine, how was your prom?"

"A stressful, horrible experience." Kitty straightened her posture in the chair, resting her elbow on the arm rest and propping her chin up, "But... it wasn't all that. No, not at all. It was also refreshing, fun, and probably one of the best nights of my life once I just let go."

Ororo raised an eyebrow, "That sounds like two separate evenings, Kitten."

"It was, Ororo. One was me being a member of a band, the other was me... being a girl at her first prom. Both had their up and down moments, but it was all and all a learning experience. I'd do it again." Kitty nodded.

Xavier nodded, a stern look on his face. "You do realize that you broke curfew."

"Yes. And I'm willing to take the punishment for that. Unlike last time I was grounded, this was a deliberate thought out action." Kitty nodded. "That was the risk I took."

"I don't approve of your decision, Kitty." Xavier said in a disappointed tone, "But that isn't my business. As you all grow older, I find myself realizing how precious little time is left before you are no longer my students, but something more. Whether you plan to go to college or stay at the Institute as a teacher or a X-Man, the time seems to be shrinking for when that day comes. It's nights like yesterday that make me realize that very fact. Every single one of the students here are like my children. I can't help but feel a little overwhelmed by the amazing people you all have grown into over our time together."

"... sir?" Kitty started, unsure. She found her confidence, "I know you wouldn't... and couldn't have approved. After everything I've been through sometimes I forget that I'm still a sixteen year old junior, finishing up High School. Especially with the opportunities like graduating early and being a full time X-Man. It's enough to overwhelm anyone, including me. I understand what you mean, sir. It was never my intention to strain your confidence in me or to make you... pardon my phrasing... 'feel old'. It's just another step into the future, I suppose."

"A very serious step." Xavier emphasized

"I knew that even before I made any decisions." Kitty stood her ground.

Xavier looked over to Ororo. She took a step forward, "Grounded for a week, mainly for the fact that you had relied on others to let us know how you were. In the future, please remember to let us know where you are if it's after what would be our curfew. Some of us aren't mindreaders and were worried about your well being, Kitten."

Kitty nodded, "I understand, Ororo. I really do."

"Good. We'll talk to you later about the... other things, but for now you're free to go." Ororo shook her head. "Have a good day."

Kitty let out a relieved sigh, heading out of the office.

"Charles, she's so young. Do you really think she understands?" Ororo wondered.

"Probably far more than most of our other students. Being one of the smartest housed here certainly doesn't hurt her case. No, Ororo. I don't agree with her choice, but I am quite sure she knows exactly what she was getting into. That's something we should be thankful for."

"Perhaps you're right."


Kitty reshouldered her backpack and carried it up the stairs and down the hall. Her hand reached down to her room door handle before she felt a nudge at her shoulder, "Hmm?" She turned around to see Jean.

"You're just getting home now?" Jean asked, a little surprised.

"Yeah. It's okay, safe your speech. I've already gotten the first wave from the tag-team duo of the Professor and Ororo." Kitty held up a hand in protest.

"I'm not going to yell at you, Kitty."

"Oh good, because I'm getting really tired of picking my fights." Kitty turned around and leaned against her door to face Jean.

"Just one of those days?"

"Apparently." Kitty looked at Jean, "Was there something you wanted to say? I was just about to go lay down for a little bit."

"How'd they go on you?" Jean asked.

"Surprisingly easy. I'm grounded for a week, again. I suppose I'm earning a troublemaker title.

"I wouldn't say you're a troublemaker." Jean commented lightly, "I stood up for you back with the New York City incident. The Professor and I had it out."

"Thanks." Kitty smiled. "I never knew that."

"With that said... Kitty, really... Lance Alvers?" Jean raised an eyebrow, obviously joking.

"Oh come ON now! Not funny, Jean." Kitty sighed, crossing her arms over her chest.

"Sorry, sorry." Jean put a hand on Kitty's shoulder. "If you ever need to talk about anything personal, I'm here for you."

Kitty held up a hand, "Okay, stop. I get it. And maybe someday I will. For the moment? I'm just gonna go lay down, okay? I'm still fighting off a little bit of a hangover I think."

Jean opened her mouth to say something before Kitty interrupted again.

"The less said about this, the better. We'll talk about ALL of this later." Kitty waved, backing through her door, trigging her phasing ability so she wouldn't have to open it. She walked tiredly over to her bed, setting down her bag next to it and shrugging off her light jacket. She yawned, hugging a pillow to her. 'Oh yeah.' She thought to herself, reaching down and grabbing the cd from her backpack. She pulled out a portable cd player from her end table, putting the cd in and slipping on the headphones.

The spin of the cd and the digital track number one displayed across the front. Familiar songs for Kitty, she skipped through the tracks without much thought until she got to the last one. Unlike the others which sounded like stage versions, this one sounded like it was in a room. A guitar being strummed once or twice as if it were being tested to see if it were in tune.

"I think I can play Breakfast at Tiffanys, now." Kitty heard her voice on the recording.

"I should hope so. With what we've been playing today, I'd be surprised if you COULDN'T." Lance's voice laughed on the track.

The song played through sweetly, their voices harmonized together. Kitty smiled as she listened, wishing that Lance was there with her now. As the song ended, the track continued. The sound of Kitty's laughter with the light comment, "Tease."

"You're the tease." Lance's voice said back.

"Cut it out!" She laughed.

"Only if you do." Lance laughed heartfully in return. The song ended and the cd stopped spinning. Kitty pulled open the insert with the cd.

It was written in a rough, handwritten text. 'I'm not sure if you'd like this or not, but this is our cd. A collection of the recordings I did either when we were on stage or practicing in the basement. It's nothing fancy, but I thought you'd like a little bit of a reminder that we did a good job together - even if the band is through. Thanks for putting up with it all. You're just so great and that's what I love about you. Tell me what you think, okay? - Love, Lance'

**** The End ****

Final notes:

The band name, Kakumei: Evolution. Kakumei is the Japanese word for "Revolution", so that'd be sort of a take on the RENT lyric "Revolution, Evolution, justice seeking for solutions. Forcing change, risk, danger. Making noise and making pleas." from La Vie Boheme. Well, that and the show IS called X-Men Evolution.

Oh, and mysteriously wondering about what happened on that night? I put THOSE chapters over in the appropriote R section. It's obvious what had happened, but for those who actually want to read it - go for it (as long as you're of age :).

Ironically, when I started writing this I hadn't seen RENT in about two years, and 12 Volt Sex had been broken up for almost as long. Now 12 Volt Sex has gotten back together and I saw RENT not that long ago (as of this writing). Wacky stuff.

Thanks for suffering through months and months of updates on this. It's been an experience in writing, for me. I'm not much of a Lance/Kitty shipper. I actually started writing this fic to figure out what exactly that dynamic was, and somehow I stumbled upon it along the way. I hadn't even planned for it to go this long, but somehow I got an idea for a plotpoint here, then another one there, then finally the prom one was too good to pass up. In the end, it makes for a really long Lancitty. I've got other projects that have been sorely ignored. Thanks again everyone!

Edited to add...

"In The Garage" by Weezer


I've got a Dungeon Master's Guide

I've got a 12-sided die

I've got Kitty Pryde

And Nightcrawler too

Waiting there for me

Yes I do, I do

I've got posters on the wall

My favorite rock group KISS

I've got Ace Frehley

I've got Peter Criss

Waiting there for me

Yes I do, I do

I've got an electric guitar

I play my stupid songs

I write these stupid words

And I love every one

Waiting there for me

Yes I do, I do

In the garage

I feel safe

No one cares about my ways

In the garage

Where I belong

No one hears me sing this song

In the garage

In the garage

In the garage

I feel safe

No one cares about my ways

In the garage

Where I belong

No one hears me sing this song

In the garage

I feel safe

No one laughs about my ways

In the garage

Where I belong

No one hears me

No one hears me

No one hears me

No one hears me

No one hears me sing this song