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9 PM

            Skinner chased a screaming kid around the small but comfy house, scowling as he went. The screaming kid was his 4-year-old daughter, Elizabeth. He usually called her Lizzy, for short; he hadn't even wanted to name her that, but he respected her mother's last wish.

            Skinner jumped a little and caught his child, to much squirming. She tried to bite him as he carried her off to bed. Which was the reason he was chasing her in the first place.

            After brushing her teeth, the little imp was supposed to go to bed. Her father had been reading when he saw her run past his own room, and had realized that it was going to take more than a story to put her to sleep.

            "C'mon, kid, you are going to bed," he said.

            "No! Daddy, I don't want to!" she pouted. "Mommy used to let me sleep later."

            "Well, mommy isn't here," Skinner said. "Shoo. Inside." He put her down and pushed her lightly into the room. He hid a wince at the mention of his late wife. Hannah had passed away two years ago from consumption, and he felt the emptiness whenever he was reminded of the empty space on the bed. He missed her warmth, her bright smile, the softness of her body...

            "Or no cookies," he threatened, waving a finger at her.

            "You can't scare me," Lizzy pouted, glaring at her father. He scratched his head tiredly.

            "Its not a scare," he said, helping her up the bed. "It's a promise. Now, sleep."

            She opened her little mouth, so full of witty remarks, to protest, but he waved the finger again. "Cookies."

            She shut it with a huff and buried herself under the sheets. He sighed and left the room, holding it a little open so he could see whether she tried to get out again. After about a half hour of that, he closed the door with a sigh, retreating to his own room.

            He sat down on the edge of the bed, looking over his shoulder to the empty space beside him with another sigh. Everyday was a challenge with Lizzy. It was close to impossible to get her to sleep, eat, sit still, read, study or even to stay in one spot. The only thing that made her quiet was a piano; she was a prodigy at it. Problem was, he didn't own a piano. She had to go over to Jekyll's place to play.

            He sighed again before turning in, thinking, Why doesn't parenting come with a manual?  

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2.01 AM

            Jekyll hardly stirred when he heard baby Noah wake up for the two o'clock feeding. He did, however, sit up tiredly just as Marie, his wife, finished feeding their child.

            "Is he eating again?" he asked. Marie nodded as she climbed back into bed.

            "He's been waking up less, that's good news," she said as she lied down. "Go back to sleep, Henry. I have it under control."

            He pretended to be, but watched proudly as she herself fell asleep. Their son, Noah, had been born six months ago, and he, Jekyll, had cut the umbilical cord. Noah, like him, had tousled dark hair and keen dark eyes. His small, pudgy hands liked to wander, so Jekyll had locked up his scientific equipment and the elixir to keep the child from doing anything that he would regret.

            I'm thankful Hyde isn't here, Jekyll thought. Hyde had shut up after Jekyll had kept from the temptation of the elixir for about a year, just before he had gotten married to Marie. He suppressed a shudder. If Hyde had gotten loose... he didn't want to think about the consequences to his family, the ones he loved so much.

           That thought only strengthened his resolution to keep Hyde down, unless absolutely necessary; say, with the League. And they had only called once, seven years ago.

            Since the league had joined Special Branch, Jekyll had been ready to "leapt into action at a moment's notice", as Skinner put it. Jekyll smiled again. Since then, he had attended Skinner's wedding, been the best man, even. He had helped in Elizabeth's birth, and had helped with the preparations for the funeral of her mother.

            Skinner and his daughter didn't exactly get along well. Skinner had remarked that "being with that kid, give you a lot of exercise. You have to chase her to do anything!"

            The piano in the hall was the wedding gift from Marie's father, and Lizzy enjoyed going over to play. She was learning fast, and Skinner was proud.

            Jekyll hoped that, when Noah grew up, he would make the doctor proud. Not that he was putting any pressure on the child. He just wanted to be a proud father, that was all.

            But I hope the pride of his own will not come from something like Hyde.

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2.05 AM

            Mina woke in darkness and, for an electrified moment, lay perfectly still, roused unexpectedly from deep sleep by piercing terror she couldn't place. It left her completely disorientated. It took her a few extra seconds to realize she was in her own bed in her own house with her husband and that the said fear did not come from her frequent dreams of Dracula, but from outside herself. By the time she had fully woke up, the first hesitant murmur whispered through the silent room, no louder than Dorian's quiet breathing next to her.


            Mina got up from the comfortable bed and wrapped herself in her robe against the cold. She padded into Lucy's room, which was next door. Entering, silent as a ghost, she kneeled down next to the five-year-old's low bed.

           Lucy had been named after a dear friend of Mina's (#1), and certainly looked alike. She had long bangs of dark hair, probably inherited from her immortal father. The dark eyes peered out inquisitively, and she was following in her mother's footsteps and learning how to be a chemist.

            And she was an immortal.

            A few days before, an empty beaker had smashed and Lucy had fallen down, cutting her hands. They had healed instantly. Now, as her child called out for her, Mina felt the protective spirit of a mother come over her once again.


            Mina stroked her daughter's hair, so much like shiny silk threads. "Lucy?"

            At her touch, little Lucy woke up with a sigh of relief. "Mummy..." She wrapped her arms around Mina's neck, allowing her mother to carry her, resting her warm cheek against Mina's cooler one. Mina, with her vampiric senses, heard Dorian get up and sensed him enter the room. Lucy had closed her eyes and settled her head against Mina's breast, letting her mother stroke her hair in silence.

            "What is it?" Dorian asked, softly, as he crouched down next to Mina.

            "Dragons," Lucy whispered. "Big, ugly dragons. They wanted to eat me." As she spoke, she clutched the fabric of Mina's nightdress, glancing fearfully around the room.

            "It's alright, Lucy," Dorian said, and Mina handed their child over to him. "We're here."

            "Daddy..." she clutched at his shirt. "Don't go. They'll come again." 

            Dorian looked at Mina over the top of Lucy's head. Mina gave a silent nod. They would stay with Lucy until she fell asleep; hopefully, the dragons wouldn't come again.

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2.15 AM

            Allan lay awake in his bed, staring at the ceiling. In the next room, his grandson, Will, slept peacefully. Will was Jack's (#2) only son, and Allan was raising him the same way he had raised Jack; but now, he swore he would keep Will out of danger. No way will I lose him like I lost his father.

            Will had come to live with him after finding out that he was alive, but under a change of name. Now, Will Quatermain went under the name of Will Dale, following his grandfather.

            Will looked a lot like Jack; the hazel eyes gleamed with intelligence, the wit was there, and he usually talked without thinking; and he was hopeless with girls. Just the other day, when Allan was heading home, he had seen Will becoming an nervous wreck when his crush, Catherine Willards, was there. The other Quatermain had hidden behind the corner, and had laughed when he saw Will try to get a grip on his nerves; when Catherine talked to him, Will would go all putty-legged, his stomach would have hundreds of butterflies, and he would break out into sweat and regret not being about to recite poetry.

             Allan smiled tiredly. I need to get some sleep, he thought. In the morning he had to open the locksmith shop he had started. It was small, and the clients weren't exactly big names, but he fared pretty well. It was enough to keep him and Will going, so he wasn't complaining.

            Will turned and there was a bump, followed by a curse that was supposed to be discreet, as the 12-year-old (#3) fell out of his bed. Why he kept doing that, Allan didn't know. With a sigh, Allan got out of bed and went to check on his grandson.

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2.26 AM (#4)

            Tom was sleeping soundly, dreaming, and snoring at the same time. A little down the hall, Alice Finn slept as well. Alice was the daughter of Huckleberry Finn and Becky Thatcher (#5). Since Becky's father was ill, she went back to Mississippi to visit, and at the same time, Huck had to go on a mission. Leaving Tom, Alice's godfather, to take care of her.

            Which he wasn't exactly enjoying.

            How Becky had raised the kid was beyond him. Tom had never met anyone so proper. The way Alice ate, talked, and walked, baffled him, making him think she was raised in London's high society instead of New York. And when she went to school, she came back with straight A's. Tom smiled at the memory of his own childhood, for he could not have cared less about school then. He remembered running away with Joe Harper and Huck, before attending their own funeral. Then, they had missed Gods-knows-how-many-days of school, and, naturally, Tom had been delighted.

            Which wasn't the case for Alice.

            She loved going to school, which was actually easy for Tom, because he didn't need to take care of her. In the mornings, he went to do his own stuff, then came back in time to see her produce the next test in which she got another A*. It was driving him nuts.

            Only a week left to go, Tom, he kept telling himself. A week before Becky comes home. A week before I'm free.

            Sometimes, he just wished a madman wanted to take over the world and the League would be called into action.

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2.45 AM

            Nemo sat in his cabin, reading the letter he had received from his nephew, Ajit, in India. After the death of his father and Nemo's brother, Nemo had become the primary father figure for the child, who lived with his mother. Ajit was ten this year, and Nemo intended to send him a gift when they next docked. The handwriting on this letter greatly improved from the last, and it was written in Hindu, not English like the colony masters.

"Mother and I hope you to see you soon.

Your nephew,


            Nemo folded the letter neatly and placed it in the drawer where he kept all the letters he had received from Ajit and his mother. Ajit was nearing manhood, so his gift would have to be suitable. Nemo thought hard, feeling the comforting hum of the Nautlius' engines beneath his feet. He had to think.

            What does Ajit like? Nemo asked himself. Then an idea hit him. I shall send him a figurine of the Nautilus.

            That sounded right. Nemo nodded to himself and lied down, falling asleep almost immediately.

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 (#1) If you didn't read the book, Lucy Westenra was the name of Dracula's first victim, before he went on to Mina. Lucy was very close to Mina.

(#2) They didn't mention the name of Allan's son in the movie, so I'm using the name from the book.

(#3) Okay, I did the math, so if Will is 12, then that means he was born two years before the original mission.

(#4) Since I have no idea what the time difference is between London and New York, let's just say that the whole world runs by one clock, okay?

(#5) For those of you who didn't read the book, Becky Thatcher and Huck Finn are the 11-year-old Tom's crush and best friend respectively. And the rest of the paragraph is probably going to have hundreds of references to the book.

A/N: That's it. Chapter 1 of this fic that I have no idea why I'm writing. Expect Chapter 2 soon, and this is really sucky, I know. Thanks for the reviews if you do review.