Blinded By The Past, Ignored In The Future

Chapter 34

THIRTY-FOUR: What's Right and Then End.

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Previous Chapter: "That sick pig!" Hermione screamed in furry. I'll get him back Hermione decided. She had totally forgotten that Tom was already in bad shape because of the Death Eaters.



The sound was driving Tom insane. He had been sitting with his back against the wall for hours, listening to water dripping from above and falling into a small puddle in one of the corners. In his opinion it was a load more torture than anything the Death Eaters had done. Tom cursed at himself. Why on earth would he go and thing something as stupid as that?

With a loud sigh, Tom closed his eyes. His breathing was heavy, a bit uneven, and he was sure that he had broken his had when he had repeatedly pounded the ground with it, attempting to relieve himself of the pain.

Was it wrong to not want to be tortured even if you deserved to be? After al he was Lord Voldemort, more or less. Tom knew this as well as the Order of the Phoenix now. He-Tom…Voldemort…He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named-has caused so mush suffering to the world, both worlds. Wasn't it fair that he too suffered?

Wasn't it what the Order wanted? Did they really think of him as Tom? Or did they only pretend to because of their respect for Dumbledore? If this was the case then he wasn't really wanted…nobody cared about him…no adult ever had.

"Don't waste time feeling sorry for me…" Tom remembered himself saying years ago.

"Sorry…" Ruby had apologized.

"To feel sorry for someone is a waste of time, but do you know what?"


It's even worse when you feel sorry for yourself."

Had he really once said that? Tom shook his head. He couldn't remember anything at the moment. It seemed to him that everything, all the memories that he held, were being thrown into a mixing bowl and becoming one gigantic mess. Tom reached up, though it was a bit painful, and he rubbed his forehead.

He felt guilty…when he, Ruby, and Lucius were younger his friends had always insisted that he go to the Dumbledore to talk about his problems, but Tom never once listened. A foolish teenager…that was what he was. He had never once admitted to the Headmaster, Dumbledore, that he had been right. Dumbledore had been right not to trust him. He was destined to become Lord Voldemort, the most feared Dark Wizard in history; he was a murderer and a ruthless one at that.

"Lu, Ruby?"


"You two are my best…no wait…my ONLY friends. I don't know what would happen to me if I didn't know you two. I'd be lost without you."


"I don't know about you being lost without Lucius…but, Rid, you'd both be lost without me. After all I am the most beautiful, aren't I?"

"Not as beautiful as me."

"Lu…Umm…how do I break this to you? Oh yeah…you're a guy."

"Uhhh…I knew that…no, really, I did."

Tom shook his head. Now he knew what was going to happen to him without Ruby and Lucius. He was going to die, alone and forgotten in the dungeon of his own secret base. It was really a brilliant way to go….NOT!

Tom's brows furrowed. That was that. He was done feeling sorry for himself. It really was pathetic. Nobody but he was going to be able to save him from this mess. Then it dawned on him…Hermione! Tom had forgotten all about her! How could he get her and himself out of here?

Just then the cell door was unlocked and pulled open. Two Death Eaters were standing in the doorway, most likely grinning behind their masks.

It was over…there was no escape now.


Hermione paced in her cell, back and forth, back and forth…She was angry at Tom Riddle. How dare he use her! How are he, the filthy Slytherin bastard, ever force himself upon her! He was a dirty, disgusting, vile…

"Sixteen-year-old, teenaged boy?" a nasty voice in her head said innocently.

"NO!" she mentally screamed. How dare he use her to feel better about losing the girl he had known and loved since he was a child!

Wait…that didn't sound right…because it wasn't. Shouldn't she be happy that she had given Tom a few moments of peace, of happiness? Hermione bit her lip. She was being very selfish…It only took half a second to transfer all of her anger toward the Slytherin boy, toward herself instead.


Hermione was thrown off of her feet. What was going on? Loud but unclear voices were shouting, screaming even. Hermione ran to the cell door and peered outside. She threw herself backwards when another large BOOM rocked the cell. Something was definitely happening.


"I will give you one chance," Lord Voldemort hissed as Tom was thrown at his feet by the Death Eaters. The two rejoined the others in the circle as Tom starred up at the red-eyed creature. "Tell me the names of all the Order members and I shall spare your life. I will even allow you to rule by my side. It is, after all, your rightful place."

Tom said nothing, and he did nothing. Could he really betray the Order of the Phoenix? They had allowed him to live, they had even given him a place to stay…but they didn't like him. And Tom didn't blame them. Dumbledore had hoped that Tom would help them with their fight against Voldemort, but he hadn't. He hadn't done anything but cause more trouble for them. Ironic, wasn't it, that he could now betray them instead of help as Dumbledore had wanted?

Tom shook his head. "I won't do it."

"You won't?" Voldemort hissed.

"No, I will not. Dumbledore is a great man and I can't believe that it's taken me this long to understand that," Tom said in a whisper.

"You want to die a Gryffindor death?" Voldemort asked, standing up and he pulled out his wand. "Very well."

There was a flash of green light and nothing more.


"Tom?" someone said the second the young Dark Lord opened his eyes. It was Lupin…Remus.

"Remus?" Tom said unsurely. "Voldemort caught you too? Oh no…"

A lot of voices all around his began to laugh. A woman said, "He doesn't even know where he is!"

"Voldemort no long has you or Miss Ganger," Remus informed Tom.

"Hermione? She's okay?"

"Why don't you ask her yourself, Tom?" came the voice of Albus Dumbledore. Tom looked up and him and smiled. A pair of arms threw themselves around him and hugged him tight.

"Hermione!" he gasped. "I can't-" but he never did finish he sentence. Her mouth met his and they kissed. The dark haired girl, pulled away, grinned, and said, "I'm sorry for being…well for being such a moron to you before."

"Uhhh…" Tom said, dazed. "Yeah…sure."

Remus smiled at him and moved back so that Dumbledore could come forward. The old man's eyes held nothing but joy within them and for once Tom knew what it was like to have someone be proud of you.

"You showed great courage tonight, Tom Riddle."

At this Tom nodded and allowed the man to continue, "You protected the Order's secrets and was willing to die for us. For that we thank you." With that said he turned to walk away, but before he was too far away he stopped and turned about, "Oh yes and the Order of the Phoenix would like to welcome you to its ranks as one of it's best and most respectable wizards."

As Dumbledore walked away random members from the Order patted him on the back and shouted words of approval. Hermione hugged him again and Remus ruffled his hair.

888888 (weeks later)

"Oh, the power to be strongAnd the wisdom to be wiseAll these things willcome to you in timeOn this journey that you're makingThere'll be answers that you'll seekAnd it's you who'll climb the mountainIt's you who'll reach the peak Son of Man, look to the sky Lift your spirit, set it free Some day you'll walk tall with pride Son of Man, a man in time you'll be"

Tom Riddle grinned to himself as he passed out a glass of water to each of the Order members. He listened to them talk about all the new information they had gained and what action to take first. He grinned mischievously, thinking of an interesting idea to lighten up the mood in the room.

"Though there's no one there to guide you No one to take your handBut with faith and understanding You will journey from boy to man Son of Man, look to the sky Lift your spirit, set it free Some day you'll walk tall with prideSon of Man, a man in time you'll be"

Smiling to himself he sat down in the corner, his wand in hand.

"In learning you will teachAnd in teaching you will learnYou'll find your place beside theones you loveOh, and all the things you dreamed of The visions that you saw Well, the time is drawing near now It's yours to claim it all" Without warning Tom pointed his wand above the table the Order was sitting at. He had to control his laughter as he set water bucketing down on their heads. Oddly enough Remus was the only one who had managed to duck away from the water. Tom smiled sheepishly when the entire table turned toward him and glared. Dumbledore gave him an amused smile but said nothing as the Order began to shout. Their anger would pass soon, after all Tom Riddle was the Child of the Order.