Set after "Fantasies in the Flesh".

Phoebe and Paige are off at their jobs. Chris is demon hunting. Piper is at the manor, taking care of Wyatt. Leo is talking with the Elders about whether Chris can be trusted or not, even though Leo trusts him more than he did before.

Manor. Wyatt is asleep in his crib. Piper is sitting on the sofa. Piper sighed. She continued to wish that she had a normal life. Ever since Phoebe had come home from New York, 5 years ago, and read the spell from the Book of Shadows, which gave them their powers. Maybe if they had never become witches, then Prue would still be alive, and Leo would have never left her. But without the Charmed Ones, she might have never met Paige or had Wyatt.

She always balanced out the choices. Prue and Leo or Paige and Wyatt. She always wished she could have all of them, and then remembered a few weeks ago. When they had first met Chris, when the Titans had attacked. Where the 3 sisters had become gods to kill them, and when Leo had become an Elder. Choosing his job over her, Wyatt, and their family.

Piper finally decided she had enough. She was going to go up there, and make them give Prue and Leo back. And with those thoughts still fresh in her mind, she grabbed Wyatt, and walked upstairs to look at the Book of Shadows. She looked through the book, and found a spell. She recited it, and she and Wyatt vanished in blue and white lights.

Airport. Phoebe and Jason arrive.

"Do you have to go back to Hong Kong, already?" asked Phoebe.

"Yeah. I've had a wonderful time with you, Phoebe, these past few days. If I don't go, a crisis could happen. I'll try to get back as soon as I can." said Jason.

"All right. Good luck." said Phoebe.

Phoebe and Jason kiss, before Jason gets on the plane. It takes off. Phoebe realizes she can't feel Piper anymore.

"Oh, no." said Phoebe.

Phoebe takes her cell phone from her pocket, and dials Paige's cell.

House. Paige is there taking care of the old people from "Fantasies in the Flesh". Her cell phone rings.

"Hello?" asked Paige.

"Paige. I can't sense Piper." said Phoebe's voice.

"Oh, no. I'll get to the manor. You get Chris to orb you there." said Paige.

"See you there.' said Phoebe's voice.

Paige hangs up, and is able to leave. She orbs out, since they all know her secret, and promised to keep it.


"CHRIS!" yelled Phoebe.

Chris orbs in.

"Hurry. I can't feel Piper's emotions. Can you sense her?" asked Phoebe.

"No. We better get over to the house." said Chris.

Chris and Phoebe orb out.

Manor attic. Chris and Phoebe orb in, and see Paige looking at the book.

"Paige?" asked Phoebe.

"I know where she went. She went to talk to the Elders." said Paige, pointing to the book.

Phoebe and Chris look at the spell with Paige.

"Why would she go up there?" asked Phoebe.

"2 reasons. Prue and Leo." said Paige.

"Why would you think that?" asked Phoebe.

Paige pulls out a piece of paper from under the book, showing Piper's handwriting the spell.

"She wants to bring them back." said Paige.

"But if Prue comes back, won't that upset the Power of 3 thing." said Phoebe.

"Only if Prue and I both keep our powers. One of us had to give up our powers, since we are both telekinetic witches." said Paige.

"She's right." said Chris.

"Chris orb up there, and find her. Before she gets into trouble." said Phoebe.

Chris nods, and orbs out.

Heaven. Leo is talking with Elders, when Piper and Wyatt materialize in white and blue orbs.

"What are you doing here?" asked Leo.

"To set things right. My sisters and I saved the Elders, and now I want 2 things in return. My sister alive again, and my husband back." said Piper.

"We can't do that." said Elder 1.

"We need..." said Elder 2.

"Save it. Leo's helped you enough, but he's my husband, and Wyatt's father. You can't keep him away anymore." said Piper.

Another Elder steps forward. He is the kid the 3 sisters saved, who took the powers from another Elder.

"I think we should give Prue and Leo back to them. They deserve it, especially since they helped us." said kid Elder.

"All right. You may do this." said Elder 1.

"But what about the Charmed Destiny? There can't be 4 witches." said Elder 2.

Chris orbs in.

"There you are Piper. Paige and Phoebe have been worried about you." said Chris.

Paige and Phoebe orb in, a few seconds later.

"We couldn't take it anymore. Piper, what are you doing?" asked Phoebe.

"Getting Prue and Leo back, and they've agreed." said Piper.

An Elder waves his hand, and Prue appears in white lights.

"PRUE!" yelled Piper and Phoebe.

The 2 hugged Prue, who smiled at them.

"Prue Halliwell. You have been given another chance at life to live with your sisters. Everyone else will just think you moved away, and came back. Victor, Darryl, and Darryl's wife will be the only non magical ones who will remember Prue's death, except for the innocents you have saved." said Elder 1.

Prue nods.

"But the Charmed Destiny..." said Elder 2.

"Can be changed. I married a whitelighter. Phoebe married a demon. Paige is half-witch, and half-whitelighter. We've broken enough rules, and even been turned evil a few times. But the Charmed Destiny can be changed to the Power of 4." said Piper.

"She is correct. That is the real Charmed Destiny. The Power of 4." said Elder 1.

Leo, the other Elders, Chris, and the 4 Charmed Ones stare at him in confusion. Grams orbs into the room, in white lights.

"Leo. We have a replacement for you. Penny Halliwell." said Elder 1.

Leo nods, and passes his Elder powers onto Penny.

"Finally an Elder on our side." said Piper.

"Yes. And when the time comes when you are all here again, which had better be at least 30 years, you will be able to see me whenever you want.' said Penny.

"Thanks, Grams." said Piper.

"Now, you must return to Earth. Remember, Darryl and his wife will be the only non magical ones who will remember Prue's death, besides your father.' said Elder 1.

"All right. Thank you." said Piper.

"Consider our debt repaid." said Elder 1.

"Not so fast. Cole was a good person before the Source and Avatar powers overwhelmed him. I want you to bring back Cole, without demonic powers." said Phoebe.

"The only way we can do that is to make him a whitelighter." said Elder 1.

"Then do it." said Phoebe.

There are gasps among the Elders, who shout protests.

"No. He has gone to far to the dark side." said Elder 1.

"Give him another chance. He was half human, and half demon. So he won't be killed like the others." said Phoebe.

"Yes. We will give him a chance. Cole has shown his love for Phoebe many times, and if the Seer hadn't given Cole the Source's powers, then Cole and Phoebe would probably be together right now." said Grams.

"Very well." said Elder 1.

The Elders reluctantly agree to make Cole a whitelighter.

Cole appears, confused.

"Cole. The Elders and I are giving you another chance, but you have to be a whitelighter." said Phoebe.

"I can learn to deal with that." said Cole.

The Elders, including Gram zap Cole with blue energy, making him a whitelighter.

"It is time for you to go." said Elder 2.

"Not so fast. I want Andy back, with me." said Prue.

"You've given too many demands as it is. We've given you Cole, Prue, and Leo back." said Elder 2.

The Kid Elder waves his hand, and Andy appears.

"Andy, you are Prue's whitelighter." said Kid Elder.

"Cole, Phoebe is your charge. Leo, your charges are Piper and Wyatt. Chris, your charge is Paige." said Grams.

Everyone nods.

"Andy, Cole, it will be the same for you as it was with Prue. They will think Andy and Prue went away together for awhile, and just came back. And that Cole left for reasons of his own, and his back. No one will go investigate about your deaths, and disappearances, not matter how short or long they were." said Elder 2.

"Only Victor, Darryl, and Sheila will know that you died." said Elder 1.

"Thank you again for your help." said Piper.

"Cole, Chris. We'll be watching you. We don't completely trust either of you." said Elder 2.

Chris and Cole nod. Cole and Phoebe orb out. Leo, Piper, and Wyatt orb out. Paige and Chris orb out. Prue and Andy orb out.

"You had better be right about this, Penny." said Elder 1.

"I am, and now I am going to go see my daughter, Patty, and tell her the news." said Penny, leaving the room.

Manor. The group orbs in, and gets ready for a homecoming party.

2 hours later, Sam, Darryl, Sheila, and Victor arrive.

"To our family and friends." said Paige, raising her glass.

"To family and friends." said everyone, clinking their glasses together.

Prue is sitting next to Paige, who begins to feel uncomfortable, and out of place.

"Paige, I've been watching you ever since I've been there. You're a great witch, and you are part of this family. Don't ever think that you aren't." said Prue.

"Prue's right. We're family. And family sticks together no matter what." said Phoebe.

"I'm just glad you're back, Prue." said Piper.

"So am I. But you guys are great. You've killed the Source, 3 times, along with the Seer, the Crone, and even the Titans." said Prue.

The other 3 sisters smile at her compliments, but Cole begins to feel uneasy.

"Cole. You are part of our family, too. Belthazor, the Source, and the Avatar powers were what made you evil, and they are gone now." said Prue.

"That's right, Cole. Don't ever think you're evil. It took me to see the fear demon nearly make me kill Paige to realize that I wasn't evil anymore." said Phoebe.

"Phoebe, Cole. Aren't you guys still married?" asked Paige.

"We are. We never completed the divorce. You died before we could finalize it." said Phoebe.

"Then let's go." said Cole.

Cole and Phoebe orb out, followed by Piper and Leo. Andy orbs out to see if his job is still there.

"I guess the party is over." said Paige.

Sam orbs out to check on other charges. Darryl, Sheila, and Victor help clean up before they leave. Chris orbs out, not telling anyone where he is going.

"I guess that means we're stuck together." said Prue.

"Well, maybe now I can get to know the super witch." said Paige.

"Well, let's get started on knowing each other. I didn't see all of your life, and you probably don't know all of mine, because Phoebe, Piper, Leo, and Cole didn't want to talk about me much." said Prue.

"Yeah. Well, let's start right now." said Paige.

The 2 sisters gather snacks, and drinks, and begin to talk and get to know each other.

Underworld. Demons gather together.

"The Eldest Charmed One, and her boyfriend have been resurrected, along with Cole Turner. And each charmed One has a whitelighter of their own, now. And each witch is in love with their whitelighter. Except for the youngest. She's in love with a witch who stripped his powers." said demon prophetess.

"Who is this Cole Turner?" asked demon.

"Cole Turner was Belthazor, the Source, and an Avatar, but he is now nothing more than a mere whitelighter." said demon prophetess.

"Then we must prepare for battle." said a demon, shimmering out.

The demon prophetess smirks.

"Those fools don't realize that I'm after the Grimwar. I must find it, and become the New Source. My brother, the former Source, was killed twice by the Charmed Ones. They must pay with their lives. And Cole and the other whitelighters will also pay for their hand in this." said the demon prophetess, who shimmers out.


"You didn't tell them about the consequences for their actions?" asked Penny.

"No. They deserve them for coming up here, and treating us like we are just nobodies, and they are the bosses. Well, they'll see things a little differently." said Elder 2.

"How dare you? You had no right, and still don't." said Penny "Grams" Halliwell.

"I'm sorry, but the decision has been made." said Elder 2.

"What decision?" asked Elder 1.

"Phoebe was supposed to have her baby returned to her, but she would relive the entire pregnancy, but the baby would be half-witch, half-whitelighter like Paige and Wyatt. Instead this elder stopped Phoebe from having a baby." said Grams.

"What? You made Phoebe infertile? Reverse it, now." said Elder 1.

"Sorry, but I decided to make them suffer." said Elder 2.

"Who are you? No Elder would act this way." said Penny.

"You're right. If you must know." said Elder 2.

The Elder laughs, as he is turned into an Avatar. He is the old man who begged Cole to stop from changing reality in "Centennial Charmed".

"What? asked Penny, as the Elders all stand back in fear, and alarm.

"I got the information I need to give to my brothers." said the Elder impostor.

Grams uses her telekinesis to throw the impostor into the wall. Patty runs in, and freezes the impostor.

"Hurry! Do something. Remove his memories so he doesn't remember his information, or find a way to kill him." said Grams.

"There isn't a way to kill an Avatar. We must remove the memories." said Elder 1.

"Then do it quickly. My freeze won't last long." said Patty.

The Elders, including Penny fire at the Elder impostor, whose memories are wiped. The Avatar sees he is caught, and vanishes, not realizing his memories have been taken, and he has nothing to tell his Avatar brothers.

"We must be careful. That Avatar made Phoebe infertile, but can also hurt the Charmed Ones, and their whitelighters a whole lot worse." said Penny.

"Then we must warn them, before it is too late." said Penny, summoning Andy.

Andy orbs in, and she tells him what happened. Andy nods, and orbs out.

Manor. Andy orbs in, and tells Paige and Prue what Penny had told him, and that he still had his job at the force.

"Just be careful. You can't let anyone know your secret now." said Prue.

"Don't worry. No one will know." said Andy.

Andy and Prue kiss before Andy orbs out to go to his home. Prue and Paige go upstairs, and share Prue's old room, and Paige's new room. Paige knocks on Phoebe's door, while Prue knocks on Piper's door. They tell them the news Andy sent, before going to the 3rd bedroom, and going to sleep on their bed.