John and Monica were sitting on top of the bed, reading through files. So far there hadn't been any more crimes today, which was a first in a long time. There had been no suicides, murders, rapes or robberies.

I don't get it, they should have done something by now, the days nearly gone'

Well maybe we were wrong, maybe it wasn't them'

But we've connected them to all of the people involved, Sarah asked Tommy out and he refused her and instead went out with Lucy. They were angry at having to go into school during the summer and made Paul Graham kill himself, all the others are either connected to them directly or to their close friends'

We still have no evidence of how they control people, not that i believe that, but we have nothing else'

The friends of there's we talked to, do you think they know?'

No they were really shocked when we asked them about it, they didn't know'

John leant in close to Monica, kissing her deeply. There arms went around each other. They were about to go further when the motel room door flew open. Samantha and Sara Anderson walked calmly in. John and Monica instantly jumped to there feet, pulled out their guns and pointed them at the two girls.

You two got way to close' Sarah said and focussed her attention on Monica.

Monica eyes grew wide as some force that was not her own, forced her arm that was holding the gun around and pointed it at her own temple.

Monica what are you doing?' John tried to sound calm.

She's not in control' Samantha told him.

Let her go' John demanded.

He looked at Monica. Her face was pained, like she was struggling for control. Samantha looked at Sarah.

Hurry up and kill her already'

She's stronger than the others. She's fighting. She's fighting pretty good'

Well hurry up and beat her'

Monica could feel the girl inside of her. Trying to get her to pull the trigger. Monica fought with everything she had. She knew that even if John was to shoot the girls in the leg or arm, they would still have control over her mind. She knew that if the girls made her do this then John would blame himself. She wasn't ready to die. Her and John had just found each other romantically. She wasn't going to go down like this. Not without a damn good fight first. She gathered up all her inner strength and turned to her partner. She had the gun still aimed at her head. John looked towards Monica. He didn't know what to do.

Shoot me' Monica whispered

What?' John yelled.

Shoot me, its the only way to stop them'

No way Monica'

Shoot me before I do'

Monica no, you can fight them'

JOHN SHOOT ME OR I WILL!' Monica yelled at him.

He was about to reply when his watch beeped. Monica instantly collapsed to the floor, unconscious. He looked at his watch, midnight. He looked to the two girls, they looked confused.

What happened' Sam angrily asked her sister.

I don't know, I was forced out'

Police sirens could be heard outside. The girls looked at each other and made a run for it. But the police were already outside and stopped them.

John walked up to Monica, he knelt down next to her and felt for a pulse on her neck, he sighed with relief when he found one. He tried to get her to wake up as police officers entered the room. He didn't notice the circle of officers forming around them. He cradled her head in his lap.

Monica, come on Monica wake up' He pleaded.

John' she whispered as she slowly opened her eyes.

Its okay, its over, just lie down, the ambulance should be here soon'

I'm fine'

I think we'll let the doctor decide that'

Monica slowing opened her eyes, she looked around confused for a moment, not recognising where she was. Then she remembered. The doctors had wanted to keep her in over night for observation. But she had refused, she hated hospitals. John had told her that if she didn't stay in the hospital then he would keep an eye on her and had invited her back to his place until she was 100%. She smiled at the memory of making love to him that night. She rolled over and looked at his smiling face.

Good morning' he said and leant in for a morning kiss.

He pulled her into is arms, he was on his back and she was cuddled into his side. Her arm draped over his chest, her hand over his heart. Their bare legs intwined together under the covers.

Good morning' Monica replied once the kiss was over.

How'd you sleep?'

Good. Don't worry I didn't hit my head that hard'

The doctor was the one who was worried'

They're paid to be worried'

They fell into silence both thinking. Monica was think about the case and what had happened. John was thinking about her and how he nearly lost her.

What's going to happen to the girls?' Monica asked.

Well they haven't been charged due to nearly no evidence, they were charged with assaulting a federal agent, its all that the police could charge them for. They're not in prison but they have been forced to go see a therapist about their anger on a regular basis'

What do you think happened? Why did they lose their power?'

I don't know. What do you think?'

I think that the girls only developed the power within the last year and that once their 16th birthday had gone so did their power'

You really think that?'

I'm not sure all I know is that at any second I was going to pull that trigger at any second'

You didn't, that's what's important'

He pulled her head towards his and kissed her. She gladly returned it. After minutes of just kissing they finally pulled apart.

What do you want to do today?' Monica asked John.

Well we both have the day off, I've been given instruction to look after you, so its your choice'

Monica pretended to think, for a moment before pulling him on top of her and kissing him again, this time neither broke off. They both knew what they would be doing for the rest of the day.


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