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~Chapter 4~

She felt a strong muscular arm pull her to someone. He was fit and warm. Hermione snuggled into his soft chest as his arms were wrapped around her. She wanted to ask whom the man was, but she was too comfortable to actually do it.


She lifted her tearstained face. Hermione saw something familiar in the eyes of the man, strange glow that warmed her insides. She had seen him before. His hair was matted and dirty, yet it fell elegantly around his face. The man looked into her eyes with a comforting gaze.

"Hermione, I'm here for you."

"Sirius?" The man smiled softly. Hermione looked at him painfully, but with a spark of hope in her eyes.

"Yes, Hermione. I am back..." he whispered.

"Oh, Sirius. I've been worrying and pining over you for such..." Her pleating words were cut off by the man's index finger upon her lips, as if to tell her to hush.

"I can not let anyone know I am here. They would surely kill me."

"But..." Once again was she cut off, this time by a strong embrace. She felt pecks against her head. He had a six-pack. He must have been working hard to stay undercover, she thought amusingly. He then sat on the old chair that Hermione had sat in only a few minutes later.

"Hush, my dear. I have much to tell you, but I have to go."

"Wait, Sirius. I have to ask how you came back? You died..."

"I might as well died. I was 'transported' into something called a 'death room'. There were carcasses all around. Skeletons and blood littered the floor," he grimaced at the memory, "The magic around the room was so powerful it stopped the innocent from dying; sadly most there had definitely been guilty. In most magic there is a flaw. I spent time looking amongst the bodies. After a long while I found it. Something as simple as a loose stone. Only, it was very small. I had become thin; I had been living off of insects I found. I finally got out. I wandered the country as a stray. Nice muggles gave me food and a home. It was the only way I could survive."

Hermione gasped and looked up him with pity in her eyes. His eyes turned towards hers. He gazed into the depths of her chocolate brown eyes. She in turn melted in his violet-brown orbs. He snaked his hands down over every curve of her mature body. They finally grasped her flawless waist. Her hands were locked around his strong neck. He brought her slowly towards himself. She grasped his bottom lip in her own. He opened his mouth and traced the outline of her upper lip. Their souls and minds melted into one in this mere connection of mouths. Hermione had never felt anything like it. Sirius had once before experienced bliss such as this, but he could barely remember it. Finally, he broke their kiss.

"I will love you for ever, Hermione... I'm not as gone as you think I am." And with those words he left. His robes billowing behind him. Sirius transfigured into a shaggy dog and bounded off. Hermione, still confused, made her way through the dark corridors back to her common room. She saw a dark shadow pass by once or twice. She tried to ignore the feeling of strange paranoia that was emanating from her surroundings.

"Miss Granger. Students such as you should not be wandering the hallways late at night. One hundred points from Gryffindor and a weeks worth of detention with me. Now go back to your bloody room before I take off any more points!"