Kurama and the School Girl from Hell 2

Note: This is just a sequel to the first story. The first one can stand well enough on its own so you don't HAVE to read this unless you want to. X___x


Shuiichi Mina sat in his desk at school reading quietly to himself. It was early morning and classes hadn't even started. The teacher wasn't in class yet because they were getting a new student and. . .

Something seemed familiar but Shuiichi just couldn't put his finger on it. He set his book down and tried to remember what it was.

Then the teacher walked in. "Today we have a new student, class," said the teacher, "Her name is Dudu and I want you all to be especially nice to her. Come in Dudu!"

"Wha-what did you say?" Shuiichi drew in his breath.

The teacher smiled at Shuiichi. "Dudu! Her name is Dudu and you all might remember her sister Fufu. Poor Fufu had to leave because of some personal issues, but we are very pleased to have her older sister here with us today!"

The door slowly creaked open and a girl that could dwarf a hippo crashed through the doorway, sending bits of wood and drywall flying everywhere. Slowly but surely, she turned to face the class. She was wearing a size 100 dress with large black and white polka-dots on it and black sandals. Her jet-black hair was tied up in two short pig tails and she had unusual flaming-red eyes. Dudu gave Shuiichi a look that could peel the paint right off a house and pushed her thick black-rimmed glasses back up her pig-like nose.

"Why don't you take a seat up front next to Shuiichi?" the teacher asked Dudu.

Dudu grinned evilly and sat down next to Shuiichi. She glared at him with her flaming-red eyes.

Shuiichi couldn't believe it. This was a nightmare! What on earth did he do to ever deserve this? He stole a glance at Dudu out of the corner of his eye. She was looking right at him and breathing heavily. Shuiichi started to sweat and his head hurt.

"How many people does one have to kill before they are considered a serial killer?" The teacher asked, "Dudu do you know?"

"KILL!" Dudu bellowed at Shuiichi, blowing his hair back.

"Yes Dudu, people are killed, but that's not the answer. Do you know Shuiichi?"

Shuiichi shakily answered, "F-five."

"Very good." She started to write notes on the chalkboard with her back turned to the class. "Now who can tell me who Japan's worst serial killer was?"


The teacher spun around and glared as the class. "That was extremely rude! Who did it?"

Dudu pointed at Shuiichi. Shuiichi's mouth dropped open and he gave Dudu an I-can't-believe you'd-blame-that-on-me look. The teacher gave poor Shuiichi a glare and said angrily, "Shuiichi! How dare you!"

"But I didn't do it!" Shuiichi protested.

The waves of brown and green fart gas started wafting around the room at an alarming rate.

"There is no use in lying young man!" The teacher crossed her arms, turned five shades of green and passed out on the floor. All of the students gasped, ran for the windows and stuck their heads out to breathe in the fresh air. Some of them actually jumped out the windows, rather risking death by falling to the ground than staying in a room with Dudu.

Shuiichi bolted for the doorway, which was now a big round hole in the wall al a Dudu. Dudu stomped after him down the hallway. Shuiichi ran out of the school and down the street with Dudu close behind. "I'm going to get you!" FART!

Shuiichi screamed and ran faster but he was no match for Dudu.


Hiei sat relaxing in a tree when he heard Kurama's screams of terror. He quickly jumped up and ran toward the direction where he heard his friend's voice. The yells grew louder the further he ran and he could smell something horrid, like a ruptured septic tank. He leaped over a fence and before him stood Dudu. She had Kurama cornered in an alley way. He was sitting on the ground looking very pale.

Hiei unsheathed his sword, pointed it at Dudu and coldly said, "Step away from him now, or I'll slice your unnaturally large body in two!"

Dudu slowly turned around. She bent down and looked the fire demon in his crimson eye. When she didn't say anything Hiei impatiently snapped, "What's the matter you malodorous fool? Don't you know how to talk?" Dudu looked at Hiei stupidly and then quickly grabbed him around his middle. "Let me go at once!" Hiei demanded and started jabbing at Dudu with the point of his sword. To his astonishment, the blade just bounced right off!

"Nobody with keep me from my revenge!" FART! Dudu said.

A very bad feeling of dejavu swept over Hiei.

Dudu threw Hiei with all her might into the sky. The poor fire demon when sailing through the clouds until his image finally disappeared over the rooftops.

Dudu slowly turned back to the terrified Shuiichi. Shuiichi couldn't help himself and he burst out, "What do you want from me!?"

"Revenge!" FART! "Revenge for breaking my sister's heart. You will pay Shuiichi!" FaRt! Dudu bellowed.


Yusuke was just waking up from a nap in his nice soft bed. He yawned, stretched and folded his arms behind his head. He gazed up at the ceiling. All was quiet, all was peaceful.



The ceiling suddenly exploded, wood and cement falling everywhere. Yusuke about peed his pants and sat bolt upright in his bed. When the dust settled Yusuke peered over the end of his bed, a bit afraid of what just came crashing through his bedroom ceiling.

"Ouch." The thing moaned and stood up, covered in crap.

"HIEI!" Yusuke squeaked. "Wha-what are you doing?"

Hiei rubbed his back. "Kurama is in trouble, we need to help!"

"What kind of trouble?" Yusuke asked.

"It's a large girl, about the size of a house. She's after him!"

"What? You mean Fufu is back? Oh man this is bad. Come on we gotta go!" Yusuke grabbed Hiei by the arm and dragged him off.

Yusuke and Hiei ran to the spot where Kurama was cornered. Dudu had him in her grasp! She was trying to geek him to death!

Yusuke wasted no time. "SPIRIT GUN!" He shouted and the bullet hit its target, bounced right off Dudu's huge butt and came soaring right back at Yusuke. "AAAAAH!!!" Yusuke screamed and jumped out of the way just in the nick of time, the bullet collided with a garage and blew it to pieces.

Dudu dropped Shuiichi on the ground and turned to face an angry Hiei and a more than surprised Yusuke. Hiei started toward Dudu.

"Don't move a step further or the red-head gets it!" FART! Dudu warned.

"What do we do?" Hiei asked desperately.

"That's not Fufu, that's her sister-----" Yusuke trailed off.

"DUDU!" A strong voice called out.

Everyone turned to look and before them stood the extremely hot guy wearing nothing but leather pants. He tossed two gigantic Anti-Nerd paint ball guns to Yusuke and Hiei. "Take care of it guys!" He said and ran away.

"Alright!" Yusuke said.

Dudu grabbed Shuiichi and held him above her head. "Put the gun down!" FARRRT! Dudu said angrily.

Yusuke reluctantly lowered the gun. Dudu snickered. Shuiichi was helpless, when all of a sudden.


Hiei had snuck up behind Dudu and fired 100 rounds of anti-nerd paint balls at Dudu's back. Dudu fell to the ground and Shuiichi tore out of her grasp and ran over to Yusuke. Dudu lay on the ground dead and Hiei triumphantly jumped back over to his friend.

"Are you alright Kurama?" Hiei asked.

"I'm fine, thanks to you guys." Shuiichi said gratefully.

"Well that crisis is averted." Yusuke said as he looked at Dudu's dead, stinky form lying face down. "I don't think we'll ever have to hear from another geek like that again!"

"I hope not." Hiei said.

"Unless Fufu has another sister." Yusuke said.

Shuiichi groaned.

THE END for good this time.