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"Ooooh. .look at THAT costume!!" Tea cried, pointing at a pink gypsy outfit. "That's PERFECT!! What do you guys think?"

She held it up in front of her.

"It looks great Tea," Yugi said, smiling.

"Yeah, it's awesome!" Joey enthused.

"What do you think Tri----" Tea started. Then she saw him flirting with an employee. She did the usual, pulled him by the ear, mumbling that he should pay more attention to his friends.

"So, where'd Duke take Serenity again?" Tea asked Joey.

"To some halloween party," Joey mumbled. "I still don't get why Serenity likes that loser."

"Same here," Tristan said. "I mean, look at his HAIR!"

Tea giggled. "Yeah and look at yours!"

Yugi and Joey laughed.

"She's got a point, man," Joey said to Tristan.

"What are you guys talking about? My hair is fine!"

"Yeah right! It looks like you've got a hat on!"

Yugi sighed as Tristan grabbed Joey into a headlock. He looked out the window of the costume store they were in, and saw a strange sight. .

"You guys! Is that Kaiba in the pet store?"


"Yeah, I'll take that mutt," Kaiba muttered to the man in the pet store. He was getting a dog to scare away trick-or treaters. The dog that he picked out was perfect: A mean looking rotweiler. That would scare away little kids AND their parents.

"Don'tcha wanna get yur dog any food er toys er somethin?" The man asked.

"Mind your own business," Kaiba snapped.

The man just ignored him and totaled the price.

"There," Kaiba said, throwing some bills on the counter. "Just keep the change."

The man's eyes opened wide, and he hastily said, "Thank you, sir."

Kaiba rolled his eyes, and took the dog's leash, leading it out of the store.

"Simpletons," He muttered.


"Kaiba? In a pet store?" Tea asked, running over to the window.

"Probably getting pets to torture," Joey said.

"That DOES sound like Kaiba," Yugi said.

"Uh. . guys? Where's Tristan?" Joey asked, looking around.

-_- "Tristan? He'd better not be flirting again. . if he spent half as much time flirting as he did studying, he'd be a freakin genuis!"

"Jeez. .why does Tea get so upset when Tristan flirts with people?" Yugi asked Joey, as they walked out of the store.

"Who knows," Joey replied. "Maybe she likes him. . or it could just be that she's annoyed by it."

"Wow. . that's pretty deep for you Joey!" Yugi said, suprised.

"Oh really? I just read it out of Cosmo," Joey said, grinning.

0.0 "JOEY! You have to pay for that!" Yugi exclaimed.

". . .really. . .?"

2 policemen came running down the hall. They were waving their knightsticks (sp?) at Joey.

0.0 "Uh oh. . uh. . BYE YUGI!" Joey cried, as he ran down the hall.

The policemen chased after him still.

"Joey. . why don't. . .just. . give. . . .magazine. . ." Yugi gasped for breath.

"Huh. . that might work," Joey said. He stopped running and said to the cops, "HERE'S YOUR MAGAZINE! HAPPY!?"

"Are you Joey Wheeler?" Cop #1 asked.

"Yeah," Joey replied.

"We found your wallet," Cop #2 said, handing Joey his wallet.

Yugi fell over. "HIS WALLET?!"

"Wow. Thanks!" Joey said. ^^

"See Yugi," Joey said, once the cops left, "I knew that I didn't have to pay for something that was from my sister's room!"


"STUPID MUTT!" Kaiba yelled, as he was chasing Kuji (Not Kujo. . but close enough ^^;) through the mall. "SLOW DOWN!"

Kaiba ran right past Yugi and Joey.

"Was that Kaiba?" Yugi asked.

"I think so!" Joey replied, grinning. "Shall we go help him?"

Without waiting for an answer, Joey ran after Kaiba and his dog.

"This isn't gonna end well," Yugi sighed.


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