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"GET THAT THING AWAY FROM ME!" Joey yelped, as Kuji bit at his shoes.

Kaiba snickered.

"Rrr. .I'll bet you find this funny Kaiba!" Joey yelled. "GET THIS DOG AWAY FROM ME!"

"Kuji sit."

And Kuji sat.

"Now I know why YOU hate dogs. ." Joey muttered. "What are you gonna do with it anyway?"

"I guess keep it," Kaiba said. "Mokuba might like it."

Joey snickered.

****In Joey's Head*****

Kuji is biting MOKUBA now, and Kaiba is frantically trying to get the dog off of him. Kaiba is crying and saying, "Oh, if only I had listened to Joey!"

Joey is standing there laughing.

Kuji hears him, and turns around. Mokuba yells, "GO GET 'IM KUJI!"

And Kuji runs at Joey.



"Not again. ."

"What?" Kaiba asked.

"Nothing," Joey replied. When will I ever win????


Joey turned around and saw Tea.

"THERE you are!" She said, running up to him. "Yugi got into some trouble at the mall. . .something about a magazine. . "

Oops. .that's right. .I gave that to Yugi after those cops came after me. . .

"Heheh. . whoops. . " Joey grinned. "Bye Kaiba. Have fun with that dog!"

"Yeah. . "


"Sorry about that Yugi. ." Joey said, sheepishly. After 'bailing' Yugi out of the mall prison, he hadn't spoken to Joey.

Yugi remained silent.

"I'M SORRY!" Joey cried, exhasperated.

Yugi smiled. "It was kinda funny. . "

Joey grinned. "That's true. ."

"I don't know how you two find this so funny," Tea scolded. "Yugi practically got arrested and you're LAUGHING?"

That only made Yugi laugh again.

Tea rolled her eyes, but smiled all the same.

"See? You're smiling too!" Joey pointed out.

Tea just laughed.

"Oh yeah, here's your Cosmo magazine," Yugi said, grinning, as he handed it to Joey.

"Really! Why Cosmo of all things?" Tea asked.

Joey blushed. "I just grabbed it out of Serenity's room. . ."

"Suuuure," Yugi said, smiling.


Tea and Yugi laughed.

"So what's your make-up color?" Tea teased. "Pink or orange?"

"Orange wasn't even a choice!" Joey said.

Tea and Yugi looked at each other and burst out laughing.

Joey blushed again. "I WAS BORED OKAY?"

"Heh. . so dogs can read?"

"Kaiba?" Joey asked, turning around. "What are you doing walking on the street? Where's your limo?"

Kaiba rolled his eyes. "When I was going home, I found out that dogs like to eat things. Like the interior of limosuines(sp?)."

Tea, Yugi and Joey started laughing.

Kaiba frowned. "How was I supposed to know? Right now the stupid thing is at home with Mokuba. .though it's probably going to end up eating him too. . "

"Why don't you just try taking the dog back?" Tea asked.

"I did. I called from the limo and they said that their Return Policy doesn't include puppies. I should have them sued. . "

"Do that and you'll probably be stuck with MORE dogs," Joey said, laughing.

". . .So what's this I hear about Joey reading Cosmo?"

"Well. . " Tea started.


Tea and Yugi laughed.

"But Joey. .it's FUNNY!" Tea cried, laughing even more.

"No kidding," Yugi agreed.

"Hmm. . there are 'emberassing moments' in those girl magazines, right?" Kaiba asked.

"Yes. ." Tea said, wondering where Kaiba was going with this.

Kaiba slightly grinned. "Maybe when I get home I'll send something in about Joey. . "

Yugi and Tea burst out laughing.

"Don't forget to sign his name!" Yugi said, laughing.

"You guys!" -_-U

After discovering that arguing would get him nowhere. .Joey decided to just keep quiet. .


Kaiba turned around and saw Mokuba running toward him.

"Mokuba? Wait. .if you're here. .then what about. .?"


". . . .really?" Was all Kaiba said.

"Yeah! The cook was bringing in some stuff, and he left the door open, and Kuji ran out! But that's a good thing, because that stupid dog ripped up my pillow. . " Mokuba said, wrinkling his nose.

". . Remind me to give the cook a raise. ." Kaiba said.

"Oh yeah! And Kuji took something when he ran outside," Mokuba said, grinning.

Kaiba didn't like that grin. . ."What did he take?"

Just then a dog ran past them, dropping a pair of boxers right in front of the group.

Mokuba's grin widened. "THOSE!"

Everyone except for Kaiba burst out laughing, and Kaiba was bright red. (Which is saying a lot considering he basically never gets emberassed or blushes)

"Now THAT is emberassing!" Joey cried. "Maybe I should send something in to Cosmo about THAT!"

"You read Cosmo Joey?" Mokuba asked.

Everyone continued laughing, leaving Joey and Kaiba silent.


"I think they like tormenting us," Joey said.

"Yeah. I think so too."


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