*Abandon* by Electric Spyro

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Clark sat majestly on the loft's couch letting his mind wander off amiously. What had just happened? How could he have just broken off the relationship he had been wanting since he was five?

'I can't tell you, Lana,' he remembering saying just a few minutes ago in the same place he was in right now.

'If I can handle the fact that you can float, I can obviously handle whatever else you're hiding. Why can't you let me in?' Lana had said emotionally.

Clark hated doing this to her. Floating was nothing compared to what he had in the storm cellar.

'Lana, it's to big. You - you'd hate me if I told you.'

'You keep assuming I'd do all these things if I found out your secret. How do you know?' Lana had uttered desperately as her eyes started to water. All she'd wanted was to get closer to Clark and all he'd wanted to do was push her away.

'I don't want you to get hurt.'

'I know that already!' Lana had confirmed almost angrily.'Clark, where is this relationship going to go if you keep closing me off?'

Clark then sighed hopelessly.

'Lana, this is like the third time we've talked about this.'

Lana had silently agreed.

'Maybe we just - shouldn't -'

'Do this anymore,' Lana finished as if she had been expecting this to happened for a long time. 'I'm really sorry, Clark...'

'Yeah, I'm sorry too,' Clark had added truthfully trying not to look at her hurt face. 'I guess you better go now. It's kinda late.'

There had been a short pause and then Lana silently left Clark alone on the couch where he was now.

And that's why Clark was beating himself up inside. Their relationship was done. He looked dully down at his watch and told himself it has been a half an hour since he and Lana broke up. He sighed once again.

He gazed out at the sky which was a blur of deep velvet blue and soft dim purple. The stars were beginning to twinkle and shine down on the small town. The acres of corn were rustling quietly as icy cold wind whipped around the trees and bushes.

It was early December which ment the tempature was dropping, but Clark didn't seem to mind the freezing weather that came this time of year at all. In fact, winter was his favorite season. He wished he and Lana could have survived at least until after Christmas, but it was too late now.

'What has been done, has been done,' Clark told himself harshly.

It wasn't like his Christmas break would be a total waste though. He was glad to be away from college for a while. It was surprisingly harder then he'd ever thought. He was nice to have a nice long brake from all of it. He hoped he would be able to catch up with his friends who didn't go to the same college as he did. Pete and Chloe both went to University of Metropolis with him while Lana and Sarah went to Kansas State and Byron went to Harvard which Clark didn't find too surprising. He was extremely intelligent.

It had been a little hard to get together with Lana since they went to two diffrent colleges. They did find ways to meet each other on weekends (usually Clark would superspeed to her dorm and tell her he rode all night on a bus) and during each others breaks, but even while they were together they both got the sense that their relationship was being stopped, not because they didn't see each other that much anymore, but because Clark wasn't opening to Lana the way she was opening to him.

Clark watched intently as a single white snowflake fell slowly from the sky. It was followed by a few more until a light blanket of snow appeared over all the cornfields and the roof of his house and the loft he was sitting in. Normally the snow brought him happiness - but not today.

He stood up reluctantly figuring that he should get inside before the snow started to get any heavier.

" Hey, son. We got some hot chocolate. Think you might want a cup?" Jonathan, Clark's father, asked innocently as his son walked in through the back door.

" No thanks. I'm kinda tired. I think I'll just go on to bed," Clark explained depressingly as he headed for the stairs.

" It's only eight 'o clock, Sweetie. Are you feeling okay?" Martha, Clark's mother, wondered worriedly as she walked up to him and grabbed his arm affectionately.

Clark smiled meekly.

" Yeah, I'll be okay. Goodnight," Clark stated continuing his journey to the staircase.

" Goodnight, Clark," Jonathan answered with a bewildered expression on his face. He looked over at his wife. " Do know what's bothering him?"

" I'm guessing it had something to do with Lana rushing out of the loft earlier today."

" Are spying on him?" Jonathan asked pouring a cup of hot chocolate for Martha and handing it to her.

" No, of course not! I just noticed it while I was washing the dishes," Martha explained carelessly as she took a sip of hot chocolate from her mug.

Jonathan looked from the sink to Martha as if trying to put a puzzle together.

" I did the dishes, Honey."

Martha gazed at her husband defeatedly.


Clark laid back in bed. The room glowed from the snow which was now growing thicker and thicker outside his bedroom window. He tossed and turned but he couldn't get to sleep. Whenever he closed his eyes, Lana's sweet smiling face appeared and a pain struck him inside.

'How am I ever gonna get over this?' Clark asked himself eagerly before he fell into a light dreamy sleep.


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