Meiji Madness:
By Sakura

Ch.1: Killer Laundry

Thank you for deciding to read this story. It is my first Rurouni Kenshin fic, although I've written this one, and one other down into a notebook. But it is my first fic, and my only KxK fic written. This contains lots of fluff, so you've been warned or delighted. No need to worry about the completion of this fic-its already completed manually, totaling a nice 35 pages, so you can get the idea of this story's length. This is classified as Romance/Drama, but I cannot resist putting humor into my story, so enjoy those funny little moments. This was originally supposed to be KxK but I ended up throwing in more than a little amounts of SxM and YxT. Anyways, I love reviews and suggestions, but I would rather not have flames. This story is my pride and joy so I really hope you love it!

************************************************************************ Kaoru wiped the sweat from her forehead with the back of her hand and tossed the practice bokken to the other side of the dojo. She growled slightly. Yahiko had skipped practice again! Probably out visiting Tsubame- chan at the Akebeko, getting a free meal as well. Speaking of meals, it had to be about noon, lunchtime, now. Kaoru exited the dojo, jogging back to the porch, jumping and landing neatly on the wooden floor. Kenshin would just have to cook lunch for now. Maybe he could even clean the dojo as well.

'Oh! And he needs to go shopping too.' Kaoru thought, walking on the outskirts of home, walking around to the door. That's when the idea came to her. Why not go shopping with Kenshin today? She could use the excuse 'Yahiko skipped practice, so I need to go get him in town.' She smiled to herself, thinking how clever she was to think of it.

But speaking of Kenshin, where was that baka rurouni? She slid open the wooden down and went inside. The house seemed to be empty; the online sound was Sano's loud and rhythmic snores from his room. But no sign of Kenshin.

She passed her room, thinking to change out of her training gi and into a yukata or a kimono. She couldn't go into town wearing some old, ugly training gi, that was for sure! She wanted to look nice, especially around Kenshin. This made Kaoru's cheeks flush wirh a rosy color. She shook it off and the desire to change clothes. Right now she needed to find Kenshin.

She came across his room and knocked on the door. No answer.

"Kenshin?" She asked as she slid open the door. No one was inside. His room looked perfect, clean, spotless. Only a futon and small table with a burned out candle on top decorated his room. She slowly walked in, being magnetized to it.

She knelt down by his futon and stared at it for a few moments. And with great daring, leaned over and lay her face down into the pillow that lay on the futon. \

'Kenshin sleeps here.' she thought dreamily and nuzzled it with her cheeks. Her eyes fluttered close once again and breathed in the pillow. It smelled like Kenshin; fresh rice and the crisp smell of the outdoors. She brushed her lips across it as she bid farewell to Kenshin's pillow. Not until, when she stood, did she laugh. How silly she felt!

'Okay, now time to find Kenshin.' Kaoru thought and straightened out his futon in hopes that the rurouni would not notice. She quietly slid the door shut and turned - and crashed.

"Ee-yah!" Kaoru screamed as she was pushed over. But a strong hand reached out and grasped on to her wrist, pulling her back up. She was pulled up so quickly that she bumped back into that person. She looked up to the red haired wanderer and those absolutely gorgeous violet eyes of his. He looked down at Kaoru, still holding onto her wrist and in his other hand.

Kaoru couldn't help but notice the immensely huge towering basket of laundry above her head. They looked at each other once more then in sync, looked down at Kaoru's hand, which Kenshin still held. Kaoru looked back up at Kenshin. He glanced back at Kaoru, looking into her bright innocent eyes. Kaoru felt so drawn into his eyes that she was afraid she might fall into them if she continued to look any longer.

Speaking of how close her face was, Kenshin was drawn towards the raven-haired beauty as well, but then. the basket of laundry toppled on top of Kaoru, making her fall over, this time, landing on her bottom. Kenshin stared in horror at Kaoru, the basket upside down, almost having Kaoru completely swallowed up, also her being drenched in clothes. She didn't move. She was too busy being in shock, blushing like mad from complete and total embarrassment. Kenshin didn't know what to say, except.

"Oro." He blurted out and pulled the basket off her head. Her eyes were wide open and her jaw was dropped. She still wasn't moving.

"K-Kaoru-dono." he said softlt and leaned down close. THAT woke her up!

"H-hai Kenshin?" She asked looking into his eyes.

"My pants are on your head." He pointed out to his white pants, in which Kaoru wore like a hat. He pulled them off and stood, shaking them out into the air a bit.

"There. My pants are wrinkle free!" He smiled and went into his room. Kaoru once again sat there, shocked. Just then, Sanosuke yawned and walked lazily down the hall and stopped at the scene with Kaoru. He blinked.

"Oi. Jou-Chan." He said and held out his hand.
'What a wonderful thing for Sano to do!' Kaoru thought.

"I need my underwear." He said. Kaoru fell over, completely frozen.

"There they are. You were sittin' on 'em. Arigatou, Jou-Chan!" he said happily and walked off. Kaoru twitched. Kenshin opened the door again and looked down at her. Kaoru wanted to die.

"Waaaaaaaaaaaaah!" Kaoru cried and curled up in a ball.

"Oro? Kaoru-dono?" He asked while picking up the laundry. She looked up, now sprawled on the ground, lying on her back. She looked up at him piteously.

"Today hates me, Kenshin." She mumbled. Kenshin tilted his head and set down the laundry basket.

"The day surely does not hate you, Kaoru-dono." He said sweetly. "Are you sure it is not you who hates the day?" he asked. She looked up and saw those pools of violet swirl. She closed her eyes and groaned.

"Just leave me here to die." Kenshin smiled and sat down next to her.

"Gomen nasai, but, I promised to never leave you, Kaoru-dono, that I have." He said. Kaoru wished he hadn't said that. Number one, he was using Kaoru's original plea to stay with her against herself and two, it made her heart melt. She sighed, eyes still closed.

"What do you do when you are having a bad day, Kenshin? Onegai, tell me." Her question surprised the rurouni.

"Well, first I realize my problem."

Kaoru thought. Mentally she answered, 'I've made a baka out of myself around you.'

"Then, I know that nothing will be accomplished by moping or mourning. The only thing to do is make it a better day. So I do what will make it better if that's possible. If not, then I realize what I already have and am grateful for. And if I have nothing or no one, that I look up, forward to the day that I will never be alone." Kaoru could easily detect sadness in Kenshin's voice. She opened her eyes.

"You're not alone, Kenshin." She said.

"And the same to you, Kaoru-dono." He said. Kaoru smiled as her heart filled to the top with joy.

"Let's go," Kenshin then said, "It seems as if Yahiko is visiting Tsubame-dono in town. I must purchase some tofu and some other things as well.Why don't you come with me?" he asked, extending his palm.


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