Meiji Madness

Ch.3: The One that Holds Your Heart

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Kaoru sighed and grabbed Kenshin's hand, pulling him out the door. She was going to release his hand but just couldn't part with it. She stared at their hands as Kenshin looked to her, like a small child, waiting patiently, for some kind of answer.

Kenshin wanted to grin. He wanted to laugh. He also wanted to stay with Kaoru forever. But, he wouldn't do or say any of those thing; just simply watch Kaoru's mind race over what to do next. He feared she would let go. He wanted to hold on to her forever and never, ever let go. So, he wouldn't. He wouldn't let her go.

Kaoru's heartbeat felt like a timer, counting down to her decision. She began to panic, wondering what Kenshin was thinking. She looked up at him, but no matter how hard she tried, she couldn't read his emotions. Only those gentle Rurouni eyes gave a clue. Kindness. Yet, Kenshin always seemed kind. They drilled into her eyes, almost hauntingly when she felt him move slightly. She was surprised by his sudden movement and pulled back, but bounced back as she looked down at her hand, iie, Kenshin's hand Or rather, both. His fingers were intertwined with hers now and hers laced with his. Blushing, she looked up at Kenshin., a little shocked, but none the less , happy, grateful, and relieved with a smile.

Kaoru looked away and laughed, squeezing Kenshin's hand hard and pulling him down the path to the busy little city of Tokyo. It would take about twenty minute's time to reach the market. For the first few minutes the two were silent. Kaoru decided to talk.

"So, Kenshin. What did you do this morning?" She asked.

"This one woke up a while back before dawn, made breakfast delivered something to Megumi-Dono, did some errands for her at the market, came home, and then did the laundry." He said. Kaoru's jaw dropped slightly.

"You did that much work?" She was quite surprised. "I-I didn't tell you to do the laundry!"

"Hai, this one knows, but he's just earning his keep." He said, he felt Kaoru's hand shake slightly.

"Kenshin… You don't have to do all those extra chores to stay. I would still want you here anyway, you know that! Oh.. And the breakfast you left out for us was delicious as usual." She smiled, Kenshin nodded.

"How was your morning, Kaoru-Dono?" He asked.

"Oh, you know, woke up Yahiko, although he fell back to sleep. Ate breakfast and told Yahiko to meat me in the dojo, but he didn't, so I started training,. Later I figured he ran off to visit Tsubame-Chan. He thinks he can just go off and visit her whenever he wants!"

"Hmm, Hai, demo, Yahiko really likes Tsubame-Dono." he said looking over to Kaoru who looked over at him in return. Fiery red hair falling messily over his eyes and his cross-shaped scar, hai, she could still see his facial features quite well, and ohh, were they wonderful. Kaoru's cheeks felt warm, and she struggled to snap her mind back in responding to Kenshin.

"Hai! I'm aware of that, Kenshin. And I think Tsubame-Chan likes Yahiko back as well. It is really sweet, and Yahiko is growing up so fast… but he still needs to come to his lessons! You would think responsibility came with age. Obviously not with Yahiko. … I don't know. What do you think?"

"Ano, Yahiko should still attend his lessons, demo, he should also be able to visit with Tsubame-Dono. You should have a talk with him , let it pass for today." He said, still looking at Kaoru. Kaoru's gaze wandered from Kenshin to their surroundings. She was also a little surprised Kenshin told her what to do.

"I suppose we will have to talk, I'll check up on him at the Akebeko…maybe. Oh… matte, didn't you say you went to the market this morning?" Kaoru stopped walking.

"Oro?" Kenshin said, stopping as well, but still holding onto her hand. He decided to tell the truth… kind of. He tightened his grip on her hand.

"This one thought you might have wanted to go…" He smiled and nodded.

"Aa… Alright.. Well, we are almost there… It would be a waste to go back.." Kaoru started. Kenshin nodded and continues walking, his grip loosened a bit now.

"You know… it really is nice nowadays. Things are much more peaceful. Like things were, more or less, when it was only us." Kaoru said. It was rare in which she could spend time with him.

"This one agrees. Yahiko is with Tsubame-Dono…"

"And Sanosuke is with Megumi-San…" Kaoru said but her voice trailed, a little disappointed. Everyone could be with someone in that way. It seemed everyone had someone to be with except herself…

"Ano, Kaoru-Dono, to the market?" he blinked. Kaoru snapped to reality.

"H-Hai Kenshin. I was just thinking, gomen!" She smiled.

"Aa, Well, this one does not want to interrupt your thoughts!" He said but Kaoru quickly waved it off.

"Iiie Kenshin! I was done thinking anyway!" She giggles a bit, trying to hold it back.

"Oro?" Kenshin faulted, for the several-th time today. This made Kaoru laugh harder. She covered her mouth with her free hand, shaking her head, still laughing though.

"Ka-Kaoru-Dono?" He asked in a worried tone, turning in front of her, pulling her towards him. "What's so funny?" He sounded so confused , it just made Kaoru laugh even more. She dropped his hand and leaned forward and rested her head against his chest.

"N-n-nothing. Gomen Kenshin! You're just, … just like a little puppy sometimes!" She tried to breathe.

"A-a puppy?" He asked. "Aa…Okay…" Kenshin didn't quite understand what she was saying… although he tried.

"So sweet and innocent, seeming. There really are many different sides to you." She said and blushed once she realized what she was doing, stepping back.

"Aa. Now this one understands. How would you like this one to be, Kaoru?" He asked. Then a pause, "-Dono." He added quickly. Kaoru was a little shocked at first but smiled at him.

"Rurouni no Baka." She said before placing her hands behind her back and started walking ahead.

"Nani, Kaoru-Dono?" He asked suddenly appeared, using god-like speed.

"I like you the way you are. I just like to feel like I'm talking to Kenshin. Not the pet Kenshin. You don't have to everything I say, or worry about me all the time. I'm not a little girl, you know." True, Kaoru was almost twenty.

"This one knows that, Kaoru-Dono. Demo, with all that has happened in the past , you're in danger. This one likes to help out. Don't worry about it, Kaoru-Dono, This one can handle doing breakfast and doing laundry. You are the one that has to handle Yahiko and Sanosuke. That is a difficult job all on its own. You also have the dojo! You have a great deal of work yourself, that you do." He said.

"Hai, I suppose so…Well, we're here, Kenshin!" Kaoru pointed out as the busy, bustling people crowded the streets. Then, someone ran past Kaoru quickly.

"Aa! Hey! Watch where you're going, Baka!" Kaoru yelled into the crowd. She felt Kenshin place a hand onto her shoulder. "Where to?" he asked as she turned to face him.

"I'm not sure, I thought we would look around--Ah!--Where it's not so crowded!" Kaoru cried, being bumped into again. She sighed, annoyed. Kenshin smirked inwardly. With barely a sound, she was pulled into Kenshin's arms as he jumped onto a nearby roof and sped across them, going to roof to roof. Kaoru gasped at first, but looked up at Kenshin. He was the only thing she could see, everything else sped by as if Kaoru watched the world whirl by from afar. Is this what Kenshin felt when he was going this fast? She looked up, a smile, as usual on his face. Kaoru watched in amazement.

"Ano, Kaoru-Dono, you wanted to go somewhere less crowded?" He said with a laugh and landed on the ground in an alley. Kaoru stood, dazed a little, grabbing onto Kenshin's gi.

"Un? Too fast?" He asked and blinked and Kaoru shook her head.

"It's okay, it was fun! Let's go!" The two walked out into the open road. There was still a lot of people, but it didn't suffocate them.

"The Akebeko." Kaoru mumbled and she looked at the restaurant and then at Kenshin who smiled and nodded. Kaoru started to go in.

"Aa! Matte Kaoru-Dono, come here and take a look." Kenshin waved to follow and traveled back into the alleyway, this time through it, peeking around it's corner. Kaoru mimicked was surprised a bit at what she saw.

Tsubame leaned against Yahiko's shoulders as he wrapped his arms around her.

"Aa. Yahiko and Tsubame-Chan…" Kaoru whispered. Kenshin smiled and whispered, "Shh.." Kaoru nodded and watched intently.

"Yahiko-Kun, don't leave. Stay a little bit longer, onegai..!" Tsubame pleaded. Yahiko pulled her closer.

"Kaoru probably wants me back home, I dunno, and you have to work." He said, but Tsubame shook her head.

"…Yahiko." She tugged on the sleeves of his gi. Kaoru's eyes widened. Tsubame-Chan was the one keeping Yahiko so long!? But nothing shocked her more than what came next.


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