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A flash of light and a clash of sound as their battle begins.

The girl swings her lightsaber in an arc, but the man steps to the right, letting it slide past him. She jabs the tip of the blade at him. He knocks it away with his blade. She lunges again. Again he steps away and intercepts her blows with his green blade.

He doesn't attack; he lets her while he defends against her blows. This would normally aggravate most people, but she was not most people; she was a Jedi. And she does not seem bothered by his behavior at all. In fact, she seems to have been expecting this from this man.

"Come on, attack already," The girl says, calmly, a glint in her stormy blue eyes.

He gives a slight nod and swings his lightsaber at her. She blocks the blow, their blades clashing together. Before she has time to think, he swings his blade again, this time at her legs. She leaps into the air, flipping over the man to land, facing him, behind him.

She starts to swing her lightsaber at him, but he parries it as he spins around. He thrusts the tip of his at her. She blocks it away and up, swinging her blade down at him. He ducks and blocks it with his blade.

He lunges at her again, swinging his lightsaber in quick, jabbing blows, making it increasingly difficult for the girl to defend herself.

Finally, he swings the blade in a wide arc, hard, and knocks the lightsaber out of the girl's hands. The blade deactivates before it clatters to the floor.

The man deactivates his own lightsaber as the girl reaches down to picks up hers.

Sweat is poring down the girl's forehead and neck, but, oddly enough, the man doesn't seem to be sweating at all.

"You're getting better," the man says with a smile and a nod.

"I guess," the girl smiles and shakes her head.

"Well, come on, it's about dinner time and I think you need to take a shower," the man says, walking to the door of the room they are in.

The girl follows, giving the man a slight, playful punch in the shoulder.

"Good, I'm starving," she replies as he chuckles to himself.