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"I don't think it was about you Nick." That much had been true. The rest? Not so much. It wasn't about hierarchy. It wasn't about self-actualisation. It was about control. Pure and simple. It was about control. He had gained control of Jane, had been in control of Jane. In control of her whole world and everything contained inside of it. He had controlled her, and moulded her into what he wanted her to be. A snivelling, crying, pathetic excuse for a human being. He'd made her nothing, because he'd been in control.

But it had been easy. Much too easy. She'd seemed so confident when he'd first met her - installing her cable - arrogant and controlling. So assured and aware of her own importance and superiority. He'd figured it would be a challenge, a mission. He'd figured wrong. Controlling her became boring, her crying repetitive. All after only a week.

Nick however, Nick was different. He was more difficult to control, the same characteristics almost, less arrogance – though it was there, controlling – but not in the overbearing way Jane had been. In theory, it should have been easier. Granted with Nick he'd used a different approach, but he still hadn't expected it to be so hard. Not that that was a bad thing. No. If anything, that was even better. It was a genuine challenge, and there was nothing he liked more. He'd been practising, you could say, on his fellow 'inmates'. Watching them, studying them, knowing them, and he was getting there. Oh so subtly, he was gaining control. And with control came power. Control was power. They'd put him in here for wanting it. The land of the free, controlled by more corrupt powers than it knew what to do with, had imprisoned him for being just like them. They controlled their subordinates and he wanted to control his. If they lost control of one of theirs, or never had it to begin with, then they went after it until they got it. They didn't give up, and neither would he. They made it everything: mental, physical, personal, until they had control. And so would he.

In the beginning, Nigel Crane thought to himself, it wasn't about Nick. Now, however, now was an entirely different story.