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Chapter 2: The new way

Jamie snuck passed the sleeping form she immediately recognized as her brother. Opening the door, she looked relieved as she gave off a soft sigh. She exited the cottage and looked towards the winking sky.
If James ever found out that she had been doing this, he would blow his mind so to say. She knew that she couldn't do this often. The secret city of Cross, Nevada, was a dangerous place being the capital city of the Kingdom of Magic especially with the guards. Who knew what type of people lived there and what magic they used?
She was wanted by an evil being and knew the person wouldn't stop to obtain his goal, her. The last time she was attacked, everyone turned a deaf ear except her brother. He was always there to encourage her.
The full moon had gazed the night sky with a bit of comfort. But that wasn't enough thought Jamie as she sat down. A little chill ran down her spine and her heartbeat quickened. Someone was watching.
She knew she should get back inside but didn't move. She would face this alone for the first time. There was a breeze and she turned around to see no one. Looking up, she saw a boy about 9 years older then her with brown hair. It was James.
"Don't scare me like that!" Jamie snapped. He heeded no attention to her as he looked at the moon. Not happy without an answer, she whistled. No use. She whistled again. Still no answer. She whistled for the third time.
"How many times are you planning to do that until I pay attention?" James asked quietly; his eyes not scanning her, but still focused on the moon. She shrugged. "So that is the case. It's like the night she was murdered."
Jamie's eyes scanned him again finding a tear running down his face. She backed up before asking, "Who? You don't mean the Princess of Summoners?"
His head knotted and he found himself on a balcony sitting on railing. He looked around. It looked like the castle of summons. A girl in royal clothing walked out. She looked 17 with blonde hair and her blue eyes looked at James intently.
"So how long have you been sitting there, my loyal sorcerer?" She asked as she moved beside of him. His face contained shock and puzzled at the same time. She didn't mind him there, but she, the Princess of Summoners, was dead.
"Not long," He replied still shocked. "But how? You're supposed to be dead!"
"Truly, I am," She answered smiling and holding up a finger. "But you in your position can talk to me in daydreams. My spirit can communicate to you this way. Although I'm dead, I will always be here. Now, your sister is calling you and you better answer her."
Just like he got to the balcony, he was back on the roof of the cottage. He looked down at Jamie who was equipped with a rock ready to throw. He smiled and her face filled with confusion. "Now that was interesting."
She craned her head to see him better as her face still full of confusion. She started to open her mouth to talk, but was cut off by James, "Tonight is a very good night, but something will happen tomorrow. I can't put my finger on it, but it won't involve you. I promise."
Turning to the horizon, she saw light approaching. The new day was upon them.