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Winter Wonderland

Chapter One

The soft flakes of the winter snow slowly drifted down from the sky and landed into the soft silver hair of a particular half demon who was sitting cross legged and arms crossed on the old bone eaters well. The sun was hidden behind the gray clouds but there was no wind to disturb the soft snow flakes.

*Stupid wench* though Inu-Yasha as he peered into the dark well. Kagome was supposed to have returned this afternoon, but as usual sh was late.

"You're wasting your time Inu-Yasha,"

The half demon didn't need to turn around to know it was Sango approaching him from behind. "What do you want?"

"I came to tell you Kagome's not really coming back," said Sango sitting on the ledge of the old well.


"You don't listen very well do you? She said she would go home and collect some supplies for us and then would be going on a two week vacation with her family,"

"What? But what are we going to do about the jewel shards?" asked Inu- Yasha. He mentally slapped himself for saying that. That wasn't the real reason he wanted Kagome to come back, but he couldn't let Sango catch on to why he was really waiting.

"We all need a break Inu-Yasha, besides with the snow and cold even Naraku will be slowed down trying to find the jewels. Miroku and I have already decided to stay here and rest for a few weeks. Why don't you come back to the hut and Kaede will make you some hot tea so you won't catch a cold?" asked Sango, nodding her head towards the village.

"No thanks, I'm going to see Kagome," said Inu-Yasha as he finally got to his feet and jumped into the well, disappearing into the future.

Sango sighed and headed back to the village, wrapping her kimono around her tighter. Miroku was waiting for her patiently at the outskirts of the village, "So?"

"He went to go see Kagome,"

"Go figure,"

"Why are you waiting here?"

"I was worried about you, I brought this to keep you warm," said Miroku, pointing to the blanket in his hand.

"Thank you," said Sango, wrapping the blanket around herself. The two started to walk towards the village and Sango noticed that the monk was shivering. Blushing slightly, Sango wrapped the blanket around Miroku too. "Here, now we both can be warm,"

Miroku nodded his thanks and wrapped an arm around Sango's waist so they could stay close together. Just when you thought this moment could not have been any better, the monk had to ruin it by placing that hand of his on Sango's rear.

"Pervert!" screamed Sango slapping Miroku across the face and stomping off towards the village with the monk laying face down in the snow with his right hand twitching.


Inu-Yasha softly landed on the ground of the old dry well and stared above him. He was thankful the hut had kept the snow out as he jumped up and landed into the well shrine. Opening the shrine doors, Inu-Yasha noticed that it was peacefully snowing in Kagome's era as well. Leaping into the air he landed gracefully near Kagome's window and crawled inside. Kagome was not in her room, but he could hear water running in the next room indicating she was taking a bath. Inu-Yasha made his way downstairs and noticed Sota playing his video and grandpa sleeping on the sofa. He then saw Mrs. Higurashi in the kitchen and decided to chat with her. Decorations of red and green were hanging all over the place which made Inu- Yasha wonder what they were celebrating in this era. His mouth almost hit the ground as he stared at the table and saw the dozens of cookies. Some were shaped like trees, snow flakes, and really fat man.

"Do you want one?"

Inu-Yasha glanced up to see Mrs. Higurashi looking at him with flour on her face.

"Sure," said the half demon as he grabbed one shaped like a tree with green stuff on it that smelled sweet.

"So I take it Kagome talked to you about our vacation?" asked Mrs. Higurashi as she continued making cookies.

"Um no, actually she didn't? Was she supposed to?"

"She was, but I guess you can ask her after she's done with her bath.

Inu-Yasha looked around the kitchen at the strange objects used for cooking, but his eyes noticed some strange fluffy green and red stuff hanging on the walls. Curiosity getting the better of him, he approached the red and green stuff cautiously and slowly reached out to touch it. It felt rather soft under his fingers, but when he went to sniff it, the stuff itched his nose causing the half demon to sneeze.

"That's called garlen Inu-Yasha," said Mrs. Higurashi over her shoulder.

"Gark lin?" asked Inu-Yasha.

"No, garlen. It's what you hang around the house a Christmas,"

"Kriss Mass?"

"Yes Christmas, it's that time of the year that you spend with your loved ones,"

Inu-Yasha nodded and grabbed another cookie since they tasted so good and headed back upstairs to wait for Kagome. Climbing up the stairs he was suddenly brought to a halt as he felt two arms wrap around his waist. Looking down he saw Kagome's little brother clinging to him.

"Inu-Yasha!" cried the kid.

"Hey there kid," mumbled Inu-Yasha.

"So are you coming on vacation with us?" asked Sota with a big smile on his face.

Inu-Yasha looked extemely confused.

"Oh, I take it Kagome didn't ask you yet, well just tell her I didn't say anything," said Sota as he headed downstairs back into the living room.

Wondering what the heck Sota meant, Inu-Yasha headed into Kagome's room and waited patiently on her bed.

*Spending time with the ones you love?* Inu-Yasha drooped his ears, *I sure don't have anyone to spend this kriss mass with . . . that is except Kagome since I . . . but she could never . . . I'm just a half breed . . .*

Sighing, Inu-Yasha laid his sword on the floor and laid down on her bed. Now that he thought about it, he was extremely tired from their last battle and the way is eyes were rapidly drooping, he needed to get a little shut eye. He nuzzled his face into the pillow and inhaled Kagome' sweet scent which made him even more relaxed. His eyes finally closing he went into a dreamless sleep.


Kagome brushed her dark midnight hair as she sat cross legged on the side of the tub with a green towel wrapped around her. *I have to hurry, I still have to get the supplies to the others, and ask Inu-Yasha if he would like to come with us* thought Kagome as she got the tangles out of her wet hair. Her mother had said she could invite Inu-Yasha since she figured he didn't have anyone to spend Christmas with. Kagome had agreed, but what she couldn't wait to do was to show the half demon all the winter activity you could do in the mountains. Her family had a cabin close to the mountains that they went to the odd Christmas. They had an extra for Inu- Yasha to sleep in, and they were really close to the skiing lodge. She couldn't wait to show him skating, skiing, and especially the annual snow fight they always had.

Finally drying her hair with the blow dryer, Kagome opened the bath room door and headed to her room, but stopped as she noticed the door was open a little. *I could have sworn I closed it* thought Kagome as she stepped inside. She was about to drop her towel to get dressed, but froze as she glanced at her bed. Inu-Yasha was lying on his side and seemed to be asleep. Kagome slowly approached the half demon and crouched down so she was level with him. She never had seen Inu-Yasha asleep very often since the half demon always stayed awake to guard his human companions. Even when she had seen him asleep, he still had been on guard with his ears twitching and his hands into fists, but right now . . . the only thing that indicated that he was alive was his even breathing. Smiling, Kagome reached forward and brushed a few bangs out of Inu-Yasha's eyes. Kagome finally stood up after staring at the sleeping Inu-Yasha for a while and decided to get dressed. Grabbing her dark red pj's she headed to the bath room to get dressed.

*He looks so beautiful when he's asleep* thought Kagome.

When she was fully clothed, she headed back down stairs and noted that it was already pitch black out. Looking at the clock she realized it was already 8 and she had promised the guys she would bring them their supplies before night fall. Panicking, Kagome grabbed her yellow bag an headed out the door.


She turned around to face her mother,"Yes?"

"Did you talk to Inu-Yasha?"

"He's asleep right now, if he wakes up can you tell him I'll be right back, I just have to drop some stuff off to my friends,"

Mrs. Higurashi nodded and went back to her cooking. Kagome ran out the door and headed to the well.


"Where's Kagome?" asked Sango as she stared out the hut window.

"I'm sure Inu-Yasha has something to do with it," mumbled Miroku who was still rubbing his cheek. Sango had hit him a little harder than usual.

The exterminator took a seat across Miroku so she could get closer to the fire. Shippo and Kirara were already asleep, and Kaede was in one of the huts tending to a sick child in the village.

"I'm so sorry guys!" cried Kagome as she ran into the hut.

"Kagome where have you been? And where's Inu-Yasha?" asked Sango helping her friend with the heavy yellow bag.

"He's sleeping, but anyway I don't have really that much time. I brought some medicine in case any of you catch the flu or something while I'm gone, and I have presents,"

"Presents?" asked Miroku and Sango in unison.

"Yes, remember when I told you about Christmas? And how it's the season of giving? Well I got everyone gifts, but yo can't open them yet, you have to wait to weeks,"

Sango and Miroku were a little confused, but nodded their heads as they stared at the strangely wrapped boxes.

"Well I'd better head back home, I'll see you guys in a couple of weeks!" said Kagome as she bolted out of the door and to the old well.

"What do you suppose is in them?" asked Sango as she stared at the pink box with her name on it.

"I guess we'll find out in two weeks," said Miroku, who had scooted closer to Sango and was about to touch her but was brought to reality with a hard smack on the head.

"Touch me again and I swear I'll personally cut that hand of yours off myself!" threatened Sango.


Kagome slowly made her way up the stairs to her bedroom. she was quite tired from running to the past and back, but she couldn't wait to lye in her soft bed. When she opened the door Inu-Yasha was still peacefully sleeping on her bed. Kagome drooped her head, she was so tired she didn't feel like pulling out her sleeping to sleep on the floor, so closing her door and turning out the light, Kagome slowly crept to her bed and crawled over the sleeping half demon. Pulling back the covers on her side, she slipped into her bed and by some miracle didn't wake Inu-Yasha up. Smiling, Kagome layed her head down and could feel her eyes slowly droop down, but she suddenly opened them as she felt a hand on her cheek. She couldn't see that well in the dark, but she could tell that Inu-Yasha was awake and was staring down at her.

"Kagome?" he asked.

"Inu-Yasha . . . have a nice nap?" asked Kagome. She was thankful it was dark so the half demon couldn't see her blushing.

Inu-Yasha sat up so he was sitting on the side of the bed, "You're mom said you wanted to talk to me," whispered Inu-Yasha.

"Oh yes! I was wondering if you would like to come on vacation with us?" asked Kagome sleepily.

"You want me to come with you?"

"Yeah, I want you to come and spend Christmas with us since your like family to me,"

Inu-Yasha felt flattered that she wanted to spend Christmas with him, but his heart kind of skipped a beat when she called him part of her family. "Won't people become suspicious though? I mean with my ears?"

"Don't worry about that, so do you want to come or not?" asked Kagome hopefully.

"Sure, I would like to come, but where are we going?"

"To the mountains. Oh Inu-Yasha I can't wait to show you stuff we do in the winter time,"

"Like what?"

"You'll see when we get there,"

Inu-Yasha nodded and took a spot on the floor with his back on Kagome's bed.

"Do you want to sleep down there?"

"Well where else can I sleep?" asked the half demon.

"You can come back up here . . . you know it's warmer . . . and I wouldn't mind since I trust you," said Kagome who had a blush on her cheeks.

Inu-Yasha himself was blushing, but nodded to her proposal. Taking off his outer red haori, he set in on the ground and laid down beside Kagome.

"Good night Inu," mumbled Kagome.

"Night," yawned Inu-Yasha inhaling Kagome's sweet scent yet again which lulled him into a deep sleep that would last till morning.

TBC . . .

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