The Road I can no Longer See

Chapter 5

By : SilverRose82

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            "This is L1!" Pish exclaimed as he spun around outside the busy spaceport-docking bay. People glared at Pish in annoyance as they walked around him trying to not get hit by flaring arms. Turning to gaze at his friends he smirked before strutting over to Rin and throwing his large arm around her shoulders. "Looks worse than L2. Why couldn't we have gone somewhere respectable, like L4? That place is rich, what with that Winner Family over there."

            "Pish, L4 is expensive. And because of that Winner Family the shuttles are checked, thoroughly, we wouldn't have been able to sneak in." Rin hissed as she tossed the drunkard's arm off and migrated towards Jeremy. Glaring at him from between the safety of Jeremy and Jason, the group followed Toby as they began their trek into their new home colony.

            "I'm going to try and find us all a place to live. We have enough money all together to get a good place for a few months before needing to get jobs becomes an issue." Jeremy told them as he pushed strands of silver hair behind his ears. Glancing at his friends he smiled slightly before pulling Rin closer to him. She smiled as she clutched her bomber jacket closer to her body.

            "What are you going to do Rinny?" Toby asked as he glanced over at the blonde who was still hiding between the comforts of her partner in crime and her super protector and ultimate confident. Rin looked over at him before staring down at the broken concrete at her feet. Looking around the surrounding areas of L1 she shook her head before glancing over at Toby and smiling.

            "I don't know. I can always go back into dancin' if I can't find anything. Could always get a job as a sales girl. Probably would be better that way, it Duo knows what I do, it'll be the first places he looks once he gets the wiser and if he can find us again." Rin smiled as she pulled Jeremy's black trench coat around her as well, Jeremy smiled as he wrapped an arm around Rin's waist. Rin sighed as she huddled closer to the warmth that Jeremy was able to offer her, after leaving the warmer L2 colony she was not ready for the cooler temperatures that L1 seemed to be known for. Maybe it would have been better to try and trip the L4 guards and go live in the desert colony or have stayed on L2 and faced running into Duo nearly every day, anything at the present moment would have been better than L1.

            "Duo's a fucking coward, goin' off an leaving us for somethin' else. Comes back and expects everything ta be the same, and callin' you Serena. You think he would fucking get it that you ain't called that no more." Toby ranted falling back into the old way he used to speak before he had been able to get himself a paying job that would not allow him to speak as such, being bad for business. Rin smiled slightly as she looked over at the redhead before rolling her eyes. They did not know what Duo had run off for and she was not going to be the one to tell them that the fool had become a gundam pilot, they would only have more reasons to hate him.

            "Maybe, but it if wasn't for him, we probably wouldn't have lasted as long as we did." Jason pointed out as his grey eyes skimmed over the surrounding buildings. Turning to look behind him he sighed, letting his shoulders sag before kicking up a pile of concrete pebbles. "Don't think we're going to get anything good here, the place looks identical to L2, run-down. Only the dealers appear to get anything good."

            "Jason, when did you fucking become such a pessimist?" Rin nearly growled as she turned to glare at her long time companion. Her blue eyes flashed dangerously in the fading light of a green and blue neon sign that flickered on and off above their heads. Moving to stand before Jason she watched as his façade seemed to drop for but a moment before slamming back into place not even seconds later. Sighing she leaped into his arms and remained in his steady hold, trying to tell him without words that he was needed still within their group. Pulling away she smiled before rushing back over to Jeremy and pulling his coat around her, Jason laughed at the blonde's actions before grinning at his friends.

            "You stay out of that harlot ring you've been it and I'll try to become less of a pessimist." Jason told her he slung his arms around Toby and Pish. "Let's go find some hotel, Rinny's gonna freeze to death if we don't."

            "If that's the deal, you've got it for as long as it can last." Rin told him as she rolled her eyes towards the colony's ceiling, looking over at her friends she knew she was a lucky one. The girls had told her that everyday that she was the lucky one, having four boys turned men that would do anything and everything for her. "But should I keep the name the girls gave me? I'm not really Rin the companion any longer if I'm not in that Harlot Ring as you call it Jason."

            "I like the name Rin, you're just not a companion in that Harlot Ring." Pish spoke up suddenly as he turned around to face his friends, his brown eyes flashed in the darkening environment they were in before turning to search for a telephone booth to look up a hotel they could crash in for the night.


            "What do you mean she ain't here?! I know she works here I've asked like five different people and they all say that she works here." Duo grunted as he glared at the bald headed bouncer that was standing in his way of finding his friends, and if Duo had his way about it the bald man was not going to be standing for very long. His indigo eyes narrowed as he watched the man let in some other people before turning back to watch Duo fume.

            "Look, all I know is that the boss told me that she's gone. He ain't to happy about it because she brought in a hella lot a money and though she left her girls here, the guys in there liked her the most." The man told him, taking pity on the youth standing before him, scratching the scar that ran over his left eye he squinted into the darkness before turning and sizing up the boy before him for a second. "She's left the colony, I know that much left it with these four fellas she's always with. She ain't gonna be comin back, Rin's afraid of you. Told me never to talk to the fella with the long chestnut coloured braid. But I've never been one to listen to her, I should though, learned the hard way about not listening to her and I'm gonna be carrying this scar around for the rest of my life. Eh why should I care, the girls love it and the fellas fear it. Now, I've gotta get back to work, good luck on trying to find her."

            "Yeah." Duo grumbled as he kicked at the ground before pushing past a group trying to enter the club. Staring at the building for a moment he spun around and left. Melting back into the darkness that had become his life, walking down the street with his hands in his pockets he thought about his time with the pilots. The information that Heero had brought to them in the black briefcase, the information and schematics that Heero and Trowa had poured over for days as they laid low waiting for their next mission. All Heero had told them about the person who had delivered the briefcase was that she was blonde, from the L2 colony or so she said and when he had the chance he was going to hunt her down to question her. He had never gotten the chance, a large mission had popped up a few days later and they had left to go fight OZ.

            Shaking his head, Duo sighed before continuing on towards his hotel room, Heero had probably found the girl by now questioned the hell out of her and possibly scared her to near death. Rolling his eyes sky ward he pushed open the doors to the hotel lobby and with a sly smile towards the girl standing behind the desk he made his way towards the elevator and to his room. Life was going to be hell for a while as he tried to figure out where Serena… Rin he corrected himself, had run off to.

            He could already take L4 and L5 off his list, there was no way that she or the others could sneak inside L4 no matter how good they were and he remembered her saying that she would never want to go to L5, it would not have been proper for her to go there. He now understood those words, he had not before and had only stared at her in confusion for a few minutes before she had glared at him, then promptly pushed him off the rock they had been sitting on and into the lake.

            Sighing he pushed his key in the cardholder and pushed open his door when the light blinked green. Running his hand through his hair he threw his key card on the table before turning his laptop on, growling under his breath he began his fast pace search for Serena, going through colony L1 and L3 docking bay cameras trying to see if he would indeed be able to find Serena and the others. Yet if Serena's reactions to meeting up with him and been less than pleasant he was not sure if he wanted to deal with the guys reactions to him coming back into their lives. He hadn't exactly left with Jason and Toby on his good side, shrugging he tossed his boots off to the side before making his way over to his bed, it would take a while to download all the information he wanted anyways.


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