Life as We Knew It

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It was an easy mission. Slip into the lab, get the Brotherhoods info, get back out. Easy.

"Alright, everyone ready?" T.J. Summers looked around the plane at his small team.

They all nodded their readiness. "Aright Chris. Port me in." He walked to the door.

"Awww man, do I have to? You're getting heavy." Christof Wagner crossed his arms over his chest and swished his tail.

"Could you to have this little fight later. Let's get this over with." Logan walked between the and out of the plane.

"That's right boy's," Christof's sister Hilde walked between them, "poor, old Logan needs to get home and take his Geritol." She giggled and ported when she heard the distinctive skint of claws releasing.

"Shall, we?" The two bowed slightly to each other before exiting.


"I thought this place was just research stuff?" Hilde walked cautiously around the lab. It was filled with operating tables and medical equipment.

"Why do I feel a set up?" Christof looked nervously around, almost expecting the shadows to jump at him.

"Let's just stay together. We just need to find those files and get out."

Logan stopped suddenly and sniffed the air.

"What is it?" T.J. took a step toward him.

"Blood. Fresh blood." He turned into the small room. The others followed at a distance. When they finally edged into the room. Wolverine had fallen to his knees. "It was a set up." he whispered. Every pair of eyes rested on the gurney in the center of the room.


"How do you feel?" Jean took a seat at the dinner table across from Rogue.

"Ah'm fine." she wiped her mouth and set down her fork. "Took all my med's, been eatin' as many meals as I can keep down."

"Good girl." Dr. Jean Grey-Summers looked across the table at her most reluctant patient. Rogue had been diagnosed with cancer several months before. Jean was the first to admit Rogue should be in a hospital under much more specialized care but even with her level of control her condition forbid it.

"Have you seen Claudia today?"

Claudia LeBeau was the child of Gambit and Rogue. She was, to the regret of most resident of the mansion, definitely her fathers daughter. Mischievous and a prankster, when strange things happened she was usually a part of it.

"No, why?"

Three years before Claudia had married Jean and Scotts son T.J.

"The girl gonna have to start telling' somebody soon."


"She's startin' to show."

Jean and Rogue had noticed changes in the girl several months ago. They easily recognized the signs she was going to give them their first grandchild. As if in answer to their statements Claudia entered the dining room a plat of food balancing in one hand as she carried a mug of coffee.

Jean appraised her daughter-in-law. She was as slim as ever but there was a distinct budget in her stomach that soon even the males of the house would begin to notice. Her pale face held an almost ethereal glow, only accented by her black and red eyes. She took a seat a across from them and glared from one woman to the other.

"What did I do now?" she spat out digging into her meal.

"Nothin'" her mother answered. "We were jus' wonderin' when yer gonna tell T.J. to start paintin' the nursery"

She nearly chocked on her coffee.

"Careful sweety, I don't want you hurting my grandbaby. You should lay off the caffeine, by the way."

"How did you?"

"You're startin ta show, Sugah."

She sighed in defeat. "I been gonna do it."

"We know." they answered in unison.

The women laughed n unison and began talking about babies and other things.

"Aunt Jean?" Claudia asked as the walked to the kitchen. "Do you think my baby will…"

"Will what? Be a mutant? Probably."

"I knew that. What I mean is…?"

"Is her baby gonna have it's granddaddy's eyes too?" Rogue added

"Ah… um… I don't know." She answered truthfully.

Claudia nodded and went about tiding the kitchen. The three were about to head down to the war room and wait for the team to return when Jean felt a small psychic tug at her mind. She followed it and heard Scott's call.

What is it?

The team's back. Don't let Claude or Rogue down.

Why? What wrong is it T.J.?

No. There bringing Gambit in.


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