Friends? Lovers? Which one? A beautiful girl with raven hair walked through the mall on her own with many shopping bags on her arm. This girls name was Tomoyo. Tomoyo was an awkward person. She had 2 friends and was semi friends with her friend's boyfriend. She was always alone at home cause her mom worked all the time. To add to her kinda bad life she had a lot of weird boyfriends that always ended up the same at the end. They were on drugs or cheated on her. She hated that so much she gave up last year on boyfriends. She knew she needed a vacation but her mom wouldn't let her go alone so she had to find someone who wanted to go with her.

Sakura and her boyfriend were inseparable. Tatsuko was always busy with her volounteer job so she couldn't leave. So she had no one to go with.

Tomoyo so deep in her thoughts wasn't looking where she was going and walked straight into someone. She dropped her bags and fell on her butt. She looked up with her sparkling purple eyes. She had never seen anything like this person before. He had light navy blue hair and night sky blue eyes. He held out a hand to her. "I'm so sorry ma'am I wasn't paying attention!"

"It's not your fault it's quite all right with me but I feel sorry myself so I should be apologizing!"

"Its all right no need for it"

She got to her feet and was eye level with him. She lightly blushed and he just smiled sweetly. "I'm Eriol Hiragazawa. Nice to meet you and your name is?"

"Tomoyo Daijou. Nice to meet you too!"

"I know we just met but would you like to come to eat lunch?"

Tomoyo nodded lightly trying to hide a blush come to her cheeks.

They sat at the lunch place laughing and getting to know each other.

"Your starting at the University of Japan in Kyoto too? That's where I go to school!"

"Great you can help me find my classes!"


"Who do you hang out with?"

"Not a lot of people. I hang with my friends Tatsuko, Sakura, and Sakura's boyfriend Syaoron. They are my kinda close friends."

"Cool introduce me on Monday!"


They talked on and on until about 4:30 p.m. Eriol left and Tomoyo waved her hand as she watched him drive off she walked towards the bus stop when all of a sudden Eriol pulled up on her side.

"Would you like a ride home?"

"Umm. Sure I guess!"

She hopped in and put her bags in back. "I have to make a quick stop by my sisters house to drop off some of the things I bought for her and then you can tell me where to go from there to get to your house."


Minutes later they arrived in front of a cute little cottage. They walked out of the car with the stuff for his sister. They knocked on the door.

"Hello? Eriol hi!" his sister opened the door and hugged him lightly making him drop the bags on the ground. Tomoyo went and picked them up for her and handed them to her.

"Hi I'm Nakuru. Im Eriols sister. Eriol she's so pretty and nice."

Eriol blushed "Nakuru this is Tomoyo I met her at the mall. She goes to the University of Japan in Kyoto just like I will!"

"Great then I guess you two will get a long better than I thought."

They both blushed at his sisters comment.

Later they left her house and drove down the road. Eriol was paying attention to the road and then turned towards Tomoyo and said " Tomoyo would you turn the radio on to the number 3. She pressed the button and the song Baby boy was being played.

Baby Boy you stay on my mind, fulfill my fantasies. I think about you all the time I see you in my dreams. Baby boy not a day goes by without my fantasies. I think about you all the time I see you in my dreams.

"I love this song!" Tomoyo said.

"That's cool."

Tomoyo looked confused first he was all nice but then when she turned the music on and mentioned she liked this song he turned scary. He looked at her and smiled a fake-o smile at her.

"Don't worry about me. I'm just having bad memories about the past. I will tell you sometime later."

Tomoyo was still concerned but put it to the back of her mind.
When they pulled up in front of her house it was about 5:15 and they waved to each other and he drove off. She smiled and walked in to a weird surprise. There was her boyfriend from last year. "Jasy what are doing here I told you I don't want to see you anymore!" Tomoyo pointed her finger to the door. "Out!"

He made it look like he was going towards the door but as he reached for the door knob he quickly turned around and sprung towards Tomoyo. He pinned her to the floor.

"Get off you freak!"

"I will as soon as I get an answer!"

"What? Your hurting me!"

"You hurt me too. Ok my question is, are you free on Thursday this week?"

"Like I would go anywhere with you!"

"Well on Thursday night is the new nightclubs opening and I was wondering if you were going?"

"Psh no I have better things to do like study for the end of the 3rd quarter exams!! Duh!!"

"Whatever if you decide to come then im always free heres my card."

He got up and left. Tomoyo looked at the card and ripped up and threw it out the door into the street. She walked in and slammed the door when the phone rang.

"Hello Tomoyo speaking!" "Sakura!! Whats wrong?" "Ill be there as soon as I can!"

She hung up the phone and grabbed her coat walked out the door and hopped into her black and purple Voltzwagon beetle car. She drove as fast as she could down the street.