Title: Millennium Bling

Summary: Yugi & his peeps' go to Harlem for Tea's competition. Has Pegasus really become a pimp? Will Seto go ghetto'? What's up with Bakura & his Millennium Bling'? Read to find out! ^_^

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*Yugi, Joey, Tristan, & Tea walk down the street.*
Yugi has a Band-Aid on his cheek (like Nelly). Joey's pants are sagging extremely low. Tristan's trench coat is loaded with guns. Tea looks embarrassed & scared at the same time.
Yugi: Well, here we are The Great Harlem Invitational Tournament'. I'm so excited!
Don't look so frightened, Tea. No one's going to hurt you.
Tristan: *shoots at random people*
Tea: Tristan, you can't just go around shooting innocent people. Try putting your energy into something useful.
*Espa Roba strolls past*
Espa (singing): ~Rollin' down the street, playin' Jinzo, sippin' on gin & juice, laid back, wit my mind on my duelin' and my duelin' on m–
Tristan: *shoots Espa*
Tea: OK, that was a good use.
Yugi: It looks like everyone's getting into the theme of this tournament.
Tea: Everyone except me. I only came here because I received an invitation to sing & dance at the Apollo Theater.
Yugi: That's great, Tea! Isn't it, guys?
Tristan & Joey: º_º;
Yugi: ¬_¬ Isn't it, guys?
Tristan & Joey: Oh, uh yeah, sure.
Tea: Thanks, Yugi.
*Joey's pants are so loose that they fall off*
Tea: Joey Wheeler, pull your pants up this instant!
Joey: Alright, Alri– I mean Aiight, Aiight
Everyone but Joey: *sweatdrops* -_-;
Tea: You know, Joey, you're really starting to bug me.
Yugi: Speaking of bugs, there's Weevil Underwood.
Joey: *hisses*
Tristan: That little creep. *pulls out guns*
Tea: Remember what I said about shooting people.
Tea: Just wait. Maybe he has something important to say.
Weevil: Hey, what are you doing here?
Yugi: What's it to you? Why don't you mind your own business?
Joey & Tristan: *start to nod their heads* ~Roll out dun dun da dun roll out dun dun da dun roll out dun dun~
Yugi (sings): ~Get out my biz' niss, my biz' nasssaid get out my biz' niss, my biz' nass~
Tea: ª_ª; Kill me now, just kill me now.
Tristan: *points gun at Tea*
Tea: O_o Aahhh! NO! It's just an expression! Point that thing at someone else!
Tristan: Ohhh, OK. *points gun at Weevil*
Joey: Ya got ten seconds to impress us wit your entertainment skills, Weevil.
Weevil: O_o *starts hopping around* uh roll out roll–
Tristan: *shoots Weevil dead* Ha! I busted a cap in yo' ass, Weevil!
Yugi: Chill, dawg.
Joey: Hey! That's my nickname, Yug.
Yugi: Oh yeah, sorry wait a minute, didn't Kaiba & Duke Devlin call you that?
Joey: Oh yeah. Damn! Now I need a new nickname.


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