Playing with her long blonde hair that reached below her shoulders. Sitting with her legs curled on the cold bridge floor. Silver streams of tears ran down her cheeks and off her delicate chin. Her luscious lips quivering in her sad memories. Why did he have to die, she was sure they could get him back. She would never give up hope. Xev wasn't one to fail so easily on her passions. The small robot head 790 not far from her reciting poetry of their lost dead man while scanning the universe. She seemed to cry everyday and didn't care how much 790 ridiculed or Stan tried to comfort. Nothing seemed to work.

She sniffled lightly and moved her gazed from the black screen. For some reason her mind kept telling her that his body might show up somewhere. Her heart new he was gone and this kept it in it's broken state.

"Oh god of all that holy beauty" came a voice not to far away fallowed by a sniff of some sort. "Your eyes shining bright..." Now adays 790 never finished his corny poetry, he just left it to a few minutes of silence.

"You still haven't touched your food!?!" A male voice exclaimed after entering the room with a stretch. A loud sigh came from the vocals of the security gard class 4 and captain of the Lexx.

No response came from the sorefull blonde. She just seemed to block out any life around her. Life just one entity that she did not want to be part of. A swirling mass of empty black. Fingers just kept running through her hair in a comb like motion.

"Come on Xev! Please just a bit?" He asked with the usual pouting lips. Knees touching the floor beside her. Hands held up the food he wished her to eat. "You have realize that he is GONE Xev, G O N E gone! I hate to have to say it but It's killing me to have to watch you stare at that screen all day!" His frustration over the care for his friend was getting the better of the Captain.

Her gaze finally turned to him. Eyes puffy and red, face as equally stained with tears as he bright blue pools. Her hands dropped from her hair and folded in her lap. "You right Stan, he is gone! Do you know how it feels?" Her question loomed in the air as she quickly got up from her sitting position and slowly pattered out of the bridge. Each clink growing more silent.

He sighed and put the food aside, standing to normal height. He looked at 790 who ultimately glared back at him and shook his head. "Lexx, set course for planet fire..." He had a plan and he hoped it would work. For the sake of everyone on board the new little Lexx.

"As you command Stanley..." The bug ship bellowed back threw the bridge and the black screen seemed to turn around. It was hard to tell with only one or two stars here and there. Though it was evident the little ship was moving. Hopefully Stans plan would work for once, then their lives may be one step happier.