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Return To The Past


Lightning raced across the deeply darkened clouds and small beads of rain were beginning to fall. The area around was almost completely destroyed, with up turned cars and crumbled buildings covering most of the terrain. A stop light in the middle of the street was flashing red, unable to change to any other colour. The landscape was completely devoted of life, apart from two sole people…or one if you want to get technical.

A muscly young man stood on a small patch of solid ground, a half smile imprinted on his face, obviously picked up from his father. His lavender hair blew loosely in the wind, a sword was attached firmly to his back by a belt like strap. Beneath his blue jacket he was wearing a black elastic Singlet which had the ability to absorb a certain amount of energy that was in types of fatal energy blasts that he was continually bombarded with in his young life. This nifty piece of clothing was made by his mother soon after his best friend and trainer, Gohan, was killed by those savage and relentless androids. It allowed him to have a slight advantage against them, no matter how small it was he always welcomed any type of help he could get, after all it all adds up in the end. Not that he needed it anymore. No he had more than enough strength now, ever since he travelled back to the past to help Goku, Gohan and even his father stop the evil androids in their time and even the monstrous tyrant know as Cell, his power had increased greatly. He no longer need to fear the androids that had wreaked havoc on his time, in fact he was just in the middle of settling an old grudge. The satisfied smile that was on his face soon changed back to a sober look of utter hatred directed totally at the…thing opposite of him. Sure the thing standing across from him looked exactly like a young man with long black hair that came down to his shoulders, dressed in blue jeans and a black shirt with a red bandana tied around his neck, but he was really a heartless android that didn't have second thoughts about anything in his life. Although right now it looked like he was having second thoughts about his choice of letting Trunks live.

Android 17 stared at Trunks in awe, he couldn't believe what he had just done.

"How? How did you destroy 18 so easily? It's not possible, you were nothing before. Nothing!" Android 17 yelled looking at what was left of his twin sister, Android 18. Trunks just made a type of sarcastic laugh in response.

"What's wrong android? You sound a bit scared. Funny, you didn't seem at all scared when you and what's left of your sister over there ganged up on my friend Gohan in the rain and killed him. When you killed everybody in the world that I cared about, dwindled the worlds population down to less than 1/3 of its original inhabidance. I had to grow up without a father, having to continually run away from the both of you, hardly having a moments peace, do you have any idea what that's like!?" Trunks clenched his fists in hate and continued on before 17 had a chance to reply. "No! Of course you don't! You don't care about anybody but yourself, you never have! Well you don't have to worry anymore, tonight I will make you feel what I have felt all of my life until now. Fear"

Android 17 finally took his eyes off the burning remains of his sister and smirked himself.

"Well, well, well, haven't we gotten cocky all of a sudden. I never said that you were stronger than me, I merely said that you had gotten a lot stronger since the last time we fought, but your are still no where near a match for the likes of me" Android 17 said with confidence, getting into his usual fighting pose. "What do you say to that?"

" I say, believe what you want to believe"

"Alright I will!" 17 yelled launching himself from his spot and attacking the young saiyan.

Crouching, Trunks barely dodged the punch 17 swung before being kicked in the face by his foot instead. Flipping backwards while in mid-air Trunks formed a small blue energy ball in his hand and fired it at 17's chest, which was easily deflected by a quick sweep of his hand. Counter-attacking, 17 quickly fired off multiple energy blasts at Trunks forcing him to keep on the move. Suddenly stopping, 17 shot forward through the air and embedded his knee into Trunk's chest forcing him to double over just before lifting his clasped hands into the air and bringing them down onto the back of his neck sending him flying into the ground below creating a small crater. Spreading his arms out he quickly gathered energy into his open palms and firing the crackling ball of yellow energy into the crater before Trunks had a chance to recover from his last attack, which created a huge explosion. Laughing, 17 slowly descended to the ground and stood on the outside of the smoking crater.

"Pretty good boy, but unfortunately not good enough!" 17 yelled stretching out his palm towards the crater and creating another ball of energy to finish the job. "And to think I was actually worried"

Suddenly there was a huge explosion of power from within the crater launching 17 into a nearby building from the shear force of energy.

"What the hell was that?" 17 mumbled, pulling himself out of the building, a look of confusion imprinted on his face, that was until he saw what the explosion was from. "There is no way…"

Trunks was slowly rising from the crater he had made only moments ago, covered in a blue aura of energy. Floating forwards, he landed a few feet away from the crater, practically undamaged.

17 also got up and flew over and landed just a few metres away from Trunks. He wasn't going to take anymore chances.

"Well, looks like I underestimated you" 17 said smiling. "Well that just means I wont toy with you anymore"

Trunks just continued to stare at 17, not moving a muscle.

"Nothing to say huh? I don't blame you, I am after all…"

"Pathetic!" Trunks cut in shaking his head in pity. "You still haven't noticed have you?

17 just glared at him.

"Noticed what? What are you on about?"

Trunks smiled and pointed to his hair.

"Haven't you noticed the physical differences yet?" he said chuckling slightly. "I haven't become a Super Saiyan yet"

17's eyes shot open in shock.

"No! How could I of not noticed!?" he thought to himself. Breathing deeply he clenched his fists, he was becoming nervous. "It doesn't matter if you're a Super Saiyan or not! You are still no match for me!" he yelled leaping forward.

"Have it your way" Trunks said raising his arms up to his chest as though lifting weights. Electricity started to crackle around him and parts of dirt and cracked plaster began to raise up. The night's sky lit up as the lightning shot randomly across the grey clouds. Rain began to fall a lot harder and faster than it had only minutes ago, while the harmless lightning soon changed to earth shattering thunder. A rogue blot slammed into the battle field forcing 17 to stop in mid air.

"What the hell is going on!? Could he possibly be doing this himself!?" 17 thought staring at the bold teenager who was now transforming right before his eyes.

Thunder continued to strike the ground as Trunk's hair floated upwards flashing a bright gold for just a second before returning to its lavender colour. The blue aura of energy that had previously surrounded him was now beginning to turn gold also. If he could of seen his eyes at that moment he would have only seen white. Trunks yelled out loud in pain, no matter how many times he did this it still felt the same way, as thought rocks were trying to travel through his veins instead of blood, but the end result was well worth it. His hair glowed a dark gold again before finally staying that colour. His eyes could now be seen again, but instead of being their usual blue they were now a aqua green. He was almost done, just a bit further and then he would make the android pay for everything, everything that he had ever done to him, done to his family, done to his friends, he would pay for all his debts. With his life.

17 just stood there, unable to comprehend what stood before him.

"I've never seem him like this, so enraged, so out of control. This might be a bit harder than I expected…"

Trunk's yelling finally stopped. No longer did a young man stand there, but a legendary Super Saiyan. Standing up in the ranks with other legends such as Goku and his father and Gohan, Gohan the strongest of them all, the first to achieve the myth know as Super Saiyan level 2. Trunks wasn't that far along in his power yet, but he was determined to reach the level his former trainer from the past had and even push it a level higher if possible. But right now he had other things to attend to.

He stood there, engulfed in his golden aura, hair blowing around rapidly. It was time to end what he had started.

"Your times up android" Trunks said as the rain fell harder, pounded down on his body, drenching his clothes.

He slowly walked towards Android 17, the whole time the dust around his feet was blown away as though a heavy wind had just come in.

17 clenched his teeth as sweat slipped down his face. How did a kid like him get so much stronger in such a short amount of time? Could he be bluffing? Or maybe he really was that strong and 17 had just run out of luck.

"You don't scare me!" 17 said taking a small step back.

"Really? Then why are you sweating so much? Funny actually, didn't know androids could sweat. Makes you think why Dr Gero would put that in an androids design, I mean it can't really help you in a fight now can it?" Trunks said taking a few more steps forward, which 17 retracted from. "What's wrong? I thought you weren't scared?" he said mockingly.

"Shut up! Just shut up!"

"It's not nice feeling scared is it? Not knowing what to do. Your mind constantly thinking of places to run. But in the end you know you have to stay, you have to fight. No matter what the consequences are, because it's the only choice you have left"

"Enough!" 17 screamed in frustration fly full speed towards Trunks.

Bringing his arm back he swung a punch at Trunk's face, which he easily dodged merely by tilting his head to the left.

"To slow"

"Ah!" he yelled as he swung his other fist, which Trunks also dodged with ease. Soon 17 was swinging his fists around wildly not caring anymore where he landed a punch, just so long as he could land one. Trunks dodged all of them without trying before advancing on his prey once more.

"It's not possible! How did you get so strong!?"

Trunks just ignored the question and continued on with his steady pace.

Bringing his right foot back, 17 made a large kick at Trunk's chest, which was instead intercepted by his left hand.

17's eyes widened, he didn't know what to do anymore.

"Please wait, let me…"

"It ends now" Trunks cut in making a swift and jagged movement breaking 17's leg and throwing him 20 metres across the battered terrain and into a puddle or murky water.

"Hmh, ironic isn't it android? This is exactly how my master looked years ago after you had killed him. Face down in a puddle, degraded by you two bastards after been ganged up on in a fight with only one arm!"

17 slowly pushed himself out of the puddle and struggled to his feet. Trunks eyed him for a moment.

"Wait. Something isn't right" He said raising his arm and firing a glowing ball of golden energy at 17, completely blowing off his left arm. "There, much better"

17 screamed in agony falling to one knee and clutching the stump where his arm used to be.

"What have you done to my arm!" he yelled.

Trunks continued to glare directly into his eyes, without any form of compassion what so ever.

"Just thought I would try and let you understand what Gohan would have went through just before you killed him" Trunks said floating over to 17 landing just in front of him. "So are you going to get up or not?"

17's face was still covered with pain, what was he going to do now? He was minus a leg and an arm, and he couldn't land a hit when he had both of them in working order so what could he do now that he was missing practically half of himself. Standing on his good leg he positioned himself in a fighting pose.

"It's not over yet boy" 17 launching himself at Trunks with his good leg.

Trunks stood there already knowing exactly what he was going to do.

"This will be interesting" he thought.

As soon as 17 was close enough he swung a punch at Trunks who dodged it just as easy as he had the other times, except this time he attacked back. Slamming his knee into 17's chest he heard a satisfying crack of metal and what seemed like a scream of agony from him. But it was hard to tell, it seemed his voice box had malfunctioned from the force of the blow. Bring his arm back he grasped his sword from its holster and then rasing it into the air spinning it around one handed before slammed it into his back, puncturing him all the way through to the other side. No sound came from 17 as Trunks slid the sword back out of the machines body and let him fall to the ground. 17 lay there, not moving, strangely his body was entirely numb. Suddenly Trunks slammed his foot into the androids side and watched as his body skidded across the ground uncontrollably. Coughing up blood, 17 slowly crawled to his hands and knees, or hand and knees to be more accurate.

"What, is something the matter? Maybe you would prefer it if I just killed you now and got it over with" Trunks said taking a few steps forward. "Then again you would have never of done that for him or anyone else would you? You would have made them suffer a horribly painful death chocking on their own blood. So why should I give you any pity at all?"

A moment of silence fell between the two fighters, until Trunks continued.

"That's right, I know why. Because I am human, I'm not like one of you metallic freaks, I have emotions. And the one I am feeling the most right now is hate. So goodbye android, you will never hurt another person again!"

Stretching out his arm one last time, he drew the energy flowing around him into his palm making another glowing ball of power.

"Finally I can put this horrible chapter in my life behind me and maybe I will be able to find some hope in carrying on" he said, the energy ball he was making finally reaching his desired size.

"Wait you can't do this to me!" 17 yelled struggling to fly away, but he had no more strength left.

"Just watch me!" Trunks yelled releasing the energy held in his hand which quickly raced towards 17 with unstoppable speed.

17 rose his remaining arm in an attempt to defend himself from the blasts enormous power. But it proved to do little good as he was engulfed in the crackling energy, unable to do little more than let out a spine chilling scream.

Trunks stood there, looking at the crater his blast had made knowing that it would have had more than enough power to finish him off. The rain that had been falling previously had finally stopped and the sun seemed to be coming out into the sky showing the start of the new day. Relaxing, he let himself power down to his normal form and a smile slowly came across his face.

"Finally it's over"

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