"Cell? But…didn't you kill him?" Kia asked in shock, wincing with his sudden movements.

Trunks was staring at the floor, mesmerised and in thought, his facial muscles were twitching every now and then. Kia continued to pursue his answer.

"Trunks, did you hear me?"

"Yes!" Trunks snapped, grunting in frustration. "Yes, I thought I killed him…but obviously I didn't search as thoroughly as I had originally thought!"

The room was silent for a few moments as the information all sunk in. Flash backs of his previous encounters with Cell kept resurfacing as Trunks picked his sword off the nearby shelf and attached it to his back. Kia's face filled with concern as he made his way closer to Trunks who was adjusting the strap on his swords holster.

"Wait a minute, what do you think you doing?"

Trunks kept his eyes on the strap he was still fiddling with as he began to head to the door.

"I'm going to go squash a bug." He said sternly.

Kia quickly stood in Trunks's path, stoping him in his tracks.

"Don't you think that's a bit stupid? If my memory serves me right he has had years to prepare to fight you, his strength would be several times what it used to be."

"I beat him before, I'll beat him again." Trunks said, stepping to the side of Kia and heading towards the door.

"Do you think you should risk it?" Kia yelled, blocking his way once again.

"If you haven't noticed I've gotten a lot stronger myself."

"And so has he. A few weeks ago you were stronger than me and now-"

"So this is what it's about is it, you being better than me?" Trunks retorted, cutting Kia off. "You just want to be the hero again! Well I got some news for you, I was fine before I met you and I'll be fine now!"

Before Kia could say anything in defence Trunks shoved him to the floor and continued on his way to the door. Kia yelped in pain, clutching his arm after connecting with the solid floor. Trunks opened the door and looked like he was about to say something but instead chose not to.

"Trunks, wait. There are more important things than your fight with Cell. We need to prepare for the arrival of Babidi, if Buu is released he will be several times stronger than the one you know as Cell."

Trunks stopped in the door way and turned to face the Supreme Kai.

"No offence Supreme Kai, but I don't really care about this Majin Buu creature you speak of. If you're so concerned about him then why don't you and your friend get Kia to help you." Trunk growled, slamming the door behind him, the force sending cracks up the wall.

Supreme Kai blinked in shock for a moment before reaching over to help Kia to his feet, his eyes still locked onto the door.

"Are you Saiyans always so temperamental?"

Kia just growled in pain, accepting the Supreme Kai's hand and slowing making his way to his feet, "No. I think it's just Vegeta's blood line."

· · ·

Trunks stormed out of the room, his fists clenched into balls of anger. Running a hand through his hair he made his way down the hall with long determined strides, Cell being one of the things currently on his mind, but not the first…

"I took him in and I trained him, and now he things he owns the show. He thinks he's better than me, he thinks that I cant do anything without him to help me." Trunks thought to himself, his anger increasing with each thought that surfaced in his mind. "He may be Gohan's son but I'm the son of Vegeta, I'm a prince!"


Trunks jumped slightly, not expecting to run into his mother again so soon, the features on his face still showing the pain and anger that was brewing inside of him. Bulma quickly picked up on the look, however it wasn't a look she was used to, not on him anyway. She had seen it on his father from time to time mostly whenever Goku was around or when he was mentioned. But she had never seen it on Trunks's face…not this intense.

"Trunks? What's wrong honey? You seem so tense…"

Trunks growled and tried to walk past her, not wanting to bother to have to explain everything to her when she would most likely take Kia's side in the end.

"Nothing." He muttered.

Bulma quickly grabbed his shoulder and forced him to stop.

"Don't lie to me Trunks, I'm your mother!"

"Just butt out!" Trunks yelled warningly; shrugging his mother's hand off and continuing to walk down the hall.

It was Bulma's turn to yell now as she followed her son.

"Trunks Briefs! How dare you talk to me like that! Now you stop right now and you tell me what on earth gives you the right to talk to me like that!"

Trunk's merely ignored this, lost once again in his thoughts.

"Trunks! Listen, I might not be able to stop you but if you don't turn around and face me right now I'll go and get Kia and he'll make you listen!"

Trunks's eyes suddenly widened as he spun around to face his mother, his anger bubbling to the surface.

"Can't anyone go 5 minutes without mentioning Kia's name?"

Bulma flinched slightly in shock, her jaw dropping open.

"Kia? What have you got against Kia?"

"I just don't know why everything has to be about him! Ever since he got here things have been different. I don't know why he doesn't just leave, he knows how to transform now, and that's the whole reason he was staying here. There's nothing left here for him."

Bulma was shocked with the sudden out burst from Trunks and worst of all she had no idea what she could say. She was confused with what was going on and where the sudden rage had surfaced.

"But honey, if it wasn't for Kia you might be dead now…he saved your life." She said soothingly, placing her hand on his in an attempt to calm him down.

"I didn't need his help, I could of handled it on my own…in fact, if I had of had more time to finish healing I would have been able to of killed Isaac!" Trunks yelled. Taking his hand from hers and heading to the nearest window.

"What's your problem Trunks? Why are you being so pig headed?"

"I don't have a problem! What's yours? I'm just getting a little sick of everyone thinking I cant look after myself, I don't need anyone's help!"

"Your acting just like you father!" She said stomping her foot on the ground in frustration.

"Good, it means I'm getting stronger." Trunks growled, opening the window and shooting off into the blue afternoon sky.

"No Trunks…" Bulma said almost inaudibly, impossible for Trunks to hear even if he'd still been in the room, "it means your getting weaker…"

· · ·

"So, what the heck is this Majin Buu thing you keep mentioning?" Kia asked, taking a seat in a nearby chair.

"Shouldn't we wait until Trunks gets back?" The Supreme Kai asked hesitantly. "He really should hear this as well."

Kia shrugged, rubbing his tired eyes, "Yeah well I don't know how long he will be. Besides, you can tell him while I'm in the 'juvi' tank."

The Supreme Kai stared at him blankly.

Kia sighed, "Don't worry. So, do you think you could tell me what the big fuss is? He doesn't sound to tough, especially since you thought Isaac was so strong, and we all saw how easily I managed to finish him."

"From what the Supreme Kai told me he almost killed you." Kabito smirked, raising a brow.

Grunting, Kia got up out of his chair and made his way over to the rejuvenation tank.

"That was luck. I could of finished him any time I wanted-"

"But you got cocky?" Kabito cut in. "You Saiyans are all the same."

"Number one buddy, you don't know me, and two, I'm only one quarter Saiyan. Besides, we're talking about Majin Buu, not me. So what can you tell me about him?"

Supreme Kai was quiet for a moment as he thought.

"He's evil. Pure evil."

"Wow, never heard that before." Kia said rolling his eyes as he prepared the rejuvenation tank. "I mean strength wise, where he came from, looks. You know, details?"

The Supreme Kai was quiet once again before finally speaking.

"Well Majin Buu was originally created by Bibidi, an evil wizard hell bent on controlling the universe. They went from planet to planet, destroying all in their path, Bibidi being the only one who could control him. But with each new world they destroyed Buu grew harder to control. It eventually got to the point where Buu was to big a threat to him that Bibidi needed to place Buu in a ball like prison to transport him to different planets."

"Say, if he was causing such a problem on that big a scale then why didn't you Kais stop him? Trunks hasn't told me much about you Kais, all he said was that you keep the natural balance in the universe. I'd call that a damn big unnatural occurrence." Kia said yawning.

"I was getting to that part. As it turns out there were more Kais in those times then there are now, I was one of the Kais unfortunate enough to live through Buu's wrath. Many Kais fell trying to stop him, some were even absorbed into his being."

"Absorbed? Like Cell?"

"No…much worse than that…Some times he would even change his pray into chocolate or candy before devouring them…"

"He can do that?" Kia choked, "He eats people?…Man that's insane…"

"Indeed. Well, after his attack on the Kais I was one of the only ones left and Bibidi had just placed Buu in his ball for transportation to the next planet. Earth. It was then I made my move, I killed Bibidi before he had a chance to free Buu and he has laid dormant until now."

"You mean you didn't destroy him?" Kia demanded in shock.

"We thought there would be no need to. Bibidi was dead, there was no one to free him…that was until-"

"Babidi, Bibidi's son came looking for Buu and we believe that he knows how to release him from his prison." Kabito finished.

Kia was silent for a moment as he let it all sink in.

"How strong is he? Compared to me that is?"

"Well, in your Super Saiyan form you would be strong enough to match him…for a while that is. But it wouldn't be enough to beat him."

Kia nodded before stepping into the rejuvenation tank.

"I don't know what the big deal was then. He doesn't sound that strong." He said as he activated that machine.

The Supreme Kai stared at him in complete shock, "You have got to be kidding! How can you take this so lightly, this is someone who has wiped out entire galaxies!"

"Yeah, but if I'm his equal right now then I will be even stronger after I'm out of this thing and with a few weeks training I will be even stronger. With Trunks on my side there is no way we can be beaten." Kia finished putting the oxygen mask on and hitting the button to close the door. "C-ya soon."

The door shut and the cool, aqua coloured liquid began to fill the tank until it was completely full.

Kabito turned to the Supreme Kai with a look of disgust on his face. "These Saiyans are completely arrogant!" He growled sternly.

"Yes…" He said slowly, "or incredibly strong…"

· · ·

Trunks looked around the deserted waste land. This area would have to do, there were no people or animals for miles, it was the perfect place to flush out his little 'bug' problem.

"Knowing Cell he probably thinks that I was at my maximum when I was fighting Isaac. He'll be in for a big surprise when he gets here though." Trunks smirked, crouching down and preparing to power up.

He knew it was risky fighting Cell this soon and without back up, but at the moment Trunks wasn't thinking as clearly as he should have been. His usual clear head (relatively that is) was now filled with jealousy and anger. He needed to prove himself to everyone, and this was the perfect way to do it.

Balling his hands he began to tense the rest of his body and small whisks of energy began to surround him, slowly growing bigger as seconds ticked on. Suddenly a low scream escaped his throat as a golden aura exploded around him and tore apart the rocky terrain. His golden hair began to spike on end, flashing gold wildly, while his muscles increased in size becoming bulkier and stronger than they had been seconds before. Finally his eyes changed to a bright aqua and the transformation was complete. Power was radiating from his body freely, which was just what he had wanted in order to bait Cell. In truth he could of powered up a lot more, but he wanted Cell to believe that he was inferior, in the hopes that he would show himself, confident that he would be able to beat Trunks.

Trunks waited, searching the area with his senses as one minute passed, then two, then five. Eventually ten minutes had passed and there was no sign of Cell. Grunting, Trunks sneered and hovered into the air preparing to head back to Capsule Corp.

"What a waste of my time, guess the bug is still to scared to show himself" Trunks mumbled to himself, turning around in mid air.

Trunks's eyes however widened in surprise at what hovered only metres away from him.

"Now, now Trunks. Why would I be to scared to face an old friend?" Cell said smirking. "I don't know why you decided to come out here. I didn't know you were so desperate to die."

Before Trunks could reply, Cell began to power up forcing Trunks to protect his face from the massive onslaught of energy.

Trunks sneered in frustration, his arms still covering his face.

"This might be harder than I thought…"

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