By PassionFish


Spike watched from behind a tree as Buffy called her good bye to her mother over her shoulder, grabbed her school bag and then left for school out of the back door.  He glanced up at the sun shining brightly in the sky, sighing loudly then followed the slayer a fair pace behind her.

It had been nearly forty-eight hours since the vampire had woken up and discovered he was a vampire no more.  Well, that wasn't quite true.  He could breathe, his heart was beating, he could walk in the sun, he didn't hold quite as much fear for crucifixes and holy water, he certainly didn't want to drink blood but as a few of his minions could attest to he still retained his vampiric strength and skill.

Spike stopped outside the school and watched as the slayer met up with the witch and the whelp and went inside together.  The ex-vampire waited until all the students had entered the school and the principal had done the once-round check that no one was lurking outside classrooms.  As the troll-like man gave one finally look to the surroundings then turned to go inside Spike made his move around the back of the school to the entrance to the stacks in the library.

Jimmying open the door, Spike closed it carefully behind him and made his way through the bookcases.  Settling himself where he could see the door and see when the slayer came in but also so that he couldn't be seen.  And so he waited.

It was around eleven when the slayer finally entered the library.  Spike watched as she threw her bag to the table and began ranting.

"Are you sure I can't kill him, Giles?"  Buffy half-shouted to her watcher who was in his office.  She began pacing the library floor as she continued.  "I mean, think about it, the world would be a much better place without him.  And its not like he's human - he can't be, he's lacking compassion.  Come on, I've seen vampires...soul-less vampire's with more compassion then he has in his little toe!"

She slumped down in a chair, her arms hanging limply over the sides, just as Giles walked in, a small ripper-like smile on his face at his wards rant.

"Please Giles, I'm a slayer of bad things, right?"

"Yes, Buffy but..."

"Well then, he's a bad thing - I should get to slay him!"  Buffy interrupted.  "I shouldn't have to jump into his holes."

"Through his hoops, pet."  Spike's accented voice travelled down the stairs from the stacks as did the ex-vampire.

Buffy immediately jumped up into a defensive fighting stance, stake in hand as the watcher dropped his books, whipping out a crucifix.  Spike smirked and stopped on the bottom stair, holding up his hands in mock surrender.

"Hey, white flag here, I quit."  He said, his tone even.

Buffy rolled her eyes as she relaxed out of her fighting stance and placed both hands on her hips, completing in a mocking tone.  "We're mortal enemies we don't get time outs."

He clapped three times, "Well, done love."  He laughed out.                                                                                                                

Spike lurched forward towards the watcher and as he did Giles shoved the cross protectively into his face.  The vampire-no-more reached out and grabbed the crucifix.  He walked over to the slayer who had lowered her stake and handed it to her.

"Whah...?"  Buffy was at a loss for words as she blindly took the cross, staring up at her mortal enemy who still stood in front of her.  Of its own accord, one of her hands rose to touch his neck.  She gasped sharply as she felt his pulse beneath her fingers, her eyes bugging.

"Spike?"  She whispered, suddenly unsure of anything...and rightly so.

"Yeah love - I gotta problem."