What happens to the characters in " Here's to you Rachel Robinson "

Rachel : Decides to become a Musician after finishing High School, she studies at Julliard Music School and then gets a place in the New York Philharmonic orchestra at two . She dates another Floatist in the orchestra and marries him three years later, she has a Daughter Daphne and a son Marcus by him .

Stephanie : Discovers a love for Film Making in High School , so she studies Film at Brown University . She does some Producing and Film editing and camera work and assistant directing for a while before embarking on her first project as a Director and Ends up being Nominated at the Golden Globes at just Thirty . She marries two years after that to a lawyer . She and Rachel still remain in contact with each other.

Alison : Too short to be a Fashion Model, Alison decides to Study Fashion design at The New York Fashion institute , she then launches a Clothing Range called mIXeD and which caters to Teens and young women. Alison places some of those proceeds from her sales to Different Child Welfare Groups , Charities and Orphanages . She marries at twenty- six and has twins .