A/N: First off, I do not hate the character of Emily or the actress whom plays her. I am just upset with her current storyline of a weak cancer story and love-triangle thing. Secondly, I am in desperate need of LIASON after witnessing such absurdities as the Skipper/Jason wedding and him allowing Skipper to even touch little Morgan Corinthos. And this LiRic stuff, how they are ever going to make Liz forgive everything Rick has done unless making her brain-damaged is beyond me. Anyway, this is a little darker then I tend to write but I thought a few might get a laugh out of it. Hope you enjoy! Reviews always appreciated..


(A few months from now . . . bkrd, a lot the same, any changes are obvious and/or you'll be made aware of.)

The family had wanted a small ceremony because they were not up to hearing again and again how sorry random people were about their loss. The entire family, despite their constant fighting, were together for once and all silent. It is hard to say what each member of the family had running through their minds, but for sure it was memories of her and a deep sense of guilt that they had at her last moments been fighting.

In the first pew on the left side of the isle were Monica and Alan. She had he face buried in his chest, and he held her rubbing circles on her back as he tried to stop his own tears. No one would think less of him if he did cry but he knew that Monica needed his strength.

Beside them was AJ, sitting alone, looking at the coffin. His expression was blank, one often associated with his brother, and his eyes were red. Concealed in his coat pocket was his flask. He saw no real point to conceal it but he did it out of habit. If he was drunk then he did not have to feel anything, so no one judged him for turning back towards his old habit.

In the first pew to the left of the isle were Skye and Ned, huddled together. Their hands were clasped as she leaned against him. Ned's eyes were blank; his emotions had been frozen since he heard the news. Of course he had not wanted to believe it, but at once he saw the body and knew he had been silent. Skye, whom was suppose to have no heart at all, was tearful but silent. She gave the impression she wasn't bothered but her eyes spoke volumes of guilt and regret.

Dillon sat on the other side of his brother, stolid but restless. He did not know how to feel, having hardly known Emily. But he pictured in his mind the girl he had known so briefly and felt cheated that he had not been able to know her before she passed. Up until this morning he had not known if he was even going to come. He had just wanted to run away from the whole situation, with Georgie by his side, and forget. But he felt obligated, being as he was part of a 'family' now.

Georgie walked up cautiously as if not sure if she should sit with the family, but seeing Dillon so downcast it scared her. She met his eyes briefly and before she knew it she was next to him. They did not speak a word but he took her hand and held it and she cried and he gave the impression that he was the strong one.

Behind them were Zander, Alexis, Cameron, and baby Kristina.

Zander was mad. He was angry with God for taking her away from him. He was angry with Nikolas for helping her in her deceit. He was angry with himself for not seeing that she was sick long before she told him. It was easier to be angry-to hate, then to succumb to grief.

Alexis was beside him with baby Kristina in her arms. She gently rocked the baby as her eyes darted from Zander to the coffin. She could only imagine how badly he was hurting but knew just the same how much he had loved Emily. She was afraid for Zander, afraid that he might do something rash. She had tried to set aside her own feelings and watch out for Zander but she had cared for Emily deeply and suddenly her reserve crumbled and the tears began to spill. Cameron took her hand and she dare not look at him and let him see her weakness. With his free hand he took a tissue and wiped her eyes, despite her refusal to even grace him with a glance. He stole away a moment to glance at his son but could not read him as well. He wanted to be there for his son but it had been so long he did not know how, or if it would even help.

Edward and Lila sat behind Alan and Monica. Edward and Lila were huddled together as if they knew some big secret that no one else did. Lila was silently weeping and Edward softly comforted her while trying to stay strong. He tried to conceal his own tears but Lila scolded him gently and he let them fall.

Luke and Lucky came in together, despite the small petty arguments they had been having up until late. Luke had watched Lucky grow up with Emily by his side and knew that his son needed him and put aside his petty grudge. Lucky did what was expected of him, sat silently and attentively as his mind recalled the many memories of Emily. He now knew what Emily must have felt sitting at his own funeral and felt guilty.

Luke patted him on the back and said, "It'll be okay, cowboy."

More than anything Lucky wanted to believe his father.

Sonny and Carly came in just moments before Jason and Courtney. They sat down in the last pew so as not to disturb the family and really close friends. Sonny had thought of Emily as a little sister. Long before he had known Courtney had even existed, he had befriended Jason's one link to family. It was hard for him to be there but it was more for Jason then for anyone. Carly was there for similar reasons. It wasn't that her and Emily were close, because truth be told they most of the time just barely tolerated each other because of Jason. But never once had Carly wished her harm, or death. And even Carly had muttered a silent prayer that Emily would make it through her cancer, but apparently no one had chosen to listen.

Jason strolled down the isle with Courtney and saw his heartbroken family and for once could feel a connection to these people. He saw Monica crying and wanted to comfort her. For once he looked at AJ and understood why he was drinking. He wanted to be close to his family for the first time in a long while. So he dragged Courtney down towards the front and sat right behind Edward and Lila. Courtney had been crying since she had heard the news. Despite having barely known Emily, death was not something she could just passively sit through. She knew that Jason was hurting far worse then her but he showed no sign of it and that scared her.

Bobbie came in with Audrey and they took a seat next to Luke and Lucky. Bobbie hugged Lucky before sitting down and met his eyes only briefly, seeing how much pain he was carrying inside. Audrey had slid into a seat next to Bobbie and searched the pews for any sign of Elizabeth. Audrey had only one image stuck in her mind, that of Elizabeth when she heard the news of Emily's death.

Right before the service was to begin, Nikolas and Elizabeth came in together. They both looked older then they were, tired, and extremely somber. Nikolas' eyes were red but his expression was blank. He refused to show any sign of emotion, feeling as though he had to be strong for Elizabeth. He had practically had to drag her to the ceremony and even now she looked as though she might run out if he was not holding her hand. Her eyes were not red because she refused to cry. She was determined to put up a front just as Nikolas and many others had done, that it was not affecting her.

"It is a tragedy to loose someone so young with so much life yet to live. But God works in mysterious ways and only He knows why young Emily was chosen to leave us. But let us not worry about her, she is with our Lord." The minister spoke to the mourners.

Monica and Alan walked up together. It was Monica who wanted to speak and Alan was tongue-tied and only there to support her.

"Emily lost her mother to the same disease that took her life. I was merely a replacement . . ." She started, sobbing, "But she never treated me as such. She was always so warm and loving, and she is the only reason our family has not fallen completely apart. She was the heart of our family. Thank you all for coming."

Monica and Alan returned to their seats. Many of the other mourners were too frozen with grief to speak, but he rose and made his way down the isle and looked out at all of those before him, all the people whom had loved Emily, just as he had. He stole a glance at Elizabeth but could not read her blank stare, and it scared him.

"I spent most of my childhood moving from place to place, never really settling down anywhere long enough to make a friend. Emily was one of my first friends. We grew up together and I watched her become this beautiful, intelligent, and amazing woman overnight. If not for her, I'm not sure who I would be, or where. And although she is not here in body, I know that she is here in spirit." Lucky offered and stepped down to once again take his seat beside Luke.

No one else really knew what to say so they all remained silent for the remained of the ceremony, save for a few muffled cries. Then the filed out, one by one, each with the same lost expression on their faces.

Monica and Alan stood just outside the doors, shaking hands and hearing the condolences of many whom loved their daughter. Skye had retreated to the side, feeling out of place having never really felt as though she fit in with the family. Ned was beside her, still frozen in disbelief.

Dillon and Georgie were a few feet away, their hands clasped and her head leaning on his shoulder.

Jason did not budge and Courtney could tell that he needed some time, so she left with Carly and Sonny. The couple kindly shook hands with Monica and Alan, putting aside their differences. Courtney, whom had stayed a little ways behind, hugged Monica and nodded apologetically at Alan.

Sonny, Carly, and Courtney went far away from the family, all feeling as though they were intruders. Even Carly remained quiet and seemed remorseful.

Lucky, Elizabeth, Nikolas, Jason and Zander stayed long after most had left.

Zander just kept staring at the coffin without saying a word. The casket was open and Emily looked as though she were just taking a nap, peaceful and serene. Her hair was thinner because of the chemo but it was styled so it looked as full as it use to. Zander wanted no memory of her like this. He only wanted to remember the lively Emily that had stolen his heart.

He leaned close to her and planted a kiss on her lips, delicately.

"I'll always love you. Not a day will go by when I do not think of you. You've taken my heart with you."

He moved aside so others may come up but he was not ready to leave just yet.

Lucky just sat in the pew, unsure what to do. He did not know how to say goodbye to his best friend.

After hearing the news of her death he had dismissed it and gone to the hospital to visit her and tell her about the lunacy that was being spread around. He was greeted with an empty bed.

Then he heard screaming from a hysterical Elizabeth and turned the corner and watched as Nikolas attempted to calm her down. But Elizabeth did not want to calm down and pushed him away. Audrey had never seen Elizabeth like this and stood idly by unsure how to help her. Lucky ran up to try to help but arrived just it time to see a doctor give Elizabeth a shot.

Elizabeth had yelled and screamed at the doctor and then at everyone around her, including himself, Nikolas, Audrey, and Courtney. Then her yells began to be less frequent and though her eyes were still pouring out the tears she comfortably slid into Nikolas' arms and let him hold her until she was asleep.

It was then that Lucky's eyes had met Nikolas' and he saw the pain. But as painful as it was for Nikolas he had not broken down, he had attempted to be strong for Elizabeth.

When Elizabeth was placed in an empty room, Nikolas sat by her side unsure what to do next. Lucky had walked in and offered to stay so that Nikolas could leave, but Nikolas refused.

So both brothers had sat with the sleeping Elizabeth, each silent for what felt like an eternity. Lucky watched Nikolas for a while and suddenly realized why Nikolas felt obligated to stay. The last time Elizabeth had suffered like this must have been when he was presumed dead. At that time Elizabeth only had Nikolas to confide in and Lucky finally understood the parallel.

He realized then that he had never really thanked Nikolas for what he had done. Nikolas turned towards him as if understanding what Lucky had just realized.

Back in the church, Lucky froze as he attempted to go to visit with Emily. He could not see her like that. He went up, avoiding the coffin, and gently laid his hand on Zander's back to show Zander that there was someone else who knew how he felt.

Zander and Lucky left together, silently.