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Nikolas and Elizabeth sat together; so close their legs were touching. She had pulled her hand away from his during Lucky's speech and had since then been twisting the necklace she wore nervously.

Nikolas looked at her as if asking permission to leave her side and she would not meet his gaze. He got up and walked toward the coffin and when he caught sight of Emily he let out a breath he did not know he had been holding.

His eyes were instantly drawn to her wedding band. She was married to another man. His heart ached knowing that it was not his ring that adorned her finger. He knew that she knew his feelings. In her last moments he had been there and he had told her.

He had been in the hospital all day. Emily had insisted on leaving and going home, she knew that she did not have much time. He had known that once she left the hospital that Zander would most likely hang around her. This was the last moment he thought he might see her alone so he had asked Elizabeth, whom had been there with him, to go outside for only a moment.

Elizabeth left hesitantly, knowing that Nikolas had much to say but afraid that Emily might not last much longer.

"Only a minute." He had pleaded.

So she left them alone. And he had taken Emily's hand within his own, held it there and noticed just as he would in the church, her ring, and let his tears fall while he told her what she meant to him.

And she had smiled weakly and squeezed his hand and then her grip had loosened, her eyes closed, and the machine at her bedside began to beep.

"No." He had screamed in his head but came out a mere whisper.

"Em . . . no . . . Em . . ." He said in-between his sobs.

He shook her as if it might wake her but she remained as she was.

"No . . . no . . . not now." He pleaded, "Em . . . please, God, Em . . ."

That is when the doctors rushed in and he was pushed aside and eventually pushed outside of the room. It was then he had met eyes with Elizabeth, only briefly, and then both of them watched as the doctors attempted to resuscitate her.

Without knowing it they had clasped hands and watched stolidly with tears streaming.

And then the doctors gave up.

They both heard, "Time of death 12:36."

"No." He whispered.

Elizabeth repeated his whisper in a scream, "NO!"

It was at this point he turned towards her and suddenly remembered that he had asked her to leave the room moments before with a promise that she would see Em in a minute's time. Their eyes met briefly and she pulled her hand from his grasp.

He stole his gaze away from Emily in her coffin and back towards Elizabeth, whom was just as he had left her. He took a risk and turned back towards Emily and leaned over and kissed her on the forehead.

"Forever, Em." He whispered and wiped away a stray tear that had dared to fall.

He walked back up to Elizabeth and finally she let him meet her eyes.

"I'll wait." He offered, knowing that Elizabeth would need to say goodbye and was afraid of what might happen if he left her alone.

"Go." She demanded, her bright blue orbs wet with unshed tears.

Against his better judgment, he walked down the isle and looked back at her from the entryway of the church.

Lucky met him there; "She needs to do it alone."

They walked out and he shook hands with Monica and Alan. Then Nikolas and Lucky watched the closed doors, waiting for Elizabeth.

"When we thought you were gone it took a while for me to convince her to leave. She just sat there, like she is now, and she did not want to go. She was afraid to let go. She was never the same, even when you came back, she never really was Elizabeth again."

Within the church, Jason had watched silently as Zander, Lucky, and Nikolas had said their goodbyes. He had watched Nikolas tiptoe around Elizabeth and how she had remained stolid the entire service. He knew how she was feeling.

He flashed back to the moment in the hospital chapel with her months ago. She had allowed herself to cry then, but why not now?

He had heard about Elizabeth's breakdown at the hospital from Courtney. She had watched the entire thing, having accidentally stumbled upon the scene after a visit with Dr. Meadows.

Courtney had been pushing to convince Jason to have a child. He understood that Courtney was still upset over the loss of their first child and thus felt they needed to have a child with some urgency. He had told her that it was not a good time and she had agreed to it but gone behind his back and visited Dr. Meadows.

He had more important things on his mind, like Emily, but Courtney just tiptoed around the subject. She was civil with Emily when they would visit her but he saw through her fake fa├žade. He knew that she had no desire to be their visiting Emily. Thus the last few times he had gone alone, every visit seeing his sister grow weaker and weaker.

Emily had read his frustration in his eyes and thus got the story out of him. At first he had tried to avoid it but she had insisted and he could never tell her no.

He told her about how Courtney lost the baby and how she wanted to start a family right away. Then he expressed his own fear that he might endanger a child and he was not ready. Despite having told this to Courtney, his new wife was still insistent that they start a family quickly.

And of course Emily knew there was more to the story then Jason was letting on.

"You're holding something back." She had offered weakly.

Hesitantly he began, filling in Emily on the day in the chapel when Courtney had seen him with Elizabeth. He knew that part of her desire to start a family was due to her jealously of his friendship with Elizabeth. He knew that Courtney was afraid that he might run off with Elizabeth just because he had allowed himself to comfort her in the chapel.

"Does Courtney have anything to worry about?" Emily had asked, in typical Emily fashion. She did not go outright and say what she was thinking but merely hinted at it.

"I still care about Elizabeth, and that will never change. But I'm with Courtney. We are married."

Emily had said nothing and just nodded and he knew that Emily did not believe him.

After the visit he had ran into, of all people, Elizabeth.

"Hey." She offered, surprised.

"Hey." He responded.

"Are you here to visit Emily? Because if you are, Nikolas is here and is heading in that direction. You might want to avoid him given that the two of you do not get along."

He smiled slightly, "Actually, we've come to an understanding."

She almost smiled, "Understanding?"

"I know he cares about Em and that she cares about him. If he makes her happy then who am I to stand in the way."

His response made her recall the many times he had told her something similar in regards to Lucky and a few instances with Zander. But she pushed those memories to the back of her mind.

"I want to thank you again for that night in the chapel. It meant a lot to me to have you there." She offered.

"Anytime." He replied and they parted.

Back in the church, Jason watched Elizabeth stare at the coffin but not move at all from her seat. He took a leap and got up and walked over to her. She turned and their eyes met and she moved slightly down the pew to give him room to sit. He sat and they both stared at the coffin together for a while. During that time her hand slid into his and his hand swallowed hers.

He took a chance and stole a glance at her and finally saw her tears. She felt him watching her and she turned towards him. With his other hand he brushed the tears away.

Elizabeth started talking in a weak voice, "The last time I talked to her alone she told me that you had mentioned to her that night in the chapel. We talked for a while and she told me that you never know how much time you have and you need to tell those you love that you love them everyday because you never know, you just might not wake up one morning . . ."

She paused, "I use to think like that after I thought I had lost Lucky. You made me see that life does not have to be like that. You made me see that I still had my memories of Lucky and that I was privileged to have had that short time with him. But the greatest gift you gave me was the ability to feel happy without feeling guilty."

He listened and for a brief instance they were just as they had been before.

She continued, "Emily reminded me that the happiest I've ever been is when I was with you. You made me so happy Jason. You are the reason that I did not just crawl under a rock after the fire. . ."

"You did that by yourself, you did not need me." He offered, sounding sincere.

She smiled slightly, typical Jason, she thought.

"I know not to look at the world the way Emily did in her last moments. But I know that one thing she said is true, that you should tell those you love that you love them every day . . . and I know that you're with Courtney, but I never told you that I love you, and I just want to make sure that you knew."

He was awestruck, "I've always known."

He looked down and saw that his hand was still clasped with hers and he gave it a squeeze. He looked up to meet her eyes again and immediately realized that the entire time she had been talking she had been crying. Her large blue orbs now had black mascara trails underneath them.

She suddenly realized how intently he was staring at her face and immediately assumed it was messy from her tears.

"I'm a mess, aren't I?" She offered.

She pulled her hand away from his and started searching in her purse for her compact. She pulled out some of the tissues she had brought and he took one. He then took his hand and cupped her cheek with his hand and turned her towards him. Her eyes seemed startled at first but he continued anyway. He took the tissue and wiped the trails off.

Their eyes met and they both flashed back to a similar situation in his apartment above Jake's.

Elizabeth took the tissue from his free hand and attempted to put it in her purse. She forgot all about it and dropped the tissue entirely when he took his newly free hand, put it on the back of her neck, and pulled her towards him and kissed her.

It was at this moment outside that Carly shuddered for no apparent reason.

"Are you okay?" Sonny asked, worried.

"Yeah . . . I just had this chill go down my spine. It's probably nothing." She offered, but was still slightly shaken.

It was then that Courtney overheard Lucky offer, "She's been in there a while."

"Oh, no." Courtney said, out loud.

"What's wrong?" Carly asked, worried, assuming her shudder had been due to whatever was worrying Courtney.

"Jason and Elizabeth are alone in the church."

Sonny rolled his eyes, "You two . . . Courtney, you've been spending too much time with Carly. Nothing is going to happen between Jason and Elizabeth. They are friends. Both of them were close to Emily. Let them be alone."

Carly offered her two cents, "Jason married you, Courtney. Ms. Muffin-face is out of the picture."

Courtney tried to tell herself that Carly was right, that Jason would never betray her. But she was instantly reminded of the moment she had witnessed in the hospital chapel.

"I think I'll just check."

Elizabeth pulled away from the kiss first.

"I don't feel right, doing this here . . . and you're married." She offered.

He knew she was right. They were both grieving Emily and neither was in the right mind frame to make rational decisions. And he was married, to Courtney. But at the same time he could not help but relish in the feeling of being close to Elizabeth again, and their kiss.

Courtney opened the door and saw them sitting on the pew together. She did not want to jump to hasty conclusions but she was upset to see them together. Why couldn't Jason lean on her for support? Why Elizabeth?

She knew she was just being jealous, and that Jason was hers and she had no reason to worry because he would never been unfaithful. But something about their body language with one another said something entirely different. She was about to storm down the isle when Sonny came up behind her.

"See, they are just helping one another grieve. Emily was important to both of them. Carly is just putting ideas in your head."

"You're right." She offered, reluctantly, and shut the doors once again.

"I should go." Elizabeth said, feeling uncomfortable as she rose from her seat.

"Don't leave. I'll go. I'm sorry." He offered, getting up.

Her eyes met his, "Don't apologize, Jason. I'm not sorry that you kissed me."

"They why are you running away?"

Their eyes were locked and she had never been able to lie to him, "I'm afraid that if I stay then it will happen again and I will not have the strength to tear myself away. I'm afraid of letting myself fall for you again, knowing full well that we cannot be together. I cannot do that again. It hurt so much to walk away from you."

"I never meant to hurt you, Elizabeth." He offered, sincerely, "I never want you to hurt because of me."

"Then I need to go . . . or you need to go . . ." She started.

"I'll go." He offered and turned to walk away.

He was halfway to the door of the church when he turned back towards her, "Elizabeth."

She turned, her eyes wet from tears she had held so he would not see.

"I told you once that there were no words for what I fell for you. Well, I just thought of some."

She looked at him, surprised. She was sure that she was the only one that had remembered the words he had told her.

"I love you." He offered.

She froze.

It was then that Nikolas and Lucky opened the door to the church. Both Jason and Elizabeth turned as Nikolas noisily shut the door.

"Are you okay, Elizabeth?" Nikolas asked, worried, but his eyes were drawn to Jason Morgan.

"I think you need to go." Lucky offered to Jason.

She came out from the pew and walked slowly past Jason, "He does not have to go. I'll go."

The two brothers escorted Elizabeth out of the church, much to the relief of Courtney.

Courtney bolted for the doors once Elizabeth was outside. She met up with Jason a quarter way down the isle.

"Wow, being in this church, doesn't it remind you of our wedding." She offered.

He was disgusted that she dared to act jealous and bring up their wedding on the day of his sister's funeral, in the church with her body no less.

"I want a divorce." He said simply, honestly.

She froze, "What?"

"You heard me." He said and walked right past her out into the courtyard right beyond the church doors.

Some of the guests had already left. Most of the family was gone. Monica and Alan had remained to see their son and thank him for coming. He gave Monica a hug and accepted a pat on the back from Alan.

When Courtney had ran into the church, Sonny and Carly had decided to give them some time alone and so they left for the penthouse.

Nikolas had wanted to visit Stephan's grave and a guilty Lucky was easily coerced into coming along. Nikolas suggested that Elizabeth accompany them but she said that she'd rather be alone with her thoughts, which was essentially the truth.

When Jason was done with Alan and Monica they departed and that left Jason and Elizabeth alone in the courtyard. As he approached her wearily, Courtney emerged from the church.

"I knew it. I knew I couldn't trust you with her!" She screamed at Jason.

Then she focused her attention on Elizabeth, "You annoying little bi---"

Jason shot her a look that would freeze the fires of hell. She stopped in mid-sentence. Courtney huffed off leaving them alone in the courtyard.

Jason turned to an obviously confused but delighted Elizabeth.

Jason offered an explanation, "I realized today that I had been lying to myself. I was finally honest with Courtney and she did not take it well."

Elizabeth was stunned, to say the least, "Jason . . ."

He walked closer to her and she remained started speechless.

"I've been wanting to ask you for a while, do you want to go for a ride?"

She did not have to answer, her smile said it all. He wrapped and arm around her waist and guided her out of the courtyard.

Looking down on her brother and her best friend, Emily smiled and sighed, "Finally!"

~The End~