Not my character...

faith is talking to Fred after he has told her that he wants her to quit her job.

I'm just a woman.
With a badge, gun and vest.
Hopes and dreams, family and friends.
But not "human" like the rest.

I'm just a woman.
Which everyone fails to see.
Only i have a job to do.
To maintain my dignity.

I'm just a woman.
Not unlike you or he,
But yet you only get nervous
When in your rearview you see me.

I'm just a woman.
Hoping to get recognized
For all the food i do..
But more and more I'm chastised.

I'm just a woman
I can't be everywhere at once.
I don't have eyes in the back of my head.
But that's what everyone wants.

I'm just a woman
I try to please those that i can
But its not that easy
I wish I could help you understand

I'm just a woman
not here for some quota or fun
i truly love this job i do
and the person its helped me become

I'm just a woman
with only one job to do
to do my best every day.
to make this world better for you..