Hiya! This was written in response to Icka M. Chif's LJ challenge, which was to write a Kudo Yukiko fic that was based on the following little rhyme by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow:

There was a little girl

Who had a little curl

Right in the middle of her forehead;

And when she was good

She was very, very good,

But when she was bad she was horrid.

What Goes Up... By Ysabet

"So... let me get this straight." Kudo Shinichi pinched the bridge of his nose with two fingers; his mother was giving him a headache again. "Dad's asleep in the hotel room, it's nearly midnight, we've been tearing through New York all day long without a stop and we're exhausted.. but you wanted to come up here one last time, and-you bought us all ice-cream sundaes?"

Kudo Yukiko beamed at her son, blonde hair streaming around her shoulders in the strong breeze that always swept the Observation Deck of the Empire State Building. "Of course; it's the last day of our vacation before we return to Japan-and what's a wonderful day without dessert to top it off with?" Her son rolled his eyes but accepted the plastic container and spoon that she brought out of her oversized handbag.

Behind him, Ran was already happily digging into a Raspberry Parfait. "Mmmmm.. Thank you, Yukiko-san!" Shinichi's mother dimpled in return; she loved being appreciated.

A second spoon dipped into the side of Shinichi's Banana Split, and he looked up indignantly just in time to see the large bite that had been stolen disappearing into his mother's mouth. "Oi, what's the big idea? Where's *your* sundae?"

She licked at a bit of whipped cream that she had missed and made a face. "Oh, the idiots at the shop got my order wrong and put nuts on top of everything-and you know I'm allergic to nuts. I noticed just a minute ago when I opened the container; thank heavens I didn't take a bite without looking! So I tossed it."

Shinichi eyed her dubiously. "We're not even supposed to be eating up here, you know; that's why there's no trashcans." She shrugged her usual Yukiko-Doesn't-Care shrug. "And that's why you snuck them up here in your handbag, isn't it?" She shrugged again and Ran giggled. Shinichi took a bite himself. "Mmm.. So. just where *did* you toss it at?"

His mother blinked at him innocently and stole another helping. "I, um. found a place."

Her son swallowed-and then froze; Ran looked slightly baffled but continued eating. As the Detective of the East's thoughts began the short treck towards an inevitable conclusion, Yukiko started to look the least bit guilty. Her gaze strayed towards the railing...

Shinichi dropped his spoon; Ran choked on a bite. "AAACK!!"

And from far, far below the came an infinitesimal **splat!** and a tiny, anguished cry-

Two horrified gazes swiveled to Yukiko, who looked slightly chagrined. "Ooops... I, errr, well, I hope they like nuts..."


**snerk** There you go, Icka!-- Ysabet