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Chapter 2

They were close to the refuge, to close. Legolas could see the great stonewall from where he stood now. He knew that when they got to Helm's Deep he would have to find Emily and tell her of the death of her husband.

They were riding swiftly, to get the injured to the keep as quickly as possible. He knew they had to ride fast, but in another sense he wished that they could slow down, and take their time.

He had to admit he was confused, because he was feeling something he had never felt before. He was terrified. He was truly terrified. Never in his long immortal life had he ever felt this afraid. He had been afraid before, many times before. But not like this.

He thought of many ways to tell her. But how do you tell a woman that her husband is dead. How do you tell anyone that a loved one is gone, without bringing more pain to them? You can't. There is no way.

He was thrown from his thoughts by the cheers of the soldiers. Legolas looked up and saw the last thing he wanted to see, Helms Deep. The fear in his heart grew when he saw the women waiting for their husbands to return. Most of them with smiles on their faces expecting their husbands to return. The sadness and fear grew when he thought that any one of these women could be Emily. Any one of these smiling beautiful faces could be this woman he's supposed to find. He knew that he had to find her, and when he did he would not only break her heart, but also his.

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