Ch.1 Before Pirates of the Caribbean

"I love the sea!" Josephine said happily looking over the side of the Marinera.
Will looked at her. "Of course you do! YOU like it so much you want to give your breakfast to it!" he said laughing.
Josephine looked at him disdainfully. "You've no right to make fun; you love the sea as much as me, maybe even more," she said looking back at the water.
"Will! Josephine! Get down here please!" Will rolled his eyes at Josephine. She sighed, but started down. Will followed her.
"What do you want Mama?" Josephine asked. Josephine had been taking care of her mother for several weeks now, because she had come down with a very bad cold. She looked much better, so the sickness was mostly over. "I am hungry. Could you please bring me some food? Oh, Will? I left some important papers with the Captain. Could you please get them for me?" Will nodded and went up. Josephine went over to the food cabin in the ship and got three meals. She brought one to her mother, who thanked her, and then she looked around for Will, so she could give him his meal. She found him in the bow of the ship, scanning the horizon. "You might as well give it up," she said to him as she came up behind him. He turned around. "Give what up?" he asked her. "Looking for land," she replied as she sat down by him and handed him his plate. "I guess you're right," he said, but right after that he turned and started looking at the horizon again. Josephine smiled and began eating her dinner. She finished and noticed Will hadn't touched his dinner. She moved to where she would not be in the way and looked over the side also. She turned and looked at Will. "I wish this crossing was over," she said softly. Will looked at her. "So do I," he said. Rattling noise was heard and then a plop in the water. "Will! The necklace father gave you!" she said in horror looking at the water. Without a moment's hesitation he handed her his dagger and dived into the water after it. "Will!" she exclaimed. "Uhhhh!" she groaned. And ran to get a rope. She found one and came running back she secured it and then looked for Will in the water. She saw him coming up. Then she heard strange booming sound. Will broke the surface.

She threw the rope; he saw it, swam towards it and grabbed on. Josephine pulled hard; he reached the side of the boat Then, with Josephine at the other end, he climbed up the rope and the over the side of the Marinera. "Don't do that again please!" an agitated Josephine exclaimed. "Do what?" he asked. "Never mind," Josephine said exasperated.