Ch.42 Plan: Executed

"Distract the Commodore…distract the Commodore…" Josephine muttered. She bumped into somebody. She looked up. Whatdoyaknow—The Commodore.

"Ah, Miss Turner. What did you find out from the prisoner?"

I don't need to distract him; he's distracted around me enough, Josephine thought wryly. "Well, he's an old shipmate of Barbosa's and he was out for revenge. He'd been watching me and was trying to get at me by hurting all the people I was associated with," she lied glibly. She saw Will slit the rope around the hanging pole and then tuck it back into the other rope. "Isn't the sky beautiful?" she asked turning him away from the commons and out towards the balcony.

"Yes, very. But not as beautiful as you, Josephine. He raised a hand to her cheek and tilted her chin up and then slowly bent over.

Oh gods—he's going to kiss me. Please no! It'sforJackit'sforJackit'sforJackit's forJackit'sforJack…Josephine thought.

The commodore's mouth closed over hers.

To Josephine it seemed it went on forever. Finally she couldn't stand it anymore. She broke the kiss and gasped. "Commodore…there are people here…I'm not this is entirely appropriate."

The commodore bowed. "As always, you are correct, madam. I apologize." He turned and walked away.

Josephine turned around and grimaced, wiping her mouth repeatedly. She saw Elizabeth on the balcony. As she watched her, she walked down the steps and then fell over sideways, graceful, as always. Then she cried out and grabbed her ankle, making little gasps of pain. The soldiers on the balcony hurried forward.

"Are you all right, Mrs. Turner?"

"It's my ankle—it just gave out! I think I may have broken it."

The soldier's gathered around her and then hoisted her up, with her occasionally giving little screams of pain. As they transported her across the commons, she winked at Josephine and blew her a kiss that she turned into a claw of agony for the benefit of the soldiers.

Josephine chuckled. She's good, she thought to herself. She stiffened as she saw Patrick a.k.a. Jack being lead across the yard to the gallows.

Josephine stepped into the balcony and watched from there. His crimes were read and the noose was put around his neck. Josephine breathed. It was still hard to watch. As the floor beneath was dropped Josephine's heart jumped. The rope slid down and Jack landed on the ground. He saw the sword and grabbed it. The people around started panicking and the soldiers moved it. Josephine saw Will come from the back and join Jack. They fought their way through the few remaining guards to the balcony.

Jack entered and saw Josephine. He grabbed and held her close. He then gave her his winning smile. "You ready to go?"

Josephine smiled. "Yes." They hurried towards the wall.

"Just trust me Josephine, okay?" Jack said. They prepared to jump. Suddenly a pistol was pointed towards Josephine's head. The soldier grabbed Josephine's arm and pulled her back from the edge, while another soldier roughly grabbed Jack.

Will was surrounded by soldiers. He looked at them apologetically and sorrowfully.

Commodore Norrington came to the front of the soldiers. "What's all this?" he demanded. "Mr. Turner? I thought you were going to live your life…cleanly."

"What did you expect? He's my brother, Commodore."

"You," the commodore looked at her coolly.

"Me," She replied evenly.

"How dare you go along with this! How could you do this to me? You've embarrassed me in front of everyone." The commodore hissed at her. "You don't need to cover for your brother. But I'll deal with you later. Release her, and bring her to my cabin."

The soldier pulled at her, but Josephine stood her ground. "Commodore, I don't need to cover for my brother; he's covering for me. If you were to release anyone, it should be him. This was my plan, Commodore. And Jack and I…."

"You strumpet! You whore! I had my love stolen by one Turner, and I won't have it stolen by another!" With this the commodore pulled out his sword and in his anger stabbed Josephine through the middle.

Josephine gasped and fell to her knees, feeling her stomach. Her fingers grasped the sword edge. She pulled it out and stood to her feet in one smooth motion, shock forgotten. She flicked the blade at the Commodore's throat. "Release my brother."

She stared at the soldiers. "Release him!" The soldiers slowly let go of Will and stepped away.

Josephine passed the sword to Jack, who continued holding it again the Commodore's throat. Josephine walked over to Will and hugged him. "Will, thank you for everything. But this life isn't for me. I am called to the sea. But my roots lie with my family, and you are my family…you and Elizabeth." Josephine smiled as Elizabeth joined the group and stood along side Will.

The governor stared at Elizabeth. "This was all of your doings?" Elizabeth, Will, and Josephine all smiled and nodded. "Well, I never…"

Josephine turned to Elizabeth. "Elizabeth, I can never repay you for all your kindness to me. Please take care of him?"

Elizabeth blinked. "Will? Of course."

Josephine smiled wider. "I meant the baby."

Elizabeth looked at her in astonishment.

Finally Josephine turned to the commodore. "Commodore, you are a wonderful man, and I appreciate your intentions. I am very flattered, but I am not the woman for you. You need a woman who is willing to live a social life a tamed life, and I would be too wild for you." She smiled at Jack. "Only one man can tame me."

The commodore nodded but still got a sad look in his eye. "Ms. Turner…I do…understand…"

Josephine smiled sympathetically at him, and gently kissed him on the cheek. Then she ran to Jack, who held her against him. Jack backed towards the wall. When he reached the edge, he flipped the sword around and tossed it to the Commodore. Then he jumped over the side, and entwined with Josephine, fell into the water.

Josephine and Jack broke the surface gasping. Jack looked over around the cove edge, and was gratified to see the sails of his ship coming around the edge. Jack nudged her and she saw it too. With one last wave at the crowd on the balcony, she and Jack swam towards the ship.

They were hoisted aboard once they reached it, and they dried each other off. Josephine and Jack climbed the stairs to the stern of the ship and together waved one last time before turning the ship to leave the cove.

Will and Elizabeth and the rest watched as Josephine and Jack sailed away. Will sighed.

Elizabeth looked at him. "What? Does it make you want to go with them?"

Will looked at her. "No, because then I'd be away from you."

Elizabeth smiled. "So sweet." She sighed. "Good luck, Josephine."

Will nodded in agreement. "A pirate's life for her."

Elizabeth chuckled. "And really bad eggs."

Josephine and Jack walked down to the deck and watched the activity of the crew. Jack turned and looked Josephine up and down. "I love see-through dresses."

"What?" Josephine exclaimed. She sighed realizing he was joking with her. "You are horrible."

"No, I'm a nice man."

"Okay, pirate."

"Okay, Jaclyn Madelin."

"Hey, I didn't trust you—what do you expect?"

"Do you trust me now?"

Josephine turned and put her arms around his neck. "That's to be decided."

"Ah." Jack leaned forward and kissed her. To Josephine it didn't seem long enough. She leaned forward and kissed him again.

They stood there for a while, entwined in each other's arms.

Then randomly Jack asked, "How many kids do you want?"

Josephine hit him over the head.


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