The Original Castaway

The end was near for Tom.As he jumped off the sinking RMS Titanic he thought

he was done for,like chicken roasting in the oven,his goose was cooked,

MAN WAS HE HUNGRY!!!!As he hit the icy cold water he found the piano,his saveor!

As he watched the people scream and die his aunt swam over."OH Tom let

me up with you.No you old hag you gave me socks for Christmas,do u think I like

playing with socks?!?!he screamed,"COME ON NOW!!,I m 25!"As he listen for her scream

he fell asleep.


Boy was I tierd!He thoght to himself.As he washed up on an island,

he hit a coconut tree.A coconut fell on his head.He said "Wat was that??"

He looked down..."Whoa a FREIND!"I shall name you Jerry,Like my favorite cartoon!"

"I'm soooo hungry!!!!" I should eat you! he thought to himself.NO! YES!

NO! YES! NO! YES! NOOOOOO! I mustn't tempt myself.I'll just find another coconut.He thought to himself.

Tom climbed up the tree."Hmmm...this one looks mighty good!" "What did you say Jerry?

"This is your aunt Marie-Ann?Ohh....uhhh..well we need to have a serious

talk over there behind that tree far away you!

*ten minutes later* "Uhh..Hi there Jerry! Your aunt went to search the island!

I offered to go with her but....uh..she's a very indapentant women ya know.

What was that Jerry? I have a piece of coconut on my lip!?!Ohhh..uhh...

how did that get there?????I wonder...well its a mystery!"(laughs

nervously) HaaaaHaaaa!?!?!?!Ohh noo!Jerry! its starting to rain!!!

Take cover!!!!Hurry roll over here Jerry!![Jerry doesn't move]"Ohh you like the

rain Jerry!I see!!!Well don't worry about your aunt Jerry.She'll be fine!

Thinks to my stomach!!!Muhaahahahaha!!!!!!!!!

To Be Continued..................