Chapter 5:

"Madame Pomfrey! Madame Pomfrey!" Ginny was getting scared.

"What is all the ruckus about?"

"She doesn't remember anything!" Hermione looked angrily up at Ginny.

"Oh, yes I do! I remember a lot of things! About. . . about you!" Ginny was confused, as was Madame Pomfrey. "You are aged 16 years. You have red hair, blue eyes, and lots of freckles. I am your best friend as you said in fifth year. You are secretly having a relationship with Harry," Ginny blushed bright red, "You meet in the Astronomy Tower every day," She blushed even a deeper red "You are on the Gryffindor team and you are a Chaser. Your parents are Molly and Arthur. You have six brothers. I don't remember the rest."

"What's wrong with her? How does she know every detail of my life!"

"Well sometimes one loses one's memory, but some is not forgotten. Usually this happens when one is punched in the head."

"Is there a cure?"

"There is a muggle remedy, but that is just to wait. I think there is a potion that can restore ones memory. Professor Snape should have it in his stores. Now run along and get it!" She ran out the door as fast as she could. Madame Pomfrey turned her head back to Hermione, "Just lie back and relax." Hermione gave her a faint smile.


"Are you better Hermione?" asked Ron.

"Who's she? Yes I feel better!" Ron and Harry looked delighted.

"I'm really going to have to do some serious business with that Malfoy." Ron growled angrily.

"I think he something like split personality disorder!"

"Why would you say that?" Harry looked confused.

"He talks to me as if he liked me then he comes around and punches me! That's just not right." Harry and Ron thought for a while.

"That isn't his usual. Are you still coming to classes?"

"Yeah, why?"

"We're due to potions in a few minutes. Let's go."

"I'm not sure if I want to see an angry Snape. It wouldn't be a very pretty sight, wait he's never a pretty sight!" Ron said gleefully. Hermione just shook her head.


"Today we will be learning about Love Potions as request of a anonymous Slytherin. Can anyone tell about them?" Hermione's hand shot up. Everyone else just sat back and relaxed. "Anyone other than the little know-it-all?" Hermione gave him her trademark 'death glare'. He ignored that completely. She was surprised. It could kill a death eater anyday! Draco smirked. No one else made any move to answer the question. Finally, Snape nodded at Hermione to answer.

"Love Potions or Aimer Potions*, if one consumes or touches the potion one will become infatuated with the person that one first sees. Sometimes it takes time for it to take effect. It wears off after a period of time, depending on the strength of the potion."

"Perfect. . . We didn't need a dictionary answer, 5 points from Gryffindor," Hermione's mouth dropped. All the Slytherins smirked. "Miss Granger, please stop gaping like a fish! 5 points from Gryffindor!" All the Gryffindors were in shock of Snape's unfairness. Hermione couldn't take it anymore. She felt all of the emotion she had cooped up inside of her rush through her body. Her face reddened with anger. Even Snape was near trembling under her wrath. Her eyes began to gleam with anger. She stood up out of her seat and glared at Snape.

"Please sit down Miss Granger. If you don't sadly we won't be graced with your presence in this class anymore." He said silkily. She grinned maliciously. Snape's eyes widened in fear, but he still stood erect.

"Professor, I would like to know why you have unfairly treated me when I answered your question perfectly?" she said through gritted teeth.

"Sit down Miss Granger, unless you would like to leave. 5 more points from Gryffindor." Her eye began to twitch. [Here comes Hermione's 'unknown' side] She drew her wand and pointed it at Snape. He just looked at it with his obsidian eyes.

"Sit!" Still twitching with anger she sat down defeated. "You will have a detention for threatening a teacher. Ah yes also 50 points from Gryffindor." Draco couldn't help it anymore, he laughed so loud the room shook. He couldn't stop laughing; eventually he got the hiccups. Snape just sneered at him. One of the Slytherins gave him a drink. He didn't look at it; He was to busy looking at Hermione. He absent-mindedly drank it. His eyes glazed over for a few seconds. Snape had seen this before. It was a Love Potion. A few of the Slytherins were smirking at Draco as he stared at Hermione. Hermione was looking at him scared. His features softened as he looked at her. He got up slowly. He kept on walking towards her even when Snape told him to sit down. Hermione raised an eyebrow at his actions. He finally reached her. His hand made it's way around Hermione's head. He brought her closer to him. Her eyes showed fright and confusion. He brought his lips to hers. His hair fell loosely on her face. He set her down after the little kiss. The Slytherins and the Gryffindors had a look of horror on their faces.

"Next time Draco, remember the rules of PDA**!" Draco just stared at Hermione in a trance. Snape was going to take advantage of the moment to explain that was just a show of what happens when a love potion is administered.

"Class that is what happened when a Love Potion is administered. The person goes into a trance like state and then seeks out the first one he or she sees. Do not try this anymore. . ." Somewhere near the back a certain Slytherin was plotting his next 'attack'.

TBC. . .


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