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Would You Care? (Part 1)


I lie awake in a drafty room on my cold hard bed thinking of the thoughts that haunt my dream and asking the one questions that taunts me the most. I shift my sore body in the darkness of my room; it hurts so much to move but if I don't think...

What if I die, would anyone care? How many times have I asked myself this? Why have I never got an answer yet?

I can hear footsteps behind my door, is he going to come in? Ra I hope not but at the same time I want him to.

It destroys me so much inside. I think of him with my entire being. But he hates, he says it all the time and shows it with the marks he leaves behind on me. Even so, if it wasn't for him I think I would do it. I have no one else to live for. At least I can go home knowing he's there waiting for me. No one understands that no matter how much he hurts me he's still my life. But I guess that's because no one wants to understand.

I don't want to understand.

I was never particularly close with any of my friends, Yugi and the gang. It's not like they shunned me, it's more like I avoid them as much as possible. I know what they think when they see the bruises on my face, arms... They automatically blame him, my life. But it's not like they will do anything to help me. They can't, I won't let them.

I hear the rattling of the door handle; he's picking the lock... He's an expert lock picker I don't know why I bother to lock the door, it only makes him madder. The door flies open making a large slamming noise as it hits the doorstop.

He pulls a fist full of my hair and lifts me off the bed as if I were a rag doll.

"Ryou!" He yells. "What in Ra's name made you think you could lock me out?!"

"Gomen Bakura! Gomen!" I cried out, hot tears are creeping there way down my cheeks. Why does he have to do this? It's not as if he needed to come into my room.

"Stop your crying weak maggot!" He throws me against the wall as if I weigh nothing. A shooting pain goes up my spine and it hurts; it always hurts so bad. I didn't mean to cry, I just can't help myself sometimes.

I get to my knees just in time for his foot to collide in my stomach, more pain.

Why is he my life? Why is my life causing me so much pain?! Would he care? The same question that taunts me every night until the darkness that is sleep takes me away. Would he care?

"WOULD YOU CARE?!" I shrieked. I didn't mean to. It just slipped out.

"Care?" Bakura looked at me as if I were truly a fool.

"Would you care if I killed myself?" My voice was now a calm whisper. I looked up at him.

Was he shocked? He was just staring at me. His eyes looked clouded over almost like he could see right through me.

Why won't he say something? Anything!


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