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Panting heavily the-boy-who-lived or Harry Potter sat bolt upright in bed. Wiping the sweat from his forehead Harry replayed today's dream over again in his head. It was always the same now having Sirius emerge back from the veil and accuse Harry of killing him. For the past two weeks he had been in Privet Drive he had been plagued by nightmares. If only he had learned Occlumency Harry thought. Cursing Voldemort for his ability to manipulate Harry's dreams. Sighing Harry rested his head back on his pillow and drifted off into what would be hopefully be dreamless sleep.

Waking up to his alarm clock blaring in his ear Harry fumbled for his glasses. Putting them on he headed towards the shower to shower. Returning to his room 15 minutes later Harry quickly got dressed and plopped down onto his desk and started writing his history of magic essay.

30 minutes later you could still see him immersed in his book and occasionally writing on parchment with his scratchy quill. A tapping at the window brought Harry from his book and he stood up to open the window letting in a formal looking owl. Taking the envelope from its leg it immediately flew out of the window. Ripping open the letter Harry's expression turned into anger. The letter read:

Dear Harry,

I regret to inform you but I cannot allow you to send or receive owls for this summer. I will not tell you reasoning but be warned if you sends owls I will be forced to put up an anti-owl ward and take Hedwig.

Have an Enjoyable Summer,

Albus Dumbledore

Ripping the letter to shreds Harry thought of how much Dumbledore had made his life a living hell! Always lying to him and such! No I will not take this Harry thought. Packing every thing except his invisibility cloak and wand into his trunk he lifted it and Hedwig down the stairs and into the living room where Uncle Vernon was sitting watching TV. Pulling his wand out he told Uncle Vernon, "You will take me to London immediately Uncle Vernon or I will hex you."

"Put that wand away boy before the neighbors see and you cant any ways you will get expelled!" Uncle Vernon snarled in reply.

Telling his Uncle that he didn't care about his school anymore he commanded once again in which Vernon agreed. Donning his invisibility cloak he hoped into Uncle Vernon's car and waited 20 minutes before taking it off.

Dropping Harry off right in front of the Leaky Cauldron Harry silently sneaked past the bar and out into the ally. Removing his invisibility cloak Harry tossed it over his owl and trunk then tapped his wand onto the brick and strode into Diagon Ally. Walking swiftly towards Gringotts Harry walked up towards the counter and asked the Goblin if he could get an appraisal of all of his property and values. The goblin replying called over a waiting Goblin that led him into an office.

Seating himself in front of a Goblin he repeated what he had said earlier.

"Ok name please?" the Goblin asked

"Harry Potter" Harry replied.

Looking up the Goblin said "Just a moment." And promptly walked into a closet.

Emerging from the closet the goblin sat a fairly large box in front of Harry.

"Those are all of your assets and has papers that automatically update themselves to tell you how much money you currently have in your vault." The Goblin told Harry.

Grunting in reply Harry started pulling out papers. The first paper Harry read said:

Harry James Potter:


Vault #2,013 (Trust fund)

Galleons: 19,567

Sickles: 5,789

Knuts: 983

Vault #1 (Original Potter Family Vault)

Unknown only a Potter may enter this vault

Vault #2 (Also Original; Potter Family Vault)

Unknown only a Potter may enter this vault

Vault #3 (Also Original Potter Family Vault)

Galleons: 6,433,678,456

Sickles: 756,717

Knuts: 17,560

Vault #4 (Also Original Potter Family Vault)

Dais: 213 (Please note these have not been seen since before 2,000 B.C. and each is considered priceless in which only 215 were made)

Various Gems (all together worth 29,134,563 Galleons)

Vault #5 (Also Original Potter Family Vault)

This Vault contains only personal items.

Eyes wide with shock Harry Pulled out another paper it read:

Harry James Potter:



Manor in England, Castle in Scotland, Fortress in unknown location in the middle of forbidden forest (Please note that to get there you must be a Potter and simply say the Words: Fortress of Forest), Penthouse in L.A., Penthouse in New York, Vineyards in Italy,

Harry's eyes looked ready to pop out as he continued reading his list of lands he had basically at least one property in every country or state including one in the middle of Antarctica! Ranging from cozy cottages to huge mansions and Castles Harry couldn't believe it! Coming to the last few lands he almost fainted when he read:

Stonehenge (note actually house is underground) Bermuda Triangle, and Finally a mansion in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean the was the size of a small city including its land! It was even under water with a huge magical dome keeping water out!

Continuing the list Harry read:

Mines, Farms:


Mythril Mine in Antarctica, Gold Mines in following countries: China, Japan, Korea, U.S., Scotland, Greenland, Iceland, and Australia. Diamond Mines: Africa, Asia. Other Various Gem Mines: Africa, Asia, England, South America, and Russia.


6 huge Plantations in United States.

Please note that you have 3,678 House Elves working for you all at 10 Galleons a month. Also you have Dwarfs working for you in your mines for 2%of all the gold they find and other gems but no percent in mythril.


75% of the Three Broomsticks

50%of the Nimbus Broom Company

80%of the Fire bolt Series Company

10%of the Leaky Cauldron

25%of Madame Malkins

56%of Flourish and Blotts

80%of Ministry of Magic

53%of Lord Phoenix's Weapons

81%of Quality Quiddicth Supplies

11%of Florean Fortscue's Ice Cream Parlor

3%of Fire whiskey R Us

14%of Butter beer R US

23%of Magical Animals

28%of Dragons Researching Fund

6%of Scalla's Fine Trunks

34%of Egyptian Pyramids

As the list went on and on for about 300 more investments including some muggle companies Harry promptly fainted. Harry waking up to being softly slapped in the face open his eyes and gave a startled yelp. After the Goblin apologized Harry continued through the box but the other papers were just certificates or deeds of his investments and properties. Asking to be taken to his vaults the Goblin replied that it would actually be honored to take him, as he was the richest man in the world according to the bottom "Total Money" which was 165,963,492,167,374 in wizard money (excluding his Dias). Hell he didn't even want to think about it being muggle money.

Following the Goblin into a hallway he has never been into before they stopped at a cart that said on the side with brilliant gold lettering "Potter Private Cart." Hoping in the Goblin explained how you could change the speeds on it to go as fast as possible. He also recommended that they go at top speed since the vaults they are going to were the first vaults ever made and at least 35 miles into the ground. Reluctantly agreeing Harry braced himself and closed his eyes waiting for the insane journey to begin. When nothing happened in 2 minutes he opened his eyes to see the Goblin staring at him.

"What's so funny?" Harry asked as the Goblin chuckled.

"This cart has a charm placed on it that makes it as if you are standing still when we really were going over 500 MPH." the Goblin replied.

Looking around Harry noticed that they were in front of a set of huge double doors guarded by 2 large Hungarian Horntails.

Giving the Goblin a confused look the Goblin explained "They are guarding the entrance they wont harm you they can sense you are a Potter."

"Okay" Harry replied and hoped out of the cart and walked towards the doors.

On the way there the Goblin explained that "These doors are opened by this key that the Goblins keep or you can use your palm and place in that indent right there and they will open for you." "Also if you didn't give permission to somebody to enter the vault they would be immediately stunned with a stunner that is un-blockable even if they got past the Dragons."

After entering through the set of Doors (Harry had decided to use the palm method) Harry let the Goblin in as the Goblin explained that they were not even allowed in without permission of a Potter.

"Then how do you know how much money I have?" Harry asked confused.

"Simple really a Potter back in the past cast a spell that showed how much money you had for vault #3-5 but wouldn't allow us to know what was in the first 2 vaults. When the Goblins asked him about the first two he replied that if a person without permission willingly given they would instantly perish." The Goblin replied.

Returning his attention to the room he was now occupying Harry whispered "beautiful." For in the room if you could call it that was a large fountain in the middle followed by a couple of couches surrounding it. The couches a deep black looked really comfortable and had no dust on them. The only lighting given was from the fountain tip that illuminated the whole room brightly from a simple beam of light going from the tip towards the ceiling. Looking up Harry was amazed to see a familiar charm put up where it showed the nighttime sky. Looking towards the walls it was as if he was deep in a forest and surrounded by trees. Occasionally a magical or muggle animal would run by. Walking towards the couches he say on a coffee table a small book.

Picking it up Harry read some pretty awesome facts about this entrance room. The tiny book read:

The Potter Entrance Room Manual:

Sky (Ceiling):

The enchanted ceiling is able to have the following functions:

First you can choose to have the current state as it is outside.

Second you can change it to any place at any time.

Third you are able to "Pause" it at any second

Fourth if you really want you can create the sky by imagining how you want it to be.

Fifth you can turn on the labels in which it will label every star.


The beam out of the Potter Fountain is not the only source of light, if you wish you could turn on the torches along the walls that are covered with an invisibility spell. If you like you can also take the invisibility spell off of the torches. Either the torches or beam you can set every one singly to different brightness.


The walls as you probably have already figured out are also enchanted. You can turn them into any scenery you want to. Even people (including dead) and places (Also lost in time). If you wish to go to your vaults you have to set the walls to show the doors. Finally if you wish to go to any of your properties and would not like to go through the trouble of apparating or some other mean of transportation you can turn the walls into a map that shows all of your land as red dots and simply touch the place you which to go. In that category you can simply think yourself to be here in this room and you will appear here.

The way to change anything that I have listed above is to simply will it. So basically think it and it will happen. Have fun!

Finishing the tiny book Harry looked around for the Goblin then saw him waiting patiently for him back in the cart. Thinking about the vault doors they instantly appeared along the wall opposite the set of doors in which he came. Deciding to get some money first he went to the door that had a large Gold 3 above it and pressed his palm in the indent. Pushing the door as hard as he could he moved it a couple of more feet and walked into the vault. What greeted him next was not quit what he was expecting. Instead of the large mounds of gold he thought he would see there was a fairly large hall that could have easily fit a giant.

Walking through the dimly lit torch-bearing hall he came to another set of doors with a crest eloquently carved upon the doors. Figuring it was his family crest Harry looked a moment to examine it. Squinting through the light he wished there was more light when the torches barred and lit up a couple of inches higher and now Harry could make out everything in the hall. Putting his attention back on his crest he loved it!

It was a Large Shield being held in a flying Dragon's claws. The Dragon was all black but with eyes that seemed alive and were crackling with energy like lightning. Drooping his eyes towards the shield he saw a Griffin and a Phoenix side by side. The eyes of both animals were like the Dragon's. Also the border around the shield was actually a snake. The snake bordered the edge of the shield making it appear as if it was part of the shield. The Snake's eyes were the same as the others. Examining the shield again Harry then noticed that in the background were thousands of lightning bolts. Under the shield was an eloquent scroll that said in Latin: The Potters Do Not Fight For Good or Evil, Light or Dark But For Balance. Balance Were Life Is Not Hard Yet Not Easy. Without Dark Everything Would Be Easy And We Would Forget Our Ways. Without Light Everything Would Be Hard And We Would Be Destroyed. (A/N Imagine it in Latin Ok?)

Reading that only made any doubts of leaving the Dursleys leave his mind immediately as Harry pressed his palm into the doors. If he must fight this war with or without Dumbledore then so be it.

As the doors slid out of place he gasped at what lay before him. Eyes wide Harry walked into the Vault. For what looked like at-least half a mile long and a football field wide mounds and mounds of gold, silver, and bronze lay before him. Walking to the first pile of Galleons Harry pulled out his "limitless sack" the Goblin gave him and put all-together about 300,000 Galleons into his sack. Thank god it was weightless Harry thought as he walked backed out of the vault with the door softly closing behind him.

Walking back into the Entrance Room Harry turned towards the right and repeated the process of Vault 3 with Vault 4. Walking down the hall it wasn't strait but rather curved slightly. Noting the crest once again he pressed his palm into the indent and heaved on the door. Opening the door he was awed again as he walked into the room. There so many jewels it was incredible. The vault was the same size as the last. However something quickly caught his attention. Walking forward he came to a large pile of what looked like diamonds. On closer inspection he guessed they were the Dias. They looked rather a lot like the Galleons except were clear-looking diamond. On more noticeable feature however was the fact that it seemed to have a reddish border. Putting the Dia back down he inspected the rest of his vault. Walking out he went to Vault #1. Pressing his palm against the doors they opened. Walking down the hall that now veered left he came upon the same kind of door with the same crest of the other vaults.

Pressing his palm in the indent once again he was rather surprised when it opened to reveal a small room with huge double doors. Walking up to the doors he stuck his hand onto them and was sucked into the vault. Surprised Harry looked around for the exit until his eyes cam upon a simple sentence: To leave pop back into the Entrance room as the book instructed.

Harry turning to look around was amazed to find a huge library. Walking up to a podium he looked onto a plaque and read

Although this may be called a vault for some as that's what it really is but more consider it a room. This vault has all of the books on ancient knowledge. The latest book available is from 500 A.D. If you do not wish to read all of the books you can use the charm. Transfurrus Knowledgess and it will copy all of the books in this room into your mind. These books are priceless so do not remove them so other Potters may read them. -Davis Potter

Well that is useful Harry thought. Deciding he didn't have enough time to try the spell let alone get away with it since he was underage he decided to try the second vault. Entering the second vault the exact same way as the first. He found himself face to face with an armory the size of the other vaults. (A/N all the vaults are the same size at least a football field wide and at least half a mile long.) Looking around he noticed that they were grouped according to year. Starting at 30,000 BC with small wooden clubs up to 3890 A.D. with advanced guns by the look of them. Besides the weapons it looked there was rows upon rows of armor too. Low on-time Harry decided to just check the last vault quickly.

Stepping into the 5th Vault was a little different. First it looked basically like a huge office. One of the more noticeable features was the fact that one whole side was devoted to a huge family tree that showed all of the Potters along with their wife's family trees. Half of the vault was various personal belongings of past Potters. Deciding to look around later he quickly ran towards the cart hoping the Goblin hadn't forgot about him.

Running past the Dragons Harry had to silently chuckle to himself as he saw the Goblin sleeping with drool coming out of his mouth. His chuckling awakened the Goblin who asked if he wanted to go back up. After a short reply and told to go at top speed Harry kept his eyes open as they darted past rows and rows of vaults he assumed since they were all a blur.

Hoping out of the cart he was surprised when bright light flooded through the windows in Gringotts.

"How long was I down there?" Harry asked.

"Only about an hour and half" the Goblin replied.

"Well thank you" Harry yelled over his shoulder as he started towards the door.

Walking out of the office door Harry walked up towards the counter and exchanged 200,000 Galleons into muggle money, which came out to be 3million pounds.

Walking back into the brightness of Diagon Ally he noted dryly that there were at least three order members walking along storefronts but rather looking through the crowd rather than windows. Pulling up his hood Harry quickly walked towards a trunk shop.

Walking into the store he came up to the manager and asked if they had any with rooms. When the manager showed their selection with rooms he left to attended more business. Harry walked up to the trunks and pulled one out that had 9 keyholes. Looking at the ad he saw the first 5 were large compartments three times the size they should be. (A/N another words if it wasn't magical) The last 4 were each rooms the size of Mad-Eyes. Purchasing the trunk which had cost a hefty 2,000 Galleons Harry walked out of the shop with his trunk floating behind him thanks to the floating and weightless charm. The best thing was that the trunks keyholes were invisible to anyone and they could be password protected even with a key.

With the saying knowledge is power in his head Harry walked towards Flourish and Blotts. Walking in he started looking for the manager. Finally finding him he asked for all of the books on Dada, Charms, Potions, Curses, Hexes, Transfiguration, Healing, Apparation, Animagus Transformation, Magical Theory, Weapons, and Any Books on War that were 30 years old or at least 150 years old. Stuttering the manager started getting the books together but not before calling over 4 assistants. While all the books were neatly packed away in his trunk and all paid for with only 70,000 Galleons left he decided to head towards the animal shop and get Hedwig a friend.

After hiding behind a dumpster so he wouldn't be seen by Tonks he stalked towards the magical animal shop. Opening the door Harry walked back towards the owls. Finding a beautiful snow-white owl for Hedwig he picked the owl up and started towards the counter. On his way Harry encountered talking. Looking around to find no one else in the store Harry was dumb-founded.

Looking around then finally down Harry say the snakes. Realizing his stupid mistake Harry began talking to the snakes. Finding a striking snake with black scales, blue eyes, and red stripes running down its back Harry asked if he would like to be his friend. Sticking his hand into the tank Harry let the snake slip onto his hand up till it was coiled around his neck. Walking back up towards the counter Harry paid for his new friends along with the food needed to feed them all the while the man at the counter was stuttering.

"Cat got your tongue?" Harry asked

"That sn sn snake has has hasn't all allo allowed any anyb anybody to to touch touch it fo for years." The man replied.

"So? Can I pay now?" Harry said.

"Yes" the man instantly replied and took the money from him.

Walking out of the store Harry walked towards his last stop: Ollivanders. Walking into the shop he waited patiently for Mr. Ollivander. When the door behind him clicked locked he jump out of his seat. Turning around he saw Mr. Ollivander with a small smile gracing his lips.

"I wondered when you would be coming Mr. Potter." Ollivander said

"You did?" asked the dumb-founded Harry.

"Why yes I know all about the prior inctanem." He replied.

Getting to it Mr. Ollivander handed Harry 3 different boxes while explaining how he took the liberty to get these wands that would most likely work. The first 2 burned Harry's hand but when the third was placed into his hand he felt warmth almost as much as his first wand.

Going up towards the counter to pay Mr. Ollivander said, "Ahh yes I figured as much. See Mr. Potter that wand is made of wood never have I seen but came across it one day in the forbidden forest and has the core of a basilisk eye and a Griffin feather. Great for just about everything."

Paying for the wand Harry blurted out, "Can you take the tracking spells off my wand?"

Mr. Ollivander eyes twinkling not unlike Dumbledores motioned to give him the wands. Giving the wands to him Harry watched as Mr. Ollivander said a select few mumbled words and then a greenish gas let out of his wands. Thanking Mr. Ollivander with about 1000 galleons Harry had one place left to go. Walking forward towards a dark street one could catch a glimpse of a sign that said, "Knockturn Ally."