Introductory Author's Note:

Hello all. My name is Kurry. You may have read about me in Kitty's fic, Guardian. Kitty very kindly asked if I wanted to be a co-author and she is letting me use her profile on in order to post some of my fics, at least until I can get my own account. So a HUMOUNGOUS thanks to Kitty for that. You go girl! ^______________^
My first fic here is 'Forever Angel'. It's kind of a spin-off from Guardian, but it's my own plot and I'm just borrowing the YGO characters, who I don't own and I'm also putting Kitty and Kat in the fic, because they were so kind and put me in a fic of theirs. It was the least I could do. Enjoy! ^_^

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the YGO characters. Kitty and Kat own themselves. All I own is my name, Kurry Kurishi, and the names of the dimensions. Oh, and I own Rikarsh too, as repulsive as he is. -____-; (This disclaimer is for the whole fic, so I don't have to put in a new one every chapter. 'K?)

Name Key - Kiramina - Heaven Rikshana - Hell Hokana - The Fire Prison 'Speaking' +Thinking+ "Names of things"

Warning: For those of you who find ordinary people a bit Mary-Sueish, please remember that this is my first fic on and this is my style of writing. Don't like, don't read, it's that simple. Okay?