Last Authoress' Note:

MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I'm. So. EVIL!!! *evil grin ensues* Well, was that enough of a teaser for y'all?

Gosh, I had such FUN writing this fic! Okay, first, I would like to thank Kitty for her inspiration, Malik for his support (^____^) and everyone else for being in the fic. You guys are great. Second, I would like to thank all my loyal reviewers, Egyptian Dragoness, Catwoman, Xantcha and Riyo-Taka- Ichi for all their support and prompts for me to keep writing. I didn't get a single flame! *sniffs* Y'all are really great, you know? Thankies. And third, I'd like to thank the creator of YGO, whose name I can't spell, for creating them all. Without him, there would be no fics. *bows* Thank you.

I'm afraid to say, that this is the end of Forever Angel. *sniffs* It was fun. And I promise I'll come up with a sequel as soon as I'm done this new fic I'm writing currently. It should be up sometime in mid-December, alrighty? In the meantime, reread, enjoy and look for my new fic coming soon. Okies?

Ciao and farewell.

Kurry ^_______^