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* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

A baby's cry was heard through the halls of St. Mungos. The next Malfoy
had been born, people were told. His father had named him Draco. Mostly
because his mother had wanted to call him Patsy. (A/N: I luv Draco, but
I have to be mean to him)

"It will be called." said Lucious Malfoy, the father.

"He is not an IT!" snapped Narcissa, the mother.

"Fine." said Lucious, looking at the child.

"How about Patsy?" said Narcissa, smiling up at her husband.

"W.w.w.WHAT KIND OF NAME IS 'PATSY'?!" yelped Lucious.

"I think it is a nice name." Said Narcissa, her smile fading into a

"Uh, NO! 'Patsy Malfoy'?! Not on my life!" snarled Lucious. "I could
think of a MILLION names better than that!"

"Fine! You think of something, if you're so smart!" snapped Narcissa,
now returning her attention back to the baby, who had started to cry
from the yelling.

"Well.uh.lets see.a name." said Lucious, walking in a circle around the

"I told you we should have thought of a name before he came, but NO!
'Lets wait to see if it's a boy or a girl' you said. 'It will be a
wonderful SURPRISE' you said! I swear it! You are such an idiot
sometimes! I don't even know why I listened!" snarled Narcissa, frowning
angrily at her husband.

"You sound like a dragon when you yell." muttered Lucious, stuffing his
fingers in his ears. "Wait. Dragon.I know a perfect name! Draco! Draco
Malfoy! Its perfect!"

"Oh, Lucious! What a wonderful name! Draco it is!" said Narcissa,
hugging Draco. "I can't believe you thought of such a nice name! How did
you get such an idea?"

"Uh, heheh. Just brains, I suppose dear.just brains." muttered Lucious.

"Well, the nurse said I could leave today. Will you hold Draco while I
get dressed?"

"Well.I." said Lucious. He didn't really want to hold the child. That
was a mothers job! Unfortunately for him, Narcissa had already shoved
Draco into his arms and left the room. Lucious stared at the small boy,
who stared right back. Draco then grabbed a piece of his father's long
blonde hair and gave a large tug.

"OUCH!" yelped Lucious, "That hurt!" He slapped the boy's hand away.
Draco stared for a minute and then started to whimper.

"No, no! I'm sorry! Don't cry!" groaned Lucious. But it was too late.
Draco started to sob, LOUDLY.

"What did you do to him?" snapped Narcissa, storming into the room,
fully dressed. She snatched Draco from Lucious and cradled the baby.
"Hush now. That big dummy over there *Lucious cringed at the look she
gave him* didn't mean to hurt you! It's okay." She left the room,
leaving Lucious to tend with her clothes.

"First child, Lucious?" said a soft, yet somewhat cold voice behind him.
Arthur Weasley.

"Arthur." sneered Lucious. "Yes it is, for your information. What are
you doing here?" he added.

"My wife, Molly, has just had our SIXTH child. He was born last week,
but had to stay a little longer, due to early birth. His name is Ron."
Said Arthur, smiling as he saw Lucious struggling with Narcissa's
clothes. "Here's a tip Lucious. Stay on your wife's good side at first

"I don't need parenting tips from a muggle-lover like you!" snapped
Lucious "besides, I'll be lucky if I live through the night." he added
closing the suitcase.

"Fine Lucious." Said Arthur, "don't listen to me, but after 6 kids, I
know what I'm talking about." He turned and walked off, towards his

"Hmph! Stupid.idiotic." growled Lucious, but stopped when he spotted his
wife talking to a very familiar face. "Hello Severus."

"Hello Lucious." Said Snape smiling for once in his life. "I came to see
how Narcissa and the child were! But I can see they are fine. He looks
just like you." He added.

"You think?" said Lucious, his pride growing extremely large. Narcissa
rolled her eyes.

"Oh yes, but I hope he doesn't act like you. Or, for the matter, slick
his hair back like you do! It looks awful!"
she said, making Snape laugh. Lucious felt his pride shatter in a second, like a hammer against a window.

"Yes well, I should be leaving. See you later, Lucious, Narcissa." Said Snape turning away. "Oh! And Draco too!" with that, he swept from the hospital.

"Eh-hem. lets go Narcissa." Said Lucious, glaring after Snape.

"Okay." Said Narcissa. They all then apparated.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

*At the Malfoy Manor, two weeks later*

"Narcissa! Make that kid be quite! I'm trying to do something here!" snapped Lucious from the extra-large den. Draco had started crying again, mostly because Dobby had just taken his stuffed rabbit away to be washed.

"Go make him be quite yourself!" yelled Narcissa from her room, "I'm busy too!"

Lucious growled and stormed up the stairs. He found Draco sobbing and pulling on Dobby's ear and his rabbit.

"Young M-master! Please let go of D-Dobby! You is hurting me!" pleaded the elf. "I is only trying to wash your bunny! Oww!"

"What did you do, you stupid elf?" snarled Lucious, snatching the rabbit away from the both of them.

"The Mistress told m-me to wash y-y-young Master's bunny, because he had thrown up on it sir! D-Dobby is only doing what M-Mistress told him to do!" whined Dobby, rubbing his ear. Lucious dropped the rabbit in disgust.

"Go wash it then!" He snarled. Dobby snatched up the rabbit and ran out of the room.

Lucious stared at the little boy. What did he have to do to make this kid shut up? He picked Draco up, and attempted to hold him in the correct way, but it only made him cry more.

"Ohhh.Draco, come on. Stop crying! For me!" said Lucious, sighing. Then he got an idea. He walked over to the velvet chair in the room, sat down, and propped Draco, sitting up, on his knee. He had remembered his father doing this, but had forgotten the part when his father had dropped him onto the stone floor. He decided not to drop Draco. Lucious bounced Draco on his knee for a moment. When he stopped, Draco was smiling, laughing, and clapping his hands.

"Do I hear laughing?" said Narcissa in her room. "Nah, it couldn't be." She continued to fix her hair.

Lucious continued to play with his son, and had to admit, not to anyone of course, that he was enjoying this. He bounced his son one more time and then-

"Argh!" yelped Lucious, grabbing his left forearm. Draco stared at his father, apparently wondering why the ride had stopped. Lucious lifted up his sleeve, to see that the Dark Mark was burning black. He had to leave. Without thinking, he apperated. Draco fell to the floor with a slight thud, and blinked twice. He burst into sobs. Daddies don't just disappear in a split second! Not when you're looking right at them at least!

"Draco! Whats wrong?" Narcissa said, picking up the boy. "Where did Daddy go?" She looked around then sighed. "To another meeting, I suppose.Dobby!"

"Yes Mistress?" said Dobby, poking his head around the corner.

"Is Draco's bunny ready yet?" she said.

"Yes ma'am! I is have it right here!" He lifted up the rabbit, handing it to Narcissa.

"Thank you Dobby." said Narcissa, as Dobby bowed and left the room. "Hush Draco.here you go. here's your Bunny." She handed Draco the rabbit, who cuddled into it. Narcissa rocked her baby for awhile, and then left the room closing the door very quietly. She walked silently to her room, closed that door and-

"LUCIOUS!!!! WHEN YOU GET HOME, YOU ARE IN SO MUCH TROUBLE!!!!!" She shrieked, shaking her fists. "Leaving me here, without even telling me!! Oohhh. when I get my hands on YOU!!"

At the Death Eater meeting, Lucious gave a shudder.

"Is something wrong, Lucious?" said Voldemort, in his deadly quiet voice.

"N-no my Lord.I just have a strange, yet strong feeling that I'm in big trouble when I get home." he said, giving another shudder.

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