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After the extremely eventful party had finished, Draco was put to bed, and Lucius was thoroughly pummeled.

"What the bloody hell did I do!" snarled Lucius, rubbing the new bump on his head, along with the fresh claw marks on his face. Dang acrylic nails. Whatever those were.

"What did you do!" Hissed Narcissa, eyes wild, "You-……did nothing….I just need something to hit right now! Be still!"

Lucius dodged out of the way of another fist.

"That's not fair! What was so bad, that you need something to hit? It was a 2-year-old's birthday party! You couldn't have thought it would go perfectly!" said Lucius, dodging, yet again.

"No! But did they all have to get so angry and storm out? They could have just stayed!" Narcissa sighed, then lowered her fists. "All I wanted was for my son to have a great birthday party. One that our friends would talk about for ages to come!"

"Oh, they'll talk about it all right…" muttered Lucius. With that comment he was hit again. "Now really!" He grabbed his wife's fists. "There is nothing to be upset over! They will all get over it! All that really matters is that Draco had a fun time. Did you hear him laughing as Pansy was screaming? Now that, in my opinion, is real fun." He grinned and kissed his wife.

"You're right." She sighed. "Draco had fun. That's all that matters. Let's just go to bed. We have a big day tomorrow." She started to walk up the stairs, but Lucius grabbed her hand.

"Big day?" he asked, "What do you mean?"

Narcissa sighed.

"My sister, Andromeda is coming to visit." She scrunched up her nose. "And she is bringing her daughter, Nymphadora with her."

"Andromeda?" snarled Lucius, eyes narrowed. "That blood traitor? The one that married the muggle? I will have no such thing in my house! Much less her half-blood daughter!"

"Look, as much as she irritates me, she is still my family." Said Narcissa, shutting her eyes. "She is no doubt a blood traitor, but I do have fun with her. She will just have to be tolerated. Understand?" she added this, snapping her eyes open, glaring at Lucius, viscously.

" gulp Yes. Fine." Muttered Lucius, head down. "But let's not forget to put the breakables up high. That daughter of hers is a huge klutz."

With that, he followed his wife upstairs. Tomorrow would be Monday, which meant that tomorrow would be nothing short of hell. Oh, how he hated Mondays.

Monday, 1:00 PM




"I'm coming! I'm coming!" snarled Lucius, hurrying over to the large door, Draco and Mr. Bunny in one arm. He snatched open the door.

"Hello, Lucius!" said Andromeda brightly. "I'm terribly sorry about the door bell. Nymphadora would not stop ringing it!"

" Tonks! Tonks, mommy! Tonks!" Pouted the ten-year-old, her hair bright pink. " Stop calling me Nymphadora! It's not my name anymore!"

"Oh yes it is. And don't you talk to me like that." Snapped Andromeda. She looked up at Lucius. " May we come in?"

"Yes. Yes of course, Andromeda." Muttered Lucius, still starring at the brightness of Tonks' hair. "Please come in. Good to see you both." Oh, how he loved to lie.

Andromeda grabbed her daughter by the arm and drug her in, suitcases floating in after them. She turned and looked at Draco. Hurrying over, she snatched the little boy.

"Oh, hello, little Draco!" cooed Andromeda. "It's so good to see you! Oh, you look just like your parents! Doesn't he Nyphadora?" She lowered the baby to Tonks' height. Draco looked horrified by his cousin's choice of hair color. Was her head on fire? No…wait… fire isn't pink. I think.

"Kinda." Said Tonks' thoughtfully. "'Sept, Uncle Lucius doesn't look like he's almost bald. I mean, he's not THAT young OR old. And I certainly hope Aunt Cissy isn't almost bald. She's pretty!"

Lucius scowled at his niece. She was quite the annoying little brat.

"Oh!" said Tonks, looking at Lucius, "Good to see you, Uncle Lucy!"

Uncle what?

"Um…good to see you too Nympha…" He looked at the scowl on the little girl's face. "Tonks." She smiled.

"We are gunna have so much fun today!" said Tonks, jumping up and down.

"What do you mean?" asked Lucius, taking the still shocked Draco from Andromeda, who was still cooing over the baby.

"You, and me, and Draco are gunna stay here while mommy and Aunt Cissy go shopping! Didn't they tell you?" said Tonks, still jumping up and down.

"What?" gasped Lucius, almost dropping Draco. Oh, he hopped the little brat was wrong. Watch two kids? If Narcissa didn't kill him…..

"Speaking of which," said Andromeda, looking up, "Where is my sister?"

"Here I am!" said Narcissa, hurrying down the stairs to see her sister. "Andy!"

"Cissy!" squealed Andromeda, hurrying over and hugging her sister.

The two sisters stepped back and began chatting like crazy. Facing each other, the two looked like mirror reflections almost. Except, one had brown hair, while the other had blonde. Everything else, the pale skin, the eyes, the whole body structure, was exactly alike.

Well if that isn't creepy…. Thought Lucius, staring at the two sisters.

Finally, the two stopped talking, and turned to Lucius, Draco and Tonks.

"We'll see you two later." Said Narcissa. Lucius's worst fears were confirmed. They were leaving.

"Where are you going?" muttered Lucius, while Andromeda threatened Tonks to behave. Tonks, being a ten-year-old, ignored her mother, and stared at the ceiling.

"We're going to Diagon Alley to shop." Snapped Narcissa, grabbing her coat. "You'll be fine. If you need help, ask Severus."

"And how would I do that?" grumbled Lucius.

"Ask him." Narcissa pointed to the door, where Snape stood, saying hello to Andromeda and Tonks.

"Ask me what?" said Snape, walking over to Lucius and Draco, Tonks trailing behind him.

The door shut and the two women were gone. Snape was no doubt staying and helping Lucius now. He'd tie the man down if he had to.

"Severus, I need your help." Said Lucius, setting Draco and Mr. Bunny on the ground. "Those two, (he pointed at the door) have gone shopping, and I need your help to help me watch these two." He pointed to Tonks and Draco.

"Oh no, Lucius." Said Snape, eyes wide. "All I as doing here was returning a book." He shoved the book in Lucius' hands. " I work enough with children as it is. I'm leaving." He went to the door, but the doorknob disappeared. Looking around, he saw Lucius putting his wand away.

"Please Severus!" groaned Lucius. "Just this once! It's hard to do it by myself, but with help, it shouldn't be hard!"

"Then ask the house elf!" snarled Severus, the familiar scowl on his face.

" He's cleaning, and besides, Narcissa told him not to help me unless an emergency!" snapped Lucius, also with a scowl.

Snape thought a moment, then sighed.

"Fine, but give me ten galleons." Said the wizard extending a pale hand.

"What!" yelped Lucius, "I'm not paying you to help me!"

"Then I'm not helping." Said Snape, eyes narrowed.

The two had a glaring match, only stopped with a loud shatter, then crying. The men looked around. Tonks was staring, shocked at a vase she had apparently knocked over. This had obviously scared Draco, and he now sat sobbing on the floor, clutching Mr. Bunny. Lucius grimaced. Snape looked at him, smirking.

"Fine." Lucius said. He handed over ten galleons to Severus, who stuffed them into the pocket of his robes.

"Well then," said Snape, raising his wand, " Reparo!" The vase jumped back onto the table in one piece.

Tonks' eyes widened in amazement. And relief.

"Thank you. You keep an eye on that one," Lucius pointed to Tonks, who blinked, "While I go take care of Draco." He picked up his son, and took the crying boy upstairs.

Tonks and Snape stared at each other for a second. Finally, Tonks spoke.

"Did you know you look a lot like an overgrown bat?"

She grinned. Snape scowled.

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