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Preservers of the Dreamscape - Fatal Irony

Every once in a while, a mishap occurs in a parallel world and the love and innocence of that world would slowly diminish. It is up to the Preservers of the Dreamscape to preserve the love and innocence to some degree. This is the tale of one particular Preserver and an emerald-eyed girl.

"So I stopped the trigger event...then my mission is complete." Strider shook his head. "Not necessarily. There are some minor details to iron out." The Chinese boy glared at him. "What minor details?"

"It's rather long and complicated. The trigger event still occurred but you were able to ease the pain off of your target. Although you have provided her with words of comfort, her soul is still in jeopardy." The entity paused. "The pressure has been cumulative, building up since her mother died. Once you arrived, you became a pressure valve. However, there is still a burden strong enough on her that the next big catastrophe that comes towards her might turn her into Ayame."

"How much worse would it have been?" Strider lowered his eyes. "The Clow cards would have killed the people she held dear to her heart. Remember when the Mirror card attacked? It took Sakura several hours until she found her brother. His condition had considerably worsened and he died that night. The Freeze card lowered the temperature on that skating trip rather than freezing the class in ice. Most died from hypothermia by the time Sakura sealed the card. Then came the Snow card, which created a devastating snow storm to take Madison and Kero. Finally, the Shot card was accidentally activated and its target was her father. You have to stay here to protect her from herself. Who knows how much rage is still in her regardless of the relief you provided."

Li nodded. "I will stay to keep an eye on her. But what about the Dreamscape?" Strider crossed his arms. "Crothus has that covered. He mumbled about a new recruit program before heading back to work. Speaking of work...I have to track down the new Phyrexian fleet to Earth 437. Take care of yourself...and your girl." A streak of red appeared over the boy's face. Strider chuckled as he entered a portal.

It has been a week since the trigger event and Sakura's behaviour has been a little peculiar. At least she wasn't depressed any more. He was still deep in thought when he took his seat behind her for English class. "Good morning!!" He looked up to see Sakura with her cheerful smile. "You're cheerful today...I take it that you are prepared for the chapter test on Catcher in the Rye?"

"Uh...yeah..." She turned around with her face red. 'Aaaaahhhhh!!!! I forgot about that test!!! I was supposed to read the first chapter last night!!! Instead, I kept dreaming about Li!!!!'

"I bombed it," groaned Sakura as she sat down for lunch. Madison patted her on the back. "It's only the first test. You'll get another chance!" Sakura smiled weakly. "I hope so...say, did you get a weird note in a black envelope?" Madison blinked. "No, I didn't."

Li ran up to them. "Did you get one?" Sakura nodded. "It said that an old enemy wants a rematch. This enemy wants a rematch since a cheesy trick was pulled off. It also wants me to wear the jester costume so it could pick up where it left off." The boy raised an eyebrow. "A jester costume?"

"It's old news. I have a costume that I've been dying to try on you!!" An ice dagger whizzed by with a piece of paper on it. 'No new costumes or the next dagger won't miss.' Li activated his Lasenboard. It revealed an image of Ayame for a brief second.

'Great!! How am I supposed to tell Sakura that her evil doppleganger is out for blood?' "The only enemy that knew I wore the jester costume is the Water card and I have it right here!!" Li rubbed his chin, thinking of a good excuse. "The Water card's wild nature might have escaped from its body with the help of someone highly skilled in sorcery. And that someone is after me." He pulled out an envelope with a letter that simply said 'Your realm will be destroyed and the dreams of many will shatter.'

The rendezvous was at the school. Li patiently waited for his colleagues while he racked his brains out for a plan. "Sorry we're late!!" He turned to see the Clow mistress in her court jester outfit with Kero, Yue and an upset Madison. "No fair! I had an outfit especially made for this type of battle!!" The two Cardcaptors didn't answer. Their faces were both bright red.

In the blink of an eye, Kero and Yue were knocked out by an unknown force. "What the...?" Ayame appeared right in front of the startled party. The shadow of the tree covered her face. "Power and Dash...a lethal combination, wouldn't you agree?" Sakura gasped. "How... how do you know about the Clow cards?"

She stepped forward. "Because I opened that book." Madison squealed in delight as she saw the face. "Two Sakuras...the costume possibilities are endless!!" Ayame lifted up a card. "Sleep card, send them into the world of nightmares!!! Release and dispel!!!" Sakura and Li leaped out of the way but Madison fell asleep.

Sakura looked at her counterpart in shock. "How is this possible?" Ayame smiled coldly. "Alternate timelines, interdimensional travel. Put both pieces of the puzzle together, Einstein! I'm you." Li stood beside Sakura. "You're pure and filled with goodness. She's an empty shell because she let her anger consume her."

"Don't blame me. I never had a guardian angel from the Dreamscape to watch my back. I'm glad it worked out in the end because now I can help the Clow cards who didn't want to be sealed so easily. I'm not bound to a conscience!" Sakura stared at Li in shock. "A guardian angel...?" He gave a small nod.

"Enough old friend has been waiting for a rematch and I've given it a little extra edge. Cyclone card, wash out these children!! Release and dispel!!!" Ayame's black star staff hit the card and the Cyclone started to charge towards them. "Thunder, release and dispel!!" The Thunder card attempted to shock the Cyclone but it swallowed Thunder and spat it back out before Thunder had an opportunity. "Freeze card, stop the Cyclone!! Release and dispel!!"

Ayame smirked. "Tempest card, neutralize Freeze quickly!!!" The Cyclone continued by while Freeze was caught up by Tempest. "Windy!!! Release and dispel!!" The dark sorceress laughed. "Hurricane card, it's show time!!!" The Windy became overpowered while the Cyclone tossed the Cardcaptors inside the funnel. After five minutes of shaking, it spat them out. Ayame smirked and picked up Li while Sakura struggled to get up. "Now, my doppleganger. You will learn what it truly means to suffer." Her staff changed into a sword and she plunged it right into his stomach. "LI!!!" Ayame tossed his body by the grass area. Sakura rushed to him. He opened his eyes. "I'm...sorry for not...telling you the...truth earlier." He started coughing up blood.

"Don't move. It'll worsen the bleeding." Ayame had a small look of shock on her face. Surely this is the same girl that has suffered the loss of a mother and the gain of a heavy responsibility and burden! "You...are calm! Why?"

Sakura shot an icy glare at Ayame. "He's my guardian angel. They don't die so easily." Ayame chuckled. "A simple matter of faith. Once reality sinks in, you'll know suffering." The Clow mistress took Li's cold hand into her own. The auras merged, creating a silver one that healed Li's wound.

The silver aura created an energy ball and fired it at Ayame. She quickly recalled her cards and activated a shield around her. "So, your love has come through for time is over. The winds have turned in your favour for today but you can only delay me for so long. I will add the Preserver's head to my mantle." She tapped her staff twice and vanished to another dimension.

Li looked above to see a smiling Sakura. "I suppose you'll want to know a lot more about your guardian angel." She gave it some thought. "I think I'll keep you tall, dark and mysterious...for now." He smirked. "Sure. Just don't start telling bad jokes." She could only laugh with happiness in her heart.

Crothus grinned. "We will miss you but you have your duty and your heart to follow. Is the program ready?" The junior officer nodded. Crothus activated a profile. "Let's try this fellow...Zachary Takaishi."

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