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Bowser was going out again. His children had never before seen him so nervous. He had combed his hair (Not that he actually had much to comb) over 15 times that night.

The koopalings watched him curiously…well, more like the younger koopalings watched him curiously, and seemed quite confused; As for the likes of the older siblings, Ludwig and Lemmy just stood around intently eyeing their very timid father in a composed manner. As for Roy, he just stood around completely bored-looking and yawned. Larry had suddenly come up to Lemmy and started tugging at his arm.

"What is Dad so worried about? Is he looking for something?" Larry asked, tilting his head to the side.

Lemmy stared down at him. Larry and his questions, at least it was better than Morton asking him it. But how was he going to explain this to Larry? He knew the question was coming, just by the look on Larry's face about 5 minutes ago, just staring at him with that gesture of the enquiring child. The bad thing was that he knew that Larry also wouldn't leave without an answer, and it had to be an answer that he understood at that!

"Well….Dad is…um…going out for a bit, Larry," Lemmy replied, lightly kicking at the ground. When he looked back at Larry, he had an even more of a puzzled look on his face.

"But…then why aren't we going? And why isn't he taking any troopas or bob-ombs or anything like that with him!?" Larry then asked. Lemmy stood there, blank look on his face, and not knowing what to do. Just as he opened his mouth to make an attempt to answer his little brother's question, Ludwig cut in.

"There is a lady that Dad likes, Larry. So he wants to be really nice to her so that she will like him back, and the two of them are going out to have fun tonight while we stay at home, and why?" Ludwig added the 'and why?' part as Larry opened his mouth to ask 'why' at that time, "because they really do not want to have children running around tormenting them in any way. They want peace and quiet so that they can talk without having to yell. That and they will be out past bedtime anyway." He smiled quite smugly at Larry.

Larry pondered on this for a minute or so, then looked back up at Ludwig with a smile and answered, "Ooooh, okay!" Lemmy smiled too and patted Larry on the head.

"Yeah, you know how Dad likes us, right? Well, this lady he likes, he likes her the same, only more so…..in a different type of 'like'…a special 'like'…" he said. Larry suddenly froze, horror filled his eyes. He gazed back up at the two of them and with a terrified voice, asked, "You mean…Dad likes this lady better than us?!!?!"

Lemmy blinked at Larry. Ludwig clapped a hand to his forehead and groaned, while Larry seemed to be on the verge of tears.

"No, no no no!! Did I say that, Larry? Of course not! Dad likes us more, but he likes this lady too!!" Lemmy tried to cover it up, or at least 'put a bandage' on the problem he had created.

"But you just said that-" Larry started.

"No, Larry. Dad does not like this lady better than us. What Lemmy means to say is that there is a special 'like' that Dad has for this woman, which the more appropriate term for it is 'love', as for us, he loves us too, but in a family way, because we are his children. But, when we say that he 'loves' this woman, that kind of love is a companionship kind of love, where you find someone you could even consider marrying someday if you really, truly and deeply love someone…."Ludwig yet again cut in, in hopes of saving Lemmy and saving himself the trouble to keep Larry from getting over excited about something so trivial, "that didn't make any sense to you, whatsoever, did it?" Larry stared back up at him, wide-eyed and nodded silently. Lemmy stood there laughing nervously, when Iggy ran up to him.

"Hey, Lemmy, I'll race you to the dungeons!" He cried excitedly. Lemmy gave a daring look to him and answered, "Ha! You're on.." and then, after balancing himself on the top of his ball, took off rolling after Iggy who had already made a start on the stairs, jumping down two at a time. Ludwig watched them leave, then shook his head.

"Ludwig!!!" came Wendy's voice. Ludwig turned to face Wendy, Larry and Morton standing in front of him. (Why was Morton there? Why WOULDN'T he be? Lol)

"Yes, what is it?" Ludwig asked them.

"Larry tells me that Daddy is going out tonight with a lady that he likes," Wendy said shortly. Ludwig nodded, Wendy's eyes grew wide.

"Really!?!? Ooooh!! Does that mean that Daddy likes her, and that they'll love each other forever and ever and ever??? And will she be pretty??" She asked ecstatically, jumping up and down.

"I don't know, Wendy," Ludwig answered, "all I do know is that Dad is really worried about meeting her right now." He knew that Wendy obviously wasn't paying attention, because she had suddenly taken off in search of Bowser, in hopes of interrogating him. On her way out the one door, she ran into him. Bowser helped her up before she fell backwards.

"Wendy, watch where you're going, you're going to hurt yourself or something.." he said. She looked up and smiled.

"Daddy, who is the lady you're going to see tonight????" she asked him excitedly. Bowser had gone wide-eyed and stared down at his daughter.

"Who told you that?" he asked her. She looked back at Ludwig, who seemed to try to hide his face behind his hands when their dad looked up at him. He then smiled, and lowered his voice.

"Actually, Wendy…" he started. He peered out the window, then turned back to Wendy, "you'll all get to meet her in just a few seconds." Just as Wendy was going to ask what he had meant, the door began to knock. Bowser opened up the door, and invited the other koopa lady inside the castle.

Wendy stared up at her. She too, was a koopa, and had the resemblance of Bowser, though she had curly dark red hair. Her eyes were a dark and cold grey and had dark crimson lips. She smiled sweetly and in a friendly way, but she seemed cold, like a darkness was floating around her.

" KIDS! GET OUT HERE NOW!!" Bowser suddenly yelled. Within seconds, the seven koopalings scrambled out into the main entrance hall and around their father. Bowser smiled at them.

"As you all know, I've been going out for some time. But never once did you get to see the lady I've been leaving with. So tonight, she came just to see you, before we went out again," he said. The seven children stared up at her, she smiled back at them.

"Her name is Melinda," Bowser said, taking her hand. He then pointed towards Ludwig, "Melinda, this is my oldest son, Ludwig."

"Oh, and such a handsome young man he is, like his father, no doubt," she replied, and played around with his hair.

" It is very nice to meet you, ma'am," Ludwig said, slightly smiling at her.

" And so polite too!" she added.

" And there is Lemmy," Bowser said, pointing to Lemmy next. She gave out a high pitched giggle when she saw him.

" Oh!! He's got such perfect balance, such grace!" she said while watching Lemmy, who just stood there on his ball, not moving, but staring up at Melinda with a questionable look on his face. Roy snorted and rolled his eyes at Lemmy. Melinda looked over at Roy, and pinched his cheeks.

" Awww, I see who our tough man is! Just like his father also, so strong and handsome himself!"

" Yes, that's Roy, Melinda," Bowser said. She laughed then looked at Iggy.

" Oh!! ANOTHER handsome man!! And he's got glasses too," she played with his hair also. Iggy introduced himself, and she hugged him, then gasped when she saw Wendy, "oooooh!!! What a DARLING little girl you have, Bowser!" Wendy smiled widely as her brothers all rolled their eyes. Perfect, this was JUST the attention that Wendy always wanted.

"Oh, she's so pretty, look at that adorable bow on her head, and she looks like an absolute DOLL in jewellery!" Melinda exclaimed, taking Wendy's head in her hand and examining her eyes. As for Wendy, all this time she'd kept a big smile on her face. It was maybe five minutes later when Melinda stopped going about how adorable Wendy looked and she realised there were two koopalings she'd never complimented yet. She looked over at Morton and giggled.

"Oh, who is this?" she asked with a big smile. Morton smiled back, and when he went to open his mouth to reply, he saw out of the corner of his eye Bowser shaking his head violently at him.

"Morton.." Bowser warned. Morton shut his mouth right away as he was told, and smiled at Melinda, who just looked at him oddly.

"Aww, but Bowser, he's so adorable and well behaved..and so quiet too!!" she said smiling again. Morton smiled very sweetly yet mockingly.

"I am, ma'am," he answered sweetly. His siblings shot him dirty looks, while Bowser gave him a stern gaze himself.

"Morton! Don't push it…" Bowser muttered. Melinda pet Morton's head and carried on to Larry.

"Awww, and this is?" she asked, turning her head back to Bowser.

"That would be my youngest son, Larry," he replied, smiling at her. She turned back to Larry and pinched his cheeks.

"Oh!! The youngest is he? Aww, and he's sooo lucky to have older siblings to look up to. And I bet they get a lot of respect from you, don't they, little Larry?" she asked him. Larry nodded and replied sarcastically, "Yes, they are my role models." Then he grinned widely. Melinda hugged him and laughed.

"Oh, he is so charming too!!" she cried. She looked over the seven children and then turned to Bowser, " they are all such wonderful children, how do you live with such adorable creatures swarming around you? Doesn't it hurt you when you have to leave them?"

Bowser shook his head, smiling, "Yes, indeed it does." She laughed and hugged Bowser, who hugged her back. The seven koopalings all gave each other sickening looks.

"Oh please…can it with the mushy stuff already," Roy muttered. Bowser then turned to his children.

" Well, we are going now. All of you behave, and stay out of trouble!" He said. He opened the door, and escorted Melinda out. Melinda waved softly and said good-bye to the koopalings, and then she and Bowser had left. Ludwig walked up and checked to make sure the door was closed, then sighed.

"Anything wrong, Ludwig?" Iggy asked him.

"No, nothing at all…YET.." Ludwig said, staring up at the ceiling, folding his hands together behind his back.

"What does he mean, 'yet?'" Larry asked Wendy, who was looking quite dreamy-like at this time. Larry eyed her curiously and asked, "Wendy?? What's the matter with you?" She giggled.

"Isn't it romantic? Daddy and the lady like each other!! And her name is Melinda…it's such a pretty name…" she said with a deep sigh. Roy glared at her.

"Yeah? Well, I think this mushy stuff is stupid!" he said.

"Yeah, that's YOUR opinion!! Not that it even counts!!" Wendy shot back.

"And what makes you think YOURS does?!" Roy said hotly.

" Well?! Um..What makes you think that YOURS does?!?!" She threw back at him.

"Roy! Leave Wendy alone, it's her opinion, let her have it.." Ludwig said, holding his head as though he had a headache, while giving Roy a stern look. Roy glared fiercely at Ludwig.

"NO way!! I ain't backin' down from my own little sister!!!" Roy yelled.

"You better if you know what's good for you!!!!!" Wendy yelled at Roy.

"Oh yeah? Whadda ya gonna do?! Call for 'Daddy?!' Well, guess what?! Daddy ain't here!!!!" Roy teased. Wendy now looked quite appalled, and started sucking up a lot of air. She went to let out a scream, but Larry dove on her and cupped his hands over her mouth. It worked…sorta, she turned around and threw Larry almost halfway across the room, then stomped around screaming about random things that she hated, including Roy in at least six times.

It was at this time that Lemmy had completely lost his balance on his ball and fell to the floor; Roy, rather than bothering Wendy now, directed his attention to laughing at Lemmy, who glared back at him, and the war of insults began between the two.

"Hahaha! Stupid circus clown fell off his ball!!" Roy laughed.

" 'Hahaha' at least I'm not a bald dummy like you!!" Lemmy shot at him.

" Ha, I'll show you a dummy, ya little turd!" he yelled.

"Who are you calling a turd, you stupid…NERD!" Lemmy yelled back.

"Hey, you wanna call someone a nerd? Look over at Ludwig!" Roy crossed his arms and gave Lemmy a smug look.

"You want to call someone a turd?! Look in the mirror!!!!" Lemmy said coolly. He could tell now that Roy was ready to explode.

"WHAT!??!!? HOW 'BOUT I BEAT THE CRAP OUTTA YA, HOW'D YA LIKE THAT?!!?!" Roy screamed at him. Lemmy jumped up from the ground, grabbed his ball and gave Roy a mischievous grin.

"Maybe THAT'S why you 'beat the crap' out of everyone, Roy!! Because you don't want to be alone in the universe!!!!" Before Roy could grab a hold of him, Lemmy was back on his ball and rolling down a long dark corridor laughing insanely, all the while Roy tried to run after him, screaming out pointless insults in fury.

Iggy watched as the two of his older brothers ran away, then turned back to Ludwig, who seemed as though he was trying to get rid of a migraine because of the way he was now massaging the temples of his head.

"Soooo…hehehe…um…what about Melinda?" Iggy asked nervously, trying to change the subject. Wendy suddenly calmed down, took big deep breaths slowly and walked over to Iggy and Ludwig.

"I like her…"she gasped for air, "she's really nice, and really pretty, and she has…a really pretty name." Morton crossed his arms and pouted.

" I wasn't even allowed to say anything!!" He whined. Iggy rolled his eyes.

"Gee, I wonder WHY!?" He said sarcastically. Morton gave him a dirty look.

" What?! It wasn't like I was going to blab on forever or anything!!" he said defensively, "because unlike some people, I know when to shut up!! Lots of people don't, you know that? But I DO know that, I know how annoying it is! And you just feel like screaming, 'SHUT UP ALREADY!!' but they won't?! THAT is VERY annoying, and I hate it, that's why you all shouldn't be mad at me, because I know when to-"

"SHUT UP!!!" the remaining four koopalings shouted at him. He jumped, startled that the three of his brothers and his sister yelled at him in unison. Ludwig shook his head.

"Morton…why don't you go and see if Roy has killed Lemmy yet?" he suggested to Morton, who was still pouting. At the sound of being requested to do something rather than 'shut up', Morton brightened up and cruised down the corridor that his older brothers had just recently taken.

"Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrighto!!!" he cried happily, and pushed over any koopa troopas that wandered around aimlessly.

" Wow…" Iggy said, wide-eyed, "good thinking, Ludwig!"

"Yes…as usual, right?" Ludwig replied. He then smiled and savoured every little second of silence that was given to him at that moment. That is until he heard Lemmy's maniacal laughter again and Roy's stupid insults down the corridor returning to them…and then there was Morton who seemed to be announcing a play-by-play at a race track.

As Lemmy came back through the corridor, his ball hit a goomba walking by, sending him flying and crashing face first into the ground. Roy then dove on Lemmy and started beating on his head, still yelling at him. Morton came around holding Kamek's wand like a microphone.

"And he's wiped out!! Down for the count! 'Rrrroy the Repulsive Annihilator' has tackled him and is now shouting inappropriate words for little children!! WHILE he is clobbering his opponent!! WOW, what a match, folks!!"

Ludwig groaned loudly and started walking around muttering to himself. Iggy, Wendy and Larry stood around watching Roy beat up on Lemmy, and listening to Morton at the same time. For some reason, it seemed to be interesting this time. Then Kamek had ran down the hallway and grabbed his broomstick and glared angrily at Morton.

"Hey!!! Give me back my wand!!" he tried to snatch it out of Morton's hand, but Morton turned away. Kamek got even more furious, and went to hit Morton with the broomstick (though he knew that there'd be hell to pay after when Bowser found out…) but Morton kept jumping away, dodging the broom.

"And it seems like the announcer is under attack!! Kamek the Magikoopa seems a little angry right now, and about what? No body knows! It could be anything, such as the sky is blue, donuts are fattening, or the simple fact that I have his wand and am using it as a microphone! It could be anything, and WHOOSH!!" he dodged another swing, "he swings to the left, and MISSES terribly! And then WHOOSH!! A swing to the right, awww, try again, Kamek, you'll get him sometime! And WHOOSH!! Another miss!! Should the old Magikoopa just retire once and for all, ladies and gentlemen, or should he continue to make a feeble attempt at knocking me out cold with a magic-less broom?! We will never know!!" Morton cried, then ran around the room in laps, Kamek chasing him.

"You little hooligan!!" Kamek yelled at him.

Kamek tried to chase Morton around the room, but Morton was obviously too fast for him. Kamek finally had blown a fuse, hopped onto his broom (the supposed 'magic-less' as Morton put it) and started chasing Morton again, only it was much easier to keep up with him now.

"And now it looks as though Kamek has brought in a sssssecret weapon! His broom does not seem to be 'non-magical' but-AAAAACCCCKKK!!" Morton yelled as Kamek rammed into him. Morton went sprawling to the floor, dropping the wand. Kamek stopped his broom, got off and retrieved his wand. He then glared angrily at the koopalings.

"I'm out of here, and I don't now if you'll all see me again!!" he threatened. The koopalings (besides Lemmy and Roy of course) stared at Kamek for just a little over three seconds, then burst out laughing.

"Kamek, you're funny!!" Wendy laughed. Kamek continued glaring at them.

"Well, I'm leaving too..and well, I don't know when I'll be back!!" Kamek yelled.

"So, you've changed you mind, have you?" Ludwig teased.

"I'm just going out for a cruise on my broom," Kamek huffed angrily.

"I think he's running away…" said Larry. Kamek stomped his foot in a hissy fit.

"I am NOT running away from anything!!" He pouted.

"Naw, he's just old and cranky," Iggy added.

"I'm not cranky!! And who are you calling 'old'?!" Kamek snapped. He got back on his broom and flew out one of the open windows and into the night.

Ludwig shook his head slowly and groaned again.

"I hope that Dad is having a more peaceful night than we are," he said to himself, then went to rescue the almost unconscious Lemmy who was still being beaten to a bloody pulp by Roy.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Meanwhile, Bowser and Melinda had walked for some time. They never really wanted to do anything that night, but walk around and talk. Either way, it was nice to be out, and they loved being with each other. (a/n: O_O WOW…don't worry, I know that Bowser really isn't like that…^-^ But it could happen, right?lol) Of course all Melinda really talked about is how Bowser's children were absolutely adorable.

They sat down by a lake somewhere. They peered into the water, and smiled when they saw the other's reflection. It was such a nice night…yes…nice indeed…(a/n: ^-^ Bowser, the mighty king of the koopas is NICE…^-^ lol) Bowser hugged her, she hugged him back. He pecked her on the cheek and they watched a bug fall into the edge of the lake and drown. They both laughed. (a/n: yes, it was that hilarious…and what? Did you expect them to watch the moonlight reflect off in the lake romantically? HA! It's STILL Bowser we're talking about…maybe later…^-6)

"It's such a nice night, isn't it?" Melinda asked. Bowser smiled and nodded…though he honestly couldn't think of something nice to say about night. They continued on with small talk about anything that popped up, when finally Bowser turned to Melinda, and stared at her dark grey eyes.

" Hey, I have got something to ask you," he said…

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

It was long after when Bowser and Melinda had returned to the castle. By then, the younger koopalings such as Larry and Morton were bobbing off to sleep every few minutes, only to jump back awake. Wendy walked around and pouted that their father was not back yet. As for Ludwig, he had immersed himself in a book when Lemmy crawled by him, still holding an ice pack over his eye from earlier that night.

"So…"he started, "what do you think Dad is probably doing right now?" Ludwig slightly lowered the book so he could peer over at his brother, then grinned widely.

"My my, technology today is quite astounding," he replied, pretending to ignore Lemmy. Before Lemmy could argue with him, they heard a loud groan from Wendy.

"When is Daddy coming home!?" she demanded, stomping her feet furiously.

"He wants time alone, Wendy. Besides, who would want to come home to you anyway?" Iggy answered teasingly. She growled viciously at him and pushed him against a large, wooden cupboard. One of the doors opened and a bat flew out of it and up towards the ceiling.

"Geez, Wendy. You don't have to be such a bat about it," Lemmy said At the sound of the bad joke, the koopalings burst out laughing (except for Wendy of course), even Ludwig couldn't help but give a weak smile. As for Wendy though, she had gotten so angry that she started screaming and ranting again (which brought her brothers' hands to their ears), parading around the room as she had done so before.

It was then that the door opened, and inside stepped Bowser…and Melinda. Bowser gave a call to let them know he was home, and soon his children had again surrounded them. Wendy had gotten extremely impatient (not that she wasn't in the first place) that she pushed her way rudely through her brothers and hugged Bowser. It had actually scared Bowser for a second, for he thought that she was going to ask him for money to go on a shopping spree or something. (a/n: heheh…^-^;; One of Bowser's worst nightmares I presume? Lol Ahh, the joys of being a father…hehehe…my own dad should know…*evil grins*)

"So..Guess what?" Bowser said, a smiling creeping onto his face, "Melinda and I are going to get married."

Everyone seemed to freeze then. Wide eyes appeared everywhere, even Wendy stood wide-eyed in mid-hug. They all stared at Bowser, then at Melinda. Married? And the koopalings were just introduced to her that night too…they barely knew each other, and their dad was going to marry this woman?

The koopalings all looked at each other, wide-eyed and speechless. Larry and Morton were no longer struggling to stay awake, they must have been one of the only really awake ones there. They all knew there also that it was such incredible news, seeing as how Ludwig himself couldn't find anything to say, but stare completely shocked at his father and Melinda. Bowser then arched an eyebrow.

"What? Isn't that great?" he asked them, giving them odd looks. Lemmy (yes, the one with the one black eye now…poor him…T_T J ), still wide-eyed just nodded absentmindedly. Bowser smiled slightly at Lemmy.

"See? Why can't you all just be like Lemmy?" he said more confidently, pointing at Lemmy. Roy shook himself out of the shocked state and punched Lemmy in the cheek.

"No, Dad you got it wrong, see? He's a bobble-head now, you know Lemmy, right?" Roy said smiling, and punched Lemmy in the cheek again.

"Ow! Hey, stop it…" Lemmy glared at Roy.

"Well… that… that's great… Dad.." Ludwig shook himself out a bit too. That was the best he could find to say to his dad at that time. He looked up at Melinda and smiled, "Yeah, that's… that's going to be cool, you as our step mom and all. That will be quite nice.." Melinda smiled sweetly again at him.

"Aww, that's great. I just couldn't help but to say 'yes'. The seven of you are adorable, and then your dad here is just a big sweetheart himself," she hugged Bowser, and glanced at the other koopalings. She then took her interest in Wendy, who was still holding onto Bowser herself. She was staring up at the two of them wide-eyed still herself.

"I.. I… um…" she started, still gazing up at them. She then too, smiled at Melinda and said, "It's about time. I don't like living with only my stupid brothers.."

Melinda gave another giggle, while Wendy's brothers gave her odd looks. She stuck her tongue out at them and walked off to the side.

"Melinda has no place to go at this time, so tomorrow she'll be moving whatever she has in here with her," Bowser continued, "so we'll give her a room and help her get settled in, won't we?" He looked at his children suspiciously, especially at Larry. Larry grinned angelically and put his arm around Roy.

"Yes, Dad. On our best behaviour!" Larry said still grinning. Roy was ready to punch Larry next, but then put his arm around Lemmy.

"Yea, Dad. Best behaviour, nuttin' outta us," Roy carried on, and slowly the chain of putting their arms around the others' shoulders started until they were a long link of seven. Bowser nodded and smiled.

"Good. Because I want no trouble out of any of you," he said. Melinda laughed.

"Oh, Bowser! I rarely doubt that they will be any trouble at all. Look at them, such little angels.." she said. She then looked down at Lemmy's new 'face'. She examined the black eye carefully.

"Oh dear, what happened here?" she asked him. Lemmy did nothing but point at Roy, who just grinned.

"Oh, we were playin'. Havin' fun!!" Roy grinned widely. Then he nudged Lemmy hard in the ribs.

"Right?" he said threateningly. Lemmy just rolled his non-black eye at Roy and answered, "Yeah, whatever."

"So, Dad," started Ludwig, " when are you both planning on having this wedding? And where exactly?"

"Well… We hope to have it soon, Ludwig. And as for where? We still have to decide," Bowser answered him. Melinda then hurried up and hugged Bowser again.

"Oh, how about on a really nice day? Just to make everything look pretty!" she suggested, " oh! We could even dress Wendy up, she'll be a little angel."

"That sounds good," Bowser agreed. Wendy stood there smiling arrogantly, her brothers rolling their eyes at her again. Melinda looked at a nearby clock, then turned to the koopalings.

"My my, it is quite late, isn't it? I believe I must be going, and I will see you tomorrow, children," she said, softly waving to them. She then turned to Bowser, kissed him good-night, they both said their good-byes and then she left out the door.

As soon as she got outside, she suddenly shuddered. There was something not right, but what was it? She looked around, and thought she saw something moving nearby, or at least around the corner of the castle wall. She narrowed her eyes, and decided to go investigate it…

Quite a shock for the night, no? The koopalings, after Melinda left, walked off to their own bedrooms, but none actually had been weary enough to sleep. Especially Wendy, who was now skipping up and down the hallway. Bowser sighed happily, and ventured off to his throne room. On his way, he stopped Ludwig.

Ludwig looked up at Bowser, waiting for him to say or do something. Bowser stared back down at Ludwig, then around the dark stone hallway of the great castle. After he quickly scanned as far as his eyes could see, he raised an eyebrow, then looked back down at Ludwig.

"Ludwig… where is Kamek?" Bowser asked him. Ludwig shrugged, and crept into his room for the night. Bowser straightened himself up and left to his throne room.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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