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They had to admit, having Roy, as their leader was NOT the best course of action. His siblings had next to no faith in him for starters, and they would be damned if they even started! They had found that none of them could find a way to put their safety or trust in the hands of Roy. It was pretty obvious why. Not very many people would!

This had been proven when Larry had returned from hitting Lemmy. The last four siblings stood about waiting for orders from their new leader. Fortunately enough, he had none to dish out to them at that time.

But even after that…he never did have any orders for them! Unless it meant something stupid, like running around in circles until they fell, but…that really was not an order to take from someone like Roy, regardless of his "authority". They all doubted that his ideas would be good anyway.

Lemmy had next to nothing to do with his siblings after Roy took over. He would lay back and watch over them of course, but he never took part in anything they did, but that was simply for the fact that Roy did not want him around.

Today Lemmy sighed as he watched Iggy take off into the dungeons…alone. It was obvious that Roy did not make them stay together, but what could he expect? It was Roy after all.

Morton still had not said anything. He did the usual twitching and gave an occasional whimper, but did or said nothing else. Once or twice Lemmy had requested to see Morton in hopes of helping them a bit trying to "revive" him, but Roy would snap at him and shooed him away before he could even get near.

"Get lost, I'm doin' just fine!" he would yell as Lemmy marched off down the hall.

"Just because I'm not allowed to play 'leader' anymore, Roy, doesn't mean that I can't be concerned about my little siblings…" Lemmy thought as he sat down on the floor. He leaned against the wall and stared ahead across the hall, directly at their family portrait. His eyes focused on Ludwig.

"Ludwig…we really need you…"

* * *

"Let's go, Morton! Rise and shine!" Iggy said excitedly as he pushed Morton over. Morton still had his eyes wide open, and he continued his trembling fit.

"Morton Koopa Jr.!" Wendy snapped as she swatted Morton over the back of the head, "c'mon! You are always ready to blab, you stupid chatterbox!"

Morton had suddenly took a deep gasp, and his brothers and sister watched with great intent for any other movement.

"Come on, Morton…" Larry said quietly, and then he gave Morton a little shake. Morton had suddenly jumped, as though shot with a bolt of lightning.

"BOO!" he screamed hysterically. His abrupt burst of life had been so swift that it also had his surrounding family jump and scream as well.

"Morton! You think this is some kind of joke?!" Iggy yelled, completely outraged at Morton. Morton had then returned to his trembling state.

"Boooooo…" he repeated, slowly and quietly. Roy shook his head angrily, then came up and gave Morton another shake on the shoulders.

"Morton…c'mon!" he yelled, "quit layin' around an' get up ya idiot." Morton just sat there, shaking his head back and gazing up at Roy with a deep look of fear and confusion, answered with, "Boooo…" again.

"What the hell are you talking about?" Larry glared at Morton. Morton pointed off into another room absentmindedly.

"Boooo..BOO!!" Morton then screamed again. His siblings again had jumped when Morton screamed, then remained still, all thinking about what Morton was trying to say, if he was trying to say anything at all.

"Why would he be repeating 'boo'?" Iggy inquired as he fiddled with his glasses. While doing so, Wendy had risen to her feet and headed off in the direction in which Morton was pointing. She stared off in the other room that he had pointed to with a look of dismay on her face. A boo had flown into the room, stopped and looked at her. She looked back. Boo then shot her a goofy look, with its eyes rolling around in its transparent body and lolling out of its mouth. She shivered watching it. That was nothing like the fun-filled ghosts they knew before. If they were going to stick their tongues out at them, they would have at least whipped it around and made sure to hit them with saliva. Boos were a little TOO goofy sometimes, even disgusting. She shook her head and turned back to her brothers.

It was then that the idea had hit her.

"Hey wait!!" she cried, then pointed into the room where the boo had been, "maybe Boo has something to do with it?"

"Hey…maybe-" Iggy started.

"BOO!!" Morton screamed, then fell on his back and rolled from side to side in a mad fit.

"AHA! Maybe it was something to do with boo!" Larry exclaimed, suddenly springing to his own feet and running into the room where the lethargic boo had been. He looked around anxiously, and then sure enough, found the boo hovering in a corner of the room.

"Hey, boo!" Larry yelled at it. The boo slowly turned its eyes towards him with extreme boredom.

"Oh boooo…hey, would you know what happened to Morton?" he asked it. The boo stared at him still, and he stared at it.

Larry did not know why, but he seemed to feel as if his whole body was jelly, he felt like he was going to fall. And the boo's eyes acted as if he was sucking the life out of him somehow. He felt tired, and the boo floated there, still with its bored eyes, it's deceased nature filling that one particular area of the room. Larry shook slightly, and then felt himself falling backwards, but before he could fall, Iggy had caught him.

"Hey, Larry, what's the matter with you?" he heard Iggy ask, but he sounded faint, as though far away. Larry gazed up at him with inanimate eyes.

"I…I…." Larry stuttered. He saw Wendy looking down on him, and Roy just glared.

"He's faking it," he heard Roy announce, "quit pissin' around, Larry."

"I don't think so, Roy. He was just fine a second ago," came Iggy's voice again.

"BOO! What the hell did you do to Larry?!" came the ever-so-familiar shriek of none other than Wendy.

The boo looked at her with the same strange gaze it had given Larry, and possibly Morton. She glared and turned away from it.

"It's gotta be something to do with the way he's looking at me.." she said angrily. Iggy nodded.

"It just might be…Larry was fine until he started talking to boo, and he was looking at him. You were talking to boo, but you turned away," Iggy agreed. Roy rolled his eyes. They actually thought that did they? Well, to Roy it was more the idea that Larry and Morton were probably faking, or had just become scared of the paranormal.

Roy quickly looked at both Larry and then at Morton, then back at Larry.

"Hmm…let's see here….LARRY, GET THE HELL UP, NOW!!" he screamed. Larry and Morton had suddenly bolted from their state of shock and screamed.

Upon calming them down, they had asked what had happened with Larry and Morton. Morton looked up again with wide eyes and a look of fear spread across his face.

"That boo has gotten evil!! I swear it is…all of them…all of them, all!! You take one look at them, not two, but ONE look and they'll put you in a complete state of paralysis!! Paralysis!! You cannot move, or blink or speak or eat, or do anything else like run or walk or jump or-" Morton had started.

"Morton, shut it." Came Wendy's reply, "so what's going on? The boos can't be trusted anymore or anything?"

"I don't know," answered Larry, shaking his head, "they HAVE gotten weird…it's as if they hypnotize you and you can't do anything about it. And then you don't know what has been happening until you wake up again…like you were sleeping."

"It's as if you are in some kind of a dream world… a dream world of dreams!! Happy dreams, of when father was back and we were all happy!" Morton announced. Everyone sighed.

"Morton, just shush it," Iggy replied. Roy huffed and stepped in between them all.

"Hmph. See? I know what I'm doin'. You've all got a great leader standin' here in front of ya," he said, pointing to himself. Larry rolled his eyes at his self-centredness and asked, "so…now what?"

Everyone then waited for Roy to give them directions.

"Well…just….well, what do you all want to do?" he asked. They shrugged.

"Why don't we just run away?" Iggy suggested.

"How about we all just try to work together for once? Like when Ludwig was still around?" came Lemmy's voice. Roy growled and narrowed his eyes at the sound of Lemmy's voice, while the others cringed at hearing their eldest brother's name. Was he deceased or not? Either way, it had scared them to hear it.

"I'm really sure he would have wanted us to work together, but…Roy's the leader now…" Iggy said sadly. Roy growled at him, and Iggy suddenly hid his face behind his hands in fear.

"Lemmy, get lost," Roy answered. Lemmy entered the room and then leaned against a wall, his arms crossed.

"No, Roy. This is getting nowhere. In the time you've done nothing, we could have had a plan, we could have put it to action, we could have made progress somehow," Lemmy pointed out to him. He looked over at Iggy, who had been brave enough to bring his hands down just enough to let Lemmy see that he was listening to him. Wendy had bit her lip and crossed her own arms, staring down at the floor. Larry did nothing but turn away, while Morton looked around, completely confused. Then there was Roy - the most outraged of them all.

"Lemmy…get out. I'm fine. See, I got Morton to straighten up," he said and gave Morton a shove.

"Roy, you yelled at him, I swear I could hear you from halfway across the castle."

"Lemmy, shut up and get out already. I'm doin' a much better job than you were, at least I'm being listened to."

"You're not a good leader, Roy," Larry answered quietly. Everyone looked at him, completely astonished - whilst Roy looked at Larry, completely angered.

"What was that?!" he yelled, then raised his fist. Larry winced and awaited the blow to his head.

"Roy, don't you hit him," Lemmy warned him, "just because I'm not the kind of guy who will hit someone, I WILL hit you if you touch him."

"Lemmy…shut up. Just shut up…" Larry glared at both Roy and Lemmy and left the room. Iggy hesitated, wondering if he should follow Larry or not, but had then decided to just stay where he was in case Roy got mad. And if Roy got mad, then… well, he got REALLY mad! Wendy pouted again and complained that they were not getting anything done to get rid of their own big "problem" (Melinda), but instead of Roy and Lemmy talking to each other about it and settling it, they ended up all standing there in complete silence.

Larry had found himself alone in another room, completely dark. He looked out of a window and sighed, then rubbed his eyes tiredly. He had gotten less and less sleep every night, and he felt terrible.

Just seconds ago he had been quite proud of Lemmy, he was taking a stand for himself, and he had even stood up for him. But he had been even more upset that Lemmy had given up in the first place; and then felt even worse after he mentioned that so much could have been done while Roy was goofing around. Sadly, it was true. And now he felt like their problem with Melinda could have been taken care of a long time ago, but it was not. She was still there. Again, he sighed and then watched the chain chomps outside run around.

"Dammit, Roy!! Quit being stupid!! This is not the time to good around!" came the yell of Lemmy.

"Look who's talkin', if anything, you are the one who is goofin' around. Get out of here already!!" came the unmistakable reply of Roy.

"Roy! You're just being stupid now-"

"You're the one who's being stupid, now get out of here, before I decide to beat the crap out of you.."

"Roy…you always say that. Just quit it already, we need to form a plan-"

"I'm doin' that just fine on my own, now get OUT."



Everything then went silent. Though Larry was still quite angry with Lemmy, he could not help but wonder if he was okay. Did he leave? Did Melinda get them all now? Did Roy hit him? Did the boos all attack them at once and paralyse them? Why was there not anyone saying anything out there now? What was going on?

He was afraid to go back for fear to see that Roy had suddenly went mad and killed Lemmy… but he was also afraid to stay where he was in case Melinda or some other boo-drone of hers were still lingering about. Nerves shaking madly, he slipped into the darkest corner of the room and crouched against the wall. Trying to keep his breaths deep and quiet, he waited.

He was not sure how long he waited, but eventually he had heard someone creeping into the room. He closed his eyes tight and prayed that they could not see him. Whoever or whatever it was must have heard him though, he could feel its presence drawing nearer.

"Larry?" Came its familiar voice, quiet and gentle sounding, as though trying not to scare him. Larry was sure it was Lemmy, and wanted to find out if it was, but he was too scared to move or say anything, in case it was a trick. He decided to stay quiet and hoped it would go away.

"…I can see you. I'm sorry, Larry. Really, I am. I was not well prepared for Roy to be so difficult." There was a shuffling sound, and then Larry could feel the figure beside him.

He slowly opened his eyes and forced them to see, praying for the best.

Beside him was Lemmy. Though it was dark, he could still see a big red scratch on his cheek, and he looked very downhearted, which was very strange to see in Lemmy.

"Lemmy…?" Larry said inaudibly. He turned his head and looked up into Lemmy's eyes, Lemmy did the same. Larry did not say anything though, he just stared at him - particularly at the scratch on his cheek. Lemmy had smiled slightly and then put his hand on the scratch.

"I left while telling Roy off. He followed, we argued more, he took a few swings at me. Unfortunately, I came out of it with a scratch, though he did miss me for the most part."

Lemmy's eyes softened more while he continued to stare at Larry.

"I really am sorry, Larry…" he said quietly. Larry lowered his head and turned away from him, still somewhat disappointed.

"You told me you wouldn't give up," he answered. Lemmy nodded.

"Yeah, I know I did. And I really hate myself for promising that to you, and not keeping that promise. But like I had said about Roy being difficult-"

"Roy has always been difficult, and you know it. But did Ludwig ever give up? No, of course he didn't. Though older than us, and probably with the craziest of ideas, he was strong in his mind, his beliefs. Why can't you be like that, Lemmy? Why?" Larry asked. Lemmy bit his lip and sighed.

"I know… Ludwig was great. We may have not gotten along with him all the time or anything, but at least he did the best he could."

"I really hope he's still alive."

"We all do, Larry."

"Because if he is, then he can come back and replace you."

Lemmy looked back at Larry. Frustration was written all over his face. It seemed that Larry had no more faith in him, which was really bad. If their siblings would not listen to them, how else would they be able to survive until their father gets back?

The room was suddenly illuminated by a large torch, in which Melinda had been carrying in with her.

"Children, what ARE you doing in here?" she asked sweetly.

"Nothing," Lemmy snapped, and quickly rose to his feet; Larry did the same.

"Ohhh..Lemmy, are you in a bad mood tonight?" she asked sarcastically.

" Uh… yeah, that's it. I'm just… not in a good mood at all," he answered and lowered his head. Larry took a deep breath and tried to keep from going completely hysterical. He turned and looked back out the window. The strange thing though now was that the chain chomps out there were all eyeing their window suspiciously.

'What are they doing out there?' he thought. They had not been doing that before, but now they seemed as though upset about something.

"Well, why don't you just come with me. We can find you maybe a nice glass of water, or soup.." Melinda continued.

"No, that's fine. I'm just fine, I just need to go to bed," he answered.

"I could take you to your bedroom if you would like-"

"No. I can find it myself."

"But dear, you really do not look very good at all. You sure you do not need help-"

"I can find it myself, but thanks anyway..uh…Mom.."

Melinda froze. The…brat…called…her…Mom?! What was he playing at? What was he up to that she did not know about? She looked him over…yes, he was like Ludwig, or so it seemed. Did not look like much of a threat at first, but they play with your mind.

'He's good at mind games, isn't he?…' Melinda thought, 'no matter, I'll make sure this brat is next..'

"Oh! You called me "Mom!" That is SOOOO cute!" she exclaimed with happiness and then wrapped her arms around Lemmy in a very tight hug. Lemmy felt like she was trying to squeeze him so hard that his head popped off or something.

"Uh…yeah…" Lemmy replied.

That was when Larry noticed it. The chain chomps. They were running around in circles, as though ready to pounce any second now. They barked and yanked at their posts until they ripped out of the ground and the chain chomps were free… and they were headed towards that very window.

Eyes wide in terror, Larry backed up and into Lemmy and Melinda.

"Larry, watch where you are going…DEAR," Melinda said snidely. Larry pointed a shaky finger at the window.

"The..the chain chomps…" he said. Lemmy tried to see what was going on, but was having trouble seeing over Melinda's enormous arms. But he could see just a bit of the chain chomp herd heading their way.

"Oh… Larry, dear," Melinda said with her high and sweet-sounding voice again, "do you remember the first time you lied to me about that?" Larry shook his head.

"No… look, they're really…they've gone mad!!" he yelled. Lemmy nodded.

"I think they have too," Lemmy added in. Melinda shook her head and sighed with frustration at Larry.

"Larry… this is not funny anymore. I've had your sister lie once, I definitely do NOT need you doing it as well. It is probably your active imagination."

"No, I'm serious!!! Look, they're coming, NOW!" he screamed, then tried to run. But before he could get anywhere, Melinda had suddenly shot her hand out and grabbed him by the arm.

"Ack!! No! Come ON! We have to go, before they come and.." Larry yelled while struggling to yank his arm out of Melinda's hand. He growled and tugged harder, but then gave a yelp in pain when she squeezed his arm tighter.

"Larry…don't…be.." Melinda had started.

"I don't think he's kidding, Ma!" Lemmy screamed hysterically, noticing now that all he could see out of that window was at least five large pairs of teeth.

"What are you-"

Before anyone else could say or do anything, the wall of the room had been completely demolished by the swarm of humungous chain chomps, all barking and biting wildly. Melinda quickly threw the two koopalings in front of the chain chomps, hoping for them to eat or crush the children, and then ran for her own life out of the room and down the halls.

Larry opened his eyes, chain chomps all around him and Lemmy.

"AHH!!" Larry suddenly screamed, and held his hands over his head. The chain chomps crowded around them and barked happily.

"…Larry?" he heard Lemmy ask, "why…haven't they eaten us yet?"

"I..I don't know.." came the reply.

"Well..they're stupid animals. Maybe they're blind?"

"I don't know…probably not, because how could they have found their way to this room?"



"No wait…I think that was what the swoopers use.."

"What are you talking about?!"
"They don't have to be able to see to find us, Larry."

They both heard a yawning sound. Where the chain chomps bored? Larry slowly removed his hands from his head and peered up at the large creatures to find that they were just sitting there, watching them.




Lemmy had also looked to see the chain chomps. They had all rested peacefully by Lemmy and Larry, as if awaiting their own orders.

"Um…hi, guys?" Lemmy said nervously. The chain chomps all seemed to perk up slightly, and one barked happily again. And as did the others in turn. Lemmy raised an eyebrow at Larry, who did the same.

"That was strange…they were just wild and angry a minute ago," said Larry. Lemmy nodded in agreement.

"Really?" came his reply.

"Yeah. They were fine until Melinda came in, then after Melinda put her hands on you, they started…" Larry did not finish the sentence. His eyes widened in amazement, and he stared at Lemmy, who did the same. A smile had then come across Lemmy's face.

"Hey…do you think they…?"

"I..I don't know..possibly..you think so?"

"It's a theory."

"It's a good theory."

"It makes sense."

"It's amazing.."

"We have our asses covered."

"You think?"

"You know what I think?"


"Heh, me thinks I know we are saved for the time being - with or without Ludwig."

The two sat, still staring. They then grew the biggest grins either of them had worn in a long time. They both then laughed hysterically and hugged each and every chain chomp around them.

"Good boys!!" Larry encouraged them, which had made them much more happier, not that they had not been already.

"Yeah, VERY good!" Lemmy added and tried to polish off a spot on one. After hugging the chain chomps, Lemmy and Larry then hugged each other.

"Larry, I'm still very sorry!" Lemmy exclaimed.

"Why should you be? If anything, I'm sorry.." Larry replied and then laughed out loud again. They both then sat again in front of the most glorious site before them. Their own army - of chain chomps…their own servants!

"And to think… after we thought she had control over all of them…" Lemmy sighed. Larry nodded. Then after another few minutes of relief, they both sent the chain chomps back to their giant pen and then had taken off to find the others.

* * *

"No way…you lie!" Iggy exclaimed in disbelief when Larry and Lemmy had told them their remarkable story.

"No, we DON'T lie. Both of us were there, Larry was the one who saw EVERYTHING of it!" Lemmy answered.

"Larry was the one who saw it all? Well in that case, it's DEFINITELY a lie!" Wendy said. Lemmy and Larry shook their heads. Larry then stuck his arm out at Wendy.

"No, Wendy, look! The chain chomps started charging after she grabbed a hold of Lemmy, and then when I tried to run, she grabbed me! And it really hurt!" he said, then rubbing his arm. Wendy shook her head and sighed.

"I STILL think it's a lie," she answered.

"Look, guys. You've got two of your brothers standing here telling you the same story. If Larry was to lie about this one, then we would have had two completely different ones," Lemmy said.

"But Lemmy, you even said you had not seen the whole thing," Iggy added.

"Yeah, but I saw the chain chomps come through that damn wall, didn't I!? And I definitely know about that one because then she tossed us at them!" Lemmy replied.

"Heh, no way… you SO have to be joking," Iggy said, shaking his head and laughing.

"No, I'm NOT joking.." Lemmy assured him.

"That's amazing," Iggy gave in and believed them finally.

"That's stupid," Roy cut in. He then walked up to Lemmy and gave him a shove.

"Honestly, that's just really stupid," he said again. But for some reason he seemed to find it hard to find the words he wanted.

"No, Roy. It's not stupid… it's real. We can defend ourselves finally. And I think it's best that you give the orders to the chain chomps in order to make sure they stay well-trained and ready for attack - you know, seeing as how you're SUCH an expert on that," Lemmy said while rubbing the scratch he had received from Roy earlier. Everyone looked at them with wide eyes, even Roy himself looked completely speechless.

"Um… well, why do I want to order the chain chomps around?" Roy asked. Larry sighed. Lemmy smiled at Roy.

"Well, it is like I said: You like the full-charge attack. So I figured, if you would like to, and whenever we needed it, you could just have those big guys after her.." Lemmy said again. Roy looked at him and shook his head.

"That's…. you know how..?… Really, that is really just.." Roy tried to find nasty things to say about it, but then again, if he did, then he would in a way be insulting himself, and the fact that his older brother thought about him in a kind way rather than in a nasty way like he should have. Honestly, he had tried to beat him up earlier, and now he was flattering him?! Roy looked at all of his siblings. They were all waiting for him to answer, and he knew exactly what answer they wanted - let alone what answer was deserved. He glared at all of them, then sighed, frustrated.

"ALRIGHT, THEN! It's a great idea, okay?! Are ya all happy now?!" he yelled. The rest all smiled and nodded at him.

"So now what do you want to do, Roy?" Lemmy asked him. Roy gave him a confused look.

"What do you mean, what do I want to do?" he asked.

"Well… you have taken on the role of the fearless leader, just like Ludwig had done. I would say that it is your decision as to what to do next, no?" Lemmy said. Roy rolled his eyes.

"Well, I can't manage chain chomps AND manage five other siblings, can I, moron?" he said.

"Then assign Morton to take care of the chain chomps?" Iggy suggested.

"Heh..no," Roy answered, then he turned back to Lemmy, "besides…it was your "GRAND" idea anyway… you should be looking after everyone."

"What are you saying, Roy?" Lemmy asked. Roy glared at him.

"You're gonna take over or what? 'Cause if you want to lose an eye…" he threatened. Lemmy shook his head and laughed.

"No, no. I accept your abdication from sibling leadership. And there-forth you are now head of our army," Lemmy said. Roy had next to no idea what he said, and really he did not care, but he just nodded anyway.

"Yeah, that's right.."

They all laughed and relaxed for the time being. Things finally seemed to be looking up for them.

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