Author's Note: This is a new fic I'm trying out before I post the sequel to Reincarnation, since it kind of relates to it in some way. I'm not abandoning Kuja, so don't try to kill me with your shrines! Um…Enjoy!

Dream Weaver

Prelude: Just to open things up

On the coast of the Forgotten Continent


          The horizon glowed a bright orange and purple, which as some people say was left over from the Iifa Tree. This entire incident has changed the lives of many, many people in Gaia, including mine. In that entire year, I saw and experienced several things: including love. I loved Zidane with all of my heart and soul. I loved everything about him and I even grew to love Kuja, his brother. When I realized that, I realized that this was the world that I loved. Yes…peace had an interesting effect on everyone.

          Including my love. I slowly walked across the rapidly cooling beach and along the pier leading out to sea. The Invincible was parked alongside the pier, its engines humming quietly. Zidane emerged from the side door, followed by an unhappy looking Kuja. The light hit Zidane's hair perfectly, making it take on a glow all by itself.

          "Ready for your surprise, Dagger?" He asked softly.

          Kuja rolled his eyes and kept a warm smile on his face. What he was smiling about exactly, I wasn't sure. I smiled and nodded, letting Zidane take me into his arms and carry me down the right of the pier. There was a small boat on this side and Zidane sat me down in it as gently as he would a doll. He got in the boat carefully and took up the paddles with a grin.

          "Careful, brother. Dr. Tot said that storms may randomly develop out here," Kuja said.

          "I'll remember that, Kuja," Zidane muttered.

          Kuja snorted and went back into the Invincible. In one fluid motion, Zidane started out to sea. I blinked, trying to take in all of the details. This was heaven and Zidane was…god.

          "What's on your mind, Dagger?"

          I shook my head.

          "Oh, nothing."

          Zidane blinked.

          "Are you sure?"

          I nodded. It wasn't long before the sun hid its face from the world and the stars began their nightly play across the sky. The moon inched forth from her sandy home, blood red in color. I eased over to Zidane's side of the boat. He took me into his arms and hugged me tightly.

          "It's been a long time since we've been alone," He said softly.

          "I know."

          A distant rumble of thunder sounded as we snuggled up closer to each other.


          I watched the screen in front of me with mild interest. There was something interesting developing on the radar. Was it a storm? The dots on the radar grew bigger and I heard muffled thunder. I jumped out of my seat and ran to the side door, quickly punching the opening code in. The door slid open with as hiss and fat raindrops fall in. Lightning flashed randomly and the sea pounded coast. I stepped out and scanned the air for Zidane and Garnet.


          The little boat jumped into the air and another wave of seawater washed over me. Zidane was outside of the boat, trying to swim back to me. With every second, he drew further and further away. I was overcome with despair, unable to do much of anything to help. It was just like when I was young, trapped in a boat with my mother. Lightning flashed before my eyes, blinding me and I flew up amongst the waves in that little boat.


          Was Zidane getting closer to me?


          A hand touched mine and I looked at it, my face a mixture of confusion and despair. The hand belonged to a very soggy cat-like Zidane, who was trying futilely to get back into the boat. The sea seemed to quiet down at that point, but the roar of it seemed to linger. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw the crest of a forty-foot wave. A flash of light and an unbelievable cracking of wood sounded…and then I hit something solid. The last thing I saw in front of my eyes was a piece of wood and then nothing more.


          The storm died instantly, giving way to a strange orange colored sky. I blinked, brushing my barely wet feathers out of my face. It was so quiet all of a sudden…why? At the edge of the beach, little pieces of wood floated on shore. I had to admit that I was worried about Zidane and his precious little Garnet. That storm was rather unnatural…


          My gaze snapped to the prone form of my brother, Zidane Tribal. The only thing that seemed wrong about him was…

          "I can't find her."

          Zidane's voice cracked with emotion.

          "Oh, Zidane," was all that I could say before my brother broke down in tears.

Hours later


          Something wet hit my nose and went up it, startling me awake. Filtered and gentle sunlight hit my eyes and I winced. My head hurt…why? Where was I? I glanced down at my clothes and my hands. I was dressed in yellow pants and a white shirt that was nearly in tatters. Why was I dressed like this? I got to my feet slowly, feeling the soreness in my muscles. I glanced around slowly, taking it all of the details.

          I was on a secluded beach, surrounding by tall palm trees. To the left of my body lay a marker of some sort. It read 'To reach the land of dreams go straight. To reach the land of nightmares take the same path and go right.' I guess I needed to go to the land of dreams then. I started off onto the path very slowly, seeing as my legs hurt with each step. It wasn't long before I reached another marker. Sure enough, the lands were very different in contrast.

          I fell to my knees and sighed. The sun beat down heavily on my face and my mouth grew drier. I was stuck in the middle of nowhere with nothing to eat or drink. I attempted to get back onto my feet again, knowing that I needed help, but my legs refused to obey me.

          "I'm doomed…"


          We stayed on the beach for a long time, searching the coast for any signs of a body. In actuality, I did most of the searching because Zidane was such an emotional wreck. I was about two miles away from the Invincible when I caught sight of a body covered with sand. I knelt down beside it and brushed the sand off of it. The body belonged to Queen Garnet til Alexandros the 17th. I touched the soft part of her neck, feeling for a pulse. She was still alive, but barely. I guess the eidolons kept her alive. For whatever reason, I wasn't sure.


          Something wet touched my lips and my eyes instantly opened. The image of a young girl with long brown hair peppered with brown feathers tipped in white. She had vivid orange eyes that danced in the light and she wore a set of brown robes. She was holding a bottle filled with liquid up to my mouth. I took it, even though I didn't feel comfortable about it.

          "Thank goodness, you're alive. I thought you were dead." I blinked, emptying the bottle of its sweet tasting liquid.

          "W-Where am I?" I asked.

          The girl smiled warmly.

          "Your in the crossroads between my name, Jougen and the home of shadows, Yoarashi."

          Jougen? Yoarashi? I've never heard of those names before.

          "Oh, excuse me for being rude. My name is Musouka, what's yours?"

          My name? What was my name…?

          "I can't remember," I muttered softly.

          "Why not?"

          Why couldn't I remember my name? I tried to think back to anything beyond the beach and felt pain in the back of my head. I winced.

          "I…just can't."

          I began to shake lightly due to the pain I felt earlier. Musouka clicked her tongue and helped me to my feet.

          "Now, now, you cannot get upset over such a trivial matter. Don't worry about your name and memory, ok?"

          I nodded, although I still felt wrong.

          "Come on! I'll show you my village!"

          Musouka grabbed my hand and walked straight through something that made the air shimmer. I edged away from it, wrenching away from her grasp. She stopped on the other side of the shimmering wall, frowning lightly.

          "Don't worry. It's harmless."

          I whimpered and stepped through it, waiting for some kind of pain. It never came. Musouka giggled and took her hand into mine.

          "Open your eyes."

          I did as she wished and gasped out loud. The land…everything was covered with a strange glow. Everything of color stood out greatly in this land.

          "It's so pretty," I whispered.

          "This is my homeland, my village Jougen. This is the land of dreams, home to the dream weavers."

          Dream weavers?

          "What's a dream weaver?"

          "We are a special race of people who hold control over dreams. We live in this remote village all by ourselves so that we can regulate the dreams in Gaia."

          Gaia? That sounded familiar.

          "What's a Gaia?" I asked.

          Musouka held out her hand and winked as a blue globe appeared above it.

          "Gaia is the planet we live on, silly. Wow, you really must not be able to remember anything then. Ah well, we'll change that!"

Author's Note: Jougen means crescent moon and Yoarashi means night storm. Also Musouka means dreamer in Japanese. Sound confusing? Sound good? Read and Review…