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Chapter Two - New School, New Environment, New Everything

Samantha's father pulled up in front of her new school, Angel Junior High. As they sat in the car, her father asked her warmly, "Samantha, are you ready to for your new school?"

"Not really Dad, but I have to go through this right?" Samantha asked, "And I will make new friends, have new teacher and I'll have to get used to the new environment right?"

"Yes, Samantha, yes. You will make new friends and you will get used to the way they do things around here. Although they will not accept you as a friend immediately, you can always walk up and give them a cheerful 'hi!' okay?" her father assured her "you have you mother's eyes and deep dimples. I miss her. Even though we're divorced and everything." He confessed.

"Ya, I miss her so much. It's all my fault that she's gone Dad" Samantha sobbed in agony. "It was all my fault," she whispered.

"Samantha honey, don't ever think like that." "Nobody is to be blamed for anything that happens in life" comforted her father, "Some people are destined to die at a young age, and some are destined to live longer. And no one can change that fact. Come on, stop crying, you're all sploggy now". Samantha chuckled a little at this. "There, that's better. Oh yea before I forget, here's your allowance for this week" said her father as he handed her a crispy twenty dollar note.

"And here's a your cell phone," he continued.

"You got me a cell phone?!" shouted Samantha in disbelieves.

"Well yea, but it's pre-paid okay? And switch it off while you're in class" He warned.

"Yea well I don't care! Dad you're the best!" Shrieked Samantha happily. "Bye Dad! I love you! And thanks for the cell!" thanked Samantha. She gave her father a peck on the cheek and hopped out of the car overjoyed.

After she'd seen her father turn into the next street, she turned to face the new school. Looking at it didn't seem that bad after all, she thought, well, here goes. And she walked up the steps into the school.