Hello! I've always wanted to write a Kim Possible fic, and I have, but I deleted it because I wasn't happy with its plot. So now, I'll try again! And woohoo, Shego/Ron! I love this couple! Well, actually, I like all couples involving Ron, slash or no slash, canon or non-canon. it's just that, I wanted something else for a change other than Kim/Ron, not that I'm tired of it or anything, 'coz I'll love it for eternity ;). It's just that, I've only seen one Shego/Ron around here, and I want more, so there ;P. BTW, like the way I address the couple? RONGO! It sounds so RETRO, lol!

Also, for K/R fans, I know some of you have come here just to flame me, and frankly - I don't care. Flaming me won't stop me from writing. Look guys, I love K/R too! I'm obsessed with it, and I've read every K/R fic on this site. I wanna do my own K/R too but I don't have any ideas :/. And besides, I know you guys want more K/R, and those who hate K/R will probably say "What?! More K/R?! For heaven's sake half of this place contains K/R!". Frankly, I don't blame K/R fans for wanting more. Heck, in the anime section, CCS(card captor Sakura) 90% of it contains one particular couple: S+S.

The point is, K/R fans, it isn't wrong to want more K/R, nor to be obsessed with the couple, but please stop lashing out on people who don't like it. And people who don't like K/R, stop lashing out on those who DO like it. K/R fans, you should open your hearts to other couples. Look at me: I'm as obsessed with K/R as you guys are, and yet I also accept Rokken, Kim/Shego, etc... But that's probably only because I came from the anime universe, and you know that in that universe, any couple is possible, lol. Anyway, so please. stop lashing out on each other. The issue of K/R has divided KP fans, and if we want KP to stay longer, we must UNITE! Lol, kidding. But take my advice, heh heh

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~Chapter 1~

"Ron! Hurry up!"

A red-haired cheerleader called to her sidekick, as she swiftly ran to a door, and concealed herself in the shadows, by leaning against the wall beside it.

"Coming, KP!" came the confident reply, as Ron Stoppable ran to his best and only friend in the whole wide world. However, as the blonde headed towards Kim, he stumbled on a pile of trashcans standing side by side, which created quite a ruckus.

"Ron!" Kim snapped, growing impatient. He placed her hands on her hips and glared at the boy. Ron smiled sheepishly and walked towards her carefully, determined not to make any more noise. He arrived at Kim's side, just as the girl took her trusty Kimmunicator out. "We're here, Wade. Any ideas on Drakken's plan?" She whispered urgently to the computer genius, who appeared on the screen.

"Just found out. Drakken's going to use his deathray and threaten the world to 'bow down to him', as usual." Wade lowered his eyelids half-way, to indicate boredom. "Again? Can't he come up with anything else other than his stupid deathray?" Kim asked. Wade shrugged. "Must be out of ideas," Ron commented. "Better hurry Kim. Drakken's about to issue his ultimatum," Wade said with a tone of finalization. Kim nodded and shut the gadget off, before putting it back in her cargo pant pocket.

"C'mon Ron, let's move!" Kim said seriously. "Oh, you better!" A sudden voice spoke. Kim and Ron looked up to the speaker.


The raven-haired, mad-doctor's assistant stood a top of a roof of an old tool shed, looking down at the two crime-fighters. "Go disarm the deathray. I'll handle Shego," Kim ordered her sidekick. "I'm on it, KP," Ron answered, before darting into Drakken's lair.

"Handle me? Don't think so, Kimmie," Shego drawled acidly, drawing her gloved hands which were behind her back. Kim gasped at the sight of the gloves.

Instead of the usual green rays that caused her gloves to emit a neon- colored glow, the rays were fiery red. "You've found a new favorite color. So what?" Kim shot back.

"The color's not the only thing different, Kimmie," Shego said, and all of a sudden, the woman attacked Kim and swiped at her with her 'new and improved' rays. Surprisingly, Kim was thrown against the wall. The superhero groaned, and clutched her arm, where Shego had hit it. "New rays - new powers. Courtesy of Drakken. These rays can literally, burn you alive," Shego bragged. Kim glared at her opponent, and got back on her feet. Then she ran towards her enemy and began the true battle.


Meanwhile, Ron crept further into Drakken's dark lair, trying to find the deathray he had to disarm. Suddenly, he heard a voice.

"Now that I have finished my little 'project', you must bow down to me."

Ron jumped, before realizing that the voice sounded as if it was far away. Ron arrived at a corner and stuck his head out slowly.

"No, no, that wouldn't work. maybe. It is I, Dr Drakken, and I have come to take over what is mine!" It was the mad scientist himself who was speaking, as he paced the room, unaware that Kim's 'Buffoonish sidekick' was present. Behind him was the deathray.

"What'll we do?" Rufus squeaked from Ron's pocket, as the naked mole-rat popped his bald head out, looking distressed. Ron thought for a moment, then snapped his fingers. "I've got it!" The boy brought Rufus out, and stared straight into his pet's beady eyes. "Rufus, distract Dr. Drakken. I'll disarm the deathray." Rufus looked surprised. "Me?!" "You can do it, buddy." Ron whispered, before setting Rufus on the floor. Rufus cast one look at Ron before he ran to Drakken, on all fours. Ron stealthily headed to the deathray, walking close to the wall so he wouldn't be spotted.

"Hm. How about 'Surrender the world to me, or else I shall use my deathray to evaporate any country I wish to get rid of.' Hey, that'll work!" Dr. Drakken put on a sinister smile, when suddenly something captured his attention. "That was lame," Someone, or more like someTHING said. "What?! Who said that?!" Drakken vigorously looked around, and spotted the 'thing' looking up at him from the floor.

"You!" Drakken said in surprise. "Uh-huh!" Rufus acknowledged happily, before running away. "Come back here, rodent!" Grabbing a rolled up newspaper, the mad scientist chased the naked mole-rat.

Meanwhile, Ron had reached the deathray, and was now furiously pushing random buttons on the control panel.

"Get your hands of my beloved deathray, you buffoon!" Drakken suddenly yelled. Ron quickly turned around, and saw Kim's arch-nemesis pointing his finger at Ron, ignoring Rufus who was still attempting to catch Drakken's attention. But the blue-skinned man strode over to where Ron was, an angry look on his face. Ron quickly turned back to the control panel and stabbed every button present. The sidekick, due to his haste, pressed a big red button on the panel. Suddenly, the deathray began to light up.


A beam shot from the deathray, and fortunately for everyone in the building, went out an open window. However, Ron, Drakken and Rufus witnessed it as the ray collided with what seemed to be an abandoned building, which exploded as the two came in contact with each other.

"I like it," Drakken said evilly, rubbing his hands together. He approached the control panel and hastily shoved Ron out of the way.

"Say goodbye, universe!" He announced, as he raised his arm and was about to slam it onto a big blue button.

"NO!" Ron yelled, only to be ignored. Drakken was about to press the button, when a crash interrupted him.

A woman had crashed through the wall and collided into Drakken, who fell on the floor from the impact.

The woman was Shego.

Ron and Rufus looked at the hole Shego made on the wall, only to see Kim stepping through it, and into the room. The red-head ran to the control panel, as Shego and Drakken tried but with little success to untangle themselves and get off the floor.

After pressing a few buttons, the deathray was turned off. Kim turned to the two villains with a smirk. "You two are SO over!" She commented. The ones being addressed glared at each other.


Kim and Ron watched as a police car left, bringing Drakken and Shego to jail.

"Ron, I saw what you did with the deathray," Kim said, turning to the blonde. She had a serious expression on, and her best friend couldn't tell whether she was going to praise him or scold him. BUT, being the guy that he was, Ron went for praise.

"Well, you know me, always trying to help. You're welcome," He said, smiling as if he was a movie star.

"How could you do that? Haven't I told you a thousand times to be careful, especially when dealing with dangerous equipment?" "Wha-?" Ron said, surprised. "Ron, you just destroyed a newly-built orphanage which was about to be opened!" Kim scolded, frowning. "Thanks to your mess-up of the deathray, about five hundred kids'll remain homeless for another six months!"

"I believe -you- told me to mess up," Ron replied, narrowing his eyes. "I SO did not! I told you to -disarm- the deathray!" Kim argued. "W-ell, on all our other missions, you always tell me to mess up. I just got so used to it, that's why," Ron said, arms crossed. Kim sighed exasperatedly. "Whatever, Ron. Let's just. go home." Irritated, the cheerleader walked to a jet that was waiting for the two.


The next morning, Kim stayed in bed, still quite annoyed at her best friend. She lay on her back, staring up at the ceiling with a frown on her face. Suddenly, the phone rang. Kim swiped it from her bedside table.


"Kim? Kim Possible?" Kim nearly choked at the sound of the voice who was on the other line.

"J-Josh?!" She squeaked, covering her mouth. "Hey," Kim's all-time crush greeted. "Umm. Why are you calling me? I mean, not that I'm mad or anything, 'cause in fact, I'm happy and." Kim stuttered. "Y.. eah. Anyway, are you doing anything today?" The boy asked. Kim's face lit up. "No. Why?" She asked, even if she knew what was coming. "Well, my mom's birthday is coming up and I'm planning to buy her a gift at Middleton Mall. The thing is, I have no idea what to get her, and I figured, well. That you might know. So can you like, accompany me and help me pick out a present?"

"Sure! Sure, I will.. I am -so- good at picking out presents, and of course I'll help you, heh heh." Kim continued to stammer nervously. "Cool," Came the short but meaningful reply. "So I guess I'll see you there in an hour?" "Yup," Kim said happily. "Okay. See ya then," And then a short click was heard. Kim lay frozen on the bed for five seconds, until.

"YYYYYYYEEESSSS!!!!!!! Yes, yes, yes, YES! I'm goin' out with Jo-sh, Goin' out with JO-SH!" Kim celebrated, bouncing on her bed. Suddenly, her Kimmunicator rang. Kim grabbed it, Wade appearing on the screen. "Hey Wade, guess what?!" She practically screamed. "The orphanage owners want you there as soon as possible. I'm surprised you already know about it," He said, completely unaware of Kim's situation.

"Yes, he totally asked me out! Isn't that cool- huh?" Kim paused at Wade's statement. "What?! The orphanage?! Now?!" Her voice was no filled with utter surprise. "Yup. They need help, since you know. Ron." Wade trailed away. "But- But - Josh!" Kim complained. The computer genius shrugged. "Sorry Kim. I guess he's gonna have to wait. The orphanage needs you." Kim let out a loooong sigh.

"Fine. Set up a ride." Wade gave a thumbs up and an apologetic look before the Kimmunicator screen turned blank.


"Yeah.. I'm really sorry, Josh... I hope you understand.." Kim apologized on the phone. "S'okay... Guess I'll just have to ask Bonnie, then. Good luck with the orphanage." Then Josh hung up. Kim growled, attempting to crush the phone with her bare hand.


"Hey KP, check it out! The island's shaped like an inverted dinosaur! Cool!" Ron Stoppable pointed, while staring out the window. The two were riding on a plane, headed to the remains of the orphanage, which Ron had destroyed. "Whatever." Kim snapped. Ron turned to her, shocked. "What tweaked you?" Kim glared at him, ignoring the fact that the plane was landing. "Ron, I am missing out on the most important date, of MY life, because of your stupid mess up!" She said, voice rising. "Date? With who?" Ron was as clueless as ever. "Who else?!" "Josh Mankey?" "DUH! Right now, he's probably picking a gift for his mom, with BONNIE! Not me, even though it was SUPPOSED to be ME, but BONNIE!"

"Chill out, KP! An orphanage is more important than a boy, right?" Ron reasoned as they walked out of the plane. "That's it EXACTLY!" Kim exploded. "Because of YOU, who DESTROYED the orphanage, I have to be HERE, wasting my precious TIME, instead of having the BEST time of my life, with JOSH!"

"KP, I bet Mankey will ask you out again soon. No need to combust just because you missed an unimportant date," Ron said, trying to convince and calm down his best friend. But unfortunately, he used all the wrong words.

"THAT'S IT, Ron! I don't even know WHY I let you come on my missions! Lately, you've been messing them all up!" Kim accused. "Hey. Junior TACKLED me. It's not MY fault we crashed into you while you were launching that net thingie at Senior," Ron defended. Kim growled. "Ron, JUST... Go home and leave me alone!"

Ron was taken aback. He waited a few seconds before retaliating, expecting Kim to apologize and take her words back. But she said nothing as she faced away from him with a 'Hmph!' sound, arms crossed. "F-Fine! I. I w-will, then!" The blonde yelled, trying to hold back tears that threatened to fall. "Fine! Then go!" came the painful reply. "FINE!" Ron yelled with finality as he stomped off. Rufus stuck his head out of Ron's pocket and blew raspberry at Kim, before retreating back inside.

When Ron saw that Kim wasn't in view anymore.

His tears fell to the ground...

He couldn't believe it.. He -knew- it was going to happen someday. He just didn't expect it to happen so soon.. He had just lost his only friend, and he felt empty... As if life wasn't worth living anymore. With a sniff, he sat down on the edge of a sidewalk, facing the deserted road. He sniffled again. Surprisingly.

He heard two sniffles; One wasn't his own.

Confused, the sidekick looked up, and towards the direction he heard the other sniffle... To his surprise, there was a person sitting not too far away from him, but far away nonetheless, doing the same thing he was: crying and feeling sorry for himself.

But even stranger...

Ron knew that person...

And that person was one of the last people Ron imagined to be sitting and sobbing just like him..