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~Chapter 9~

The streets were dark and empty as usual. Though this time there was an added description to them: wet. The streets were drenched, thanks to the heavy rain that had begun to fall only a few minutes ago, causing the asphalt to have a darker shade of gray or white, and to become awfully slippery.

However, t'was not only the rain that doused the sidewalk. Fresh, hot tears occasionally fell. The raindrops only contained gloom, while tears….. they contained anger, regret, sadness…. All of these feelings that were being emitted by Ron Stoppable.

The blonde-haired boy continued running, as he had been doing for thirty minutes already, turning into random streets, crossing empty roads… All this just get away from everything.


Suddenly, for the third time that evening, Ron Stoppable slipped and fell into a puddle of collecting water. Cursing furiously, he raised his bruised face out of the puddle, his hair dripping wet. His hand curled into a fist, and he banged it on the ground. He cursed himself for being so clumsy. He cursed the weather for making it rain. He cursed the road for being so slippery. But most of all, he cursed his life.

'I hate this,' He thought bitterly.

'I hate my life. It sucks. Everyone sucks. The whole world sucks!'

More tears ran down his cheeks, but he ignored them. He pulled himself into a sitting position, and lay in the middle of the road, rocking back and forth, hugging his knees.

'I hate, you Shego. I hate you too, Kim… Both of you ruined my life…' He shut his eyes, and continued rocking back and forth like a disturbed child.

"I dunno what to do….." He mumbled to himself.

'Suicide? No…. It's too painful. I'm too weak to resort to that kind of stuff. Yeah,it's because I'm weak… All of this happened because I'm weak…. And stupid, too, thinking Shego actually loved me.'

He bowed his head, a new wave of tears pouring down his face. The rain was beginning to subside, and now it was only drizzling.

An auburn-haired cheerleader ran desperately, calling for her best friend. Soon, she saw him curled up in the middle of the road, as if waiting for a car to come and hit him.

"Ron!" She gasped, running to him. She quickly put her hand on his shoulder.

…However, he hissed and pulled his arm out of her grasp.

"Stay away from me….!" He growled weakly.

"Ron, please…. Just, listen…. Please, Ron…. Just listen, okay?!" Tears fell from her own face, joining with Ron's on the ground. Ron looked up at her, looking a little surprised, though he didn't show it.

"I….. I'm really sorry, Ron. Amin hiraetha. – I'm sorry. I'm sorry for yelling at you, and all the other stuff I did…. I-if…. I could take those all back, I would… I really would, Ron…" She whispered desperately. Ron's eyes remained focused on the ground, though it was apparent that he was listening to every word she said.

"Please forgive me… We-we're friends, remember? Best friends. I don't want to end our friendship over some stupid mistake I committed…. I can't live without you…." She gave him a pleading look.

"Please come back to me…..?"

"I…. I don't know what to think anymore, KP…." Ron whispered truthfully, burying his head into his arms once again. Kim looked heart-broken, but she placed her hands on his shoulders to comfort him. This time, he didn't pull away.

"I want to go back…. But I can't….. Everyone'll know, a-and….. They'll hate me….. And…… I still l-love Shego…"

Kim nodded tearfully. A couple of feet away, a raven-haired woman stood in the shadows, observing them, and looking as sorrowful as they were.

"It hurts, KP…. It hurts a lot…." Ron mumbled.

"S-she loves you too, Ron…." Kim said slowly. Ron looked up. 'What?'

"She does…. What she said a while ago…. Well…. It was all a prank to break my spirit…. She really loves you…"

"So true…" Shego said quietly from afar.

"I don't believe you, Kim," Ron croaked flatly.


"It's the truth." Shego suddenly spoke, stepping out of the shadows. Ron stared at her.

"I…. I'm sorry for saying what I said….. I guess…. My ego just got the best of me," She shrugged.

"You know that I love you with all my heart, Ron. We did all that stuff just to prove it."

"I…. I finally understand, but….." Ron said softly, his eyes darting from Shego to Kim.

"You have to pick: Your lover, Shego, or your best friend Kim?" Kim completed for him.

"I…." Ron stood up. He looked at Shego.

"I'm sorry…." He looked at the ground, tears falling again. Shego approached him, and put a gloved hand on his shoulder, bending down so that their faces were inches apart.

"It's okay…. I understand….. It could never really worked out…. I mean…. You've got Kim Possible and I have Drakken…."

"I'm sorry…." Ron choked out. Shego patted his back.

"Go… It's okay, we'll still see each other, anyway…" Shego looked at Kim, who stood, watching the two sadly. A part of her felt sorrow for both of them, since she knew what it must feel like to have to separate with the one you love, but the other part was thankful that Ron was coming back.

Before she knew it, Ron was in front of her. She threw her arms around him and held him close.

"I missed you so much, Ron…." She whispered into his ear. Ron returned the hug.

"I missed you too, KP… Sorry for all the damage I caused…." Kim shook her head and tightened her hug.

"One moment please, though…." Ron asked in such a way that it was more of a request rather than a statement. Kim nodded and let go.

The freckled teenager walked towards his lover. Sensing the sparks between them, the two leaned in for their possibly last kiss. A moment later, their lips parted.

"This may sound sappy, but… I'll always love you, Ron…." Shego said.

"As will I…." And with that, Ron walked to Kim, who cast him a pitied glance. The two began to slowly walk away, but not before Ron and Shego looked at each other sadly and longingly. And then, the crime-fighting duo disappeared into the darkness, while Shego watched them and gave a wistful sigh.

"Come out, Doc. I know you're here," Shego said, rolling her eyes. Indeed, Doctor Drakken approached her, and then looked into the direction where Kim and Ron had left.

"I don't know what you see in him. Honestly, Shego…." There was an uncomfortable pause between the two, then Shego spoke.

"So…. You taking me back? Am I being hired again?"

Drakken jumped up and down with glee.

"Or course, Shego! …. Err, I mean, sure, you can come back….."

The villainess rolled her eyes once more, and turned around.

"Then, what are we waiting for? Let's head back to the lair."

"No, Shego." Drakken stopped her. She cast him a curious glance.

"… Let's go out and have dinner or something. My treat," Drakken offered. Shego gave a weak smile before the two left and began walking down the street.

She closed her eyes, thinking of Ron. She placed her hand a couple of inches below her heart, and gave a deep breath.

'I'll never forget you….

I'll love you forever, like I said,

so you can never escape my mind.

Also, because…

You left something precious to me….

Her hand tightened, and she opened her eyes.


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