Chapter 1

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/Mind to mind speaking \

#Mind to mind picture #

A boy, fourteen years old or so, in a black top and navy blue trousers, crept through a rhododendron bush, beckoning to another boy, wearing traditional Chinese tunic, who was tiptoeing behind him. The second teenager whispered to the first, "Kai, are you sure this is a good idea? If we get caught…think what they might do to us!"

Kai shook his head, making his blue-grey hair wave gently. "Yes, Rei, I'm sure this is a good idea. We have to get that problem of yours sorted out, however we can. And anyway, they probably already know we're here. If they were planning to do anything, they would have probably done it already."

"Yes, but-" Rei fell silent as Kai clapped a hand over his mouth.


Some distance away from the two teenagers, two men talked quietly over the progress of one of their students.

"Professor, I really feel that he is ready to move onto much more challenging exercises!"

"Logan, I know how you feel. But he isn't ready yet! You may spend more time with the students than I do but-"

Logan held up a hand to stop him, and sniffed the air, glancing round at the surrounding bushes.

Professor Xavier frowned. "What is it?"

"I smell Sabretooth!" With a snarl, he raced across the field to one side of them, his claws snapping out of his knuckles. "Come here and fight like a man!" He dove into a group of bushes about a hundred metres away from the professor.

Instead of the usual howl from Sabretooth, there was only a pitiful yowl. Logan emerged from the bush, several leaves in his hair, clutching a black and white tiger cub. "Logan, that doesn't look like Sabretooth to me." Xavier smiled slightly.

Logan flushed slightly. "Anyone can make a mistake, Pro-" A blue-haired form charged out of the bushes Logan had so recently vacated.

"Let go of him! What did he do to you!" The creature revealed itself to be a boy, muscled and strong, those muscles straining as he attacked Logan.

Even the tiger cub joined in, biting Logan's fingers with small sharp teeth. Through this, Xavier just moved towards them in his chair, smiling slightly.

Logan dropped the tiger cub, and focused his attention on the boy. After a second or two, the older male had the younger in a painful hold, metal claws at his neck. The boy, rather sensibly, froze.

Xavier spoke quietly. "Logan. Let him go."

Logan growled, but did so, albeit reluctantly. The boy stepped away, rubbing his neck and cussing under his breath.

"Now. I want you to tell me what you are doing in these grounds with a white tiger cub." Xavier frowned. He could usually read minds…but this boy had an impenetrable mental shield.

The boy glared, but answered. "He has a problem. I thought you could help. As you can do all that stuff with minds."

Xavier didn't respond to that, and just asked, "What's your name?"

The response came grudgingly, hand in hand with a glare, "I am Kai. He is Rei."

Logan spoke up. "You named the tiger Rei?"

" 'The tiger' is actually a boy. That's why we came here." Kai glared fiercely at the other men. "Give him here. I'll show you."

Logan picked up the tiger cub from the ground, where it had been keeping itself busy by savaging the man's ankles with its teeth.

As Logan lifted him from the ground, it started to growl, and turned his head and bit the man. "Hey, creature, don't do that." The wound closed up in a matter of seconds, and the cat stopped trying to bite him, but the growling did not abate until he was safe in Kai's arms, and then it turned to purring.

Kai smiled carefully as the cub snuggled in his arms, all ready for a long nap. /Hey, come on Rei, its alright, I've got you, come back \ The words were on such a loose telepathic band, even Logan could hear them.

Xavier and Logan watched with interest as the boy's so far hard and glaring face softened, the blue triangles of face paint curved upwards in a smile, and the creature in Kai's arms formed slowly into a human, still cat-like in appearance, but undoubtedly human. He was still asleep, but Kai stroked the boy's cheek until his eyelids flickered and he awoke, to show beautiful amber eyes.

The two older men gazed at the transformation in wonder. Kai kept the boy in his arms, though by now he was thoroughly awake. "You see? That's why we came here. But it doesn't matter. It was probably a bad idea anyway."

The boy in his arms sleepily nodded agreement, and Kai turned to leave. Xavier called out softly to them, as one might to a frightened animal, "Stay. We can help him control this power, more than anyone else could hope to do. Also… I think you have a gift of your own, Kai. And I think you know it too."

A death-glare came his way. "So? Do I care if I have a 'gift'?"

"Yes, Kai. I believe you do care." Xavier moved his chair closer. "I think you also care about Rei, and his gift. Or why would you have come here?" It was a rhetorical question, and Kai noticed that.

"Fine. He will stay. I won't, though." Kai set Rei down carefully.

Rei opened his amber eyes wide. "Kai, don't go, I'll miss you. I don't want to be left alone again… and do you want to be alone on the street? After…" Rei left the sentence unfinished, and both boys shuddered. Xavier frowned. Kai was not the only one of the two that had a tough mental shield. Perhaps they had trained each other, as a game. Many children did, these days.

Kai sighed. He didn't want to go, but he had to. Rei wouldn't want him restricting him. Xavier raised an eyebrow – the boy's thoughts were no longer as shielded as they had been – his brotherly love for the other teenager was almost literally jumping out at him, though Kai was definitely trying to block those feelings from Rei.

"I will stay, then. If I am allowed…?" He trailed off, waiting for a response from the professor.

"Of course, of course. Anyone with a gift is always welcome here." Xavier smiled. "I am Professor Xavier, this is Logan. His professional name is Wolverine. If you are planning to stay, there is a room for the two of you free at the moment."

A woman with glossy red hair appeared in the clearing behind Xavier. "Professor?"

"Yes, Jean. I want you to show these two boys to room 21, please. Rei, Kai, this is Jean Grey, one of the older students at the school."

In their minds, another conversation was going on, much faster and confined to the two older psychics.

Xavier – /Jean, be careful with the black haired one, Rei. He becomes – strangely enough – a tiger cub when he gets scared. The other, Kai, is telepathic, and probably telekinetic as well. His gift… it's possibly stronger than mine. Neither of them have been trained, at least not professionally, but I think they played mind strengthening games. Certainly, they both possess a great talent in mind and body. They will need time to adjust, I think \

Jean – /Of course. You know I'm always careful when it comes to new students \

Xavier, with a smile in his 'voice' – /I know, Jean. Thank you \

Rei and Kai stared at the two telepaths, catching snatches of the conversation, though it was not supposed to be overheard. "What's telekinetic?" asked Kai.

Xavier and Jean exchanged raised eyebrows, while Logan just watched, confused. "It means you can move things with your mind." Xavier said finally.

Jean interrupted Kai's response with – "Kai, Rei, come with me, I'll show you to your room."

Kai gently set Rei down, holding him steady until the younger boy had caught his balance, then the two of them followed Jean up to the mansion where they were to stay.

In their minds, a conversation was going on, as fast as the one Xavier and Jean had held, but even quieter.

Rei – /Thank you for staying, Kai. I don't think I could do this without your help \

Kai – /Rei, you know you could \

Rei- /No I couldn't. I can't do things like this on my own. I would never have escaped from that gang either, without your help. You know that. Anyway, we're safe here. You can do things with your mind, and move things. You showed me that when you threw Keith across the street when he attacked me. You're scary when you get like that \

Kai – /I'm sorry, Rei. I didn't know that scared you. I'll try not to do it again./

Rei – /No, Its ok, I know you can't help it \ #Image of Rei slipping his hand into Kai's hand # /I wonder what our room's gonna be like \

Kai- #image of his hand squeezing Reis' # /Better than the blanket we used to have. Probably have a shower as well. It'll be nice to have hot water, rather than just using the rain. Your hair always dries weird when you don't have time to wrap it \

Rei- /Thanks! Anyway, I'd rather know what the other kids are like \

Kai- /Mm. The professor doesn't seem too bad. Nor Jean. Logan might not be as nice, though. He looks meaner \

The group of three entered a grand entrance hall, and several kids ran past. The strangest thing was, they all looked exactly the same.

Rei- /This is the weirdest place I have ever been in my life \

Kai- #image of violent nodding #


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