Chapter 4

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/ Mind to mind speaking \

# Picture in mind to mind #

Rei blinked, and sat up slowly. "What are we doing here? Kai?"

The boy being questioned made no response, except to snore quietly, and roll over.

"Oh yeah. The mansion place. Kai, are you gonna get up or am I gonna have to steal your blanket?"

Still no answer. "Right, you asked for it!" Rei grabbed Kai's blanket and made his way to a large ornamental pond, with Kai yelping and chasing after him.

"C'mon, you're gonna have to hand it over soon!" Kai laughed, and launched himself at Rei's feet.

With a shriek, Rei landed on Kai's blanket, with had been conveniently placed behind him. "Kai! We'll wake the whole mansion!"

"Nah! They're all too lazy, if they didn't wake up when we first came out here." Kai pulled off one of Rei's light shoes and started to tickle him.

Rei was soon immersed in fits of hysterical laughter, twitching his leg to try and throw Kai off. "Kai! This means war, you know!" Suddenly, he was on top of Kai, holding him down while he tickled the other boy's chest.

"Have mercy!" Kai yelped, in between fits of uncontrollable laughter. "Rei! Please? All I wanted was my blanket!"

Rei stood, but managed to catch his leg on a tree root, cried out, grabbed Kai's arm to stop himself falling, then with a great splash the two of them fell into the pond. Kai cried out as he hit the surface, but Rei just sank without a sound.

Jean Grey, who had been watching the display from her bedroom window, paled, threw open her bedroom door, and took the stairs two at a time.

A few moments later, Kai surfaced, gasping for breath. "Rei? Oh gawd, you can't swim!" He dived beneath the water, and made his eyes stay open, to search for his friend. After thirty seconds or so, he was forced to come back up for air, but immediately swam under the surface again.

He dove down another three times before finding Rei's body, motionless, on the bottom of the pool. Kai pulled futilely at Rei's arm, but the other boy's waterlogged clothes were too much for him to lift alone.

A thought occurred to him, racing through his mind. He had no way of knowing that it was sent by Jean Grey, who was, at that moment, frantically racing towards them across the mansion's grounds. /Use your telekinesis! Bring him to the surface! Focus your mind/

With a great effort, Kai lifted Rei's body, and the two of them exploded from the water to hover almost twenty metres in the air. "Rei?" Kai whispered, his entire body exhausted from the telekinetic energy he had just managed to use up, on top of his reaction the night before.

Both of them were soaked, the water running down their bodies in rivulets and dripping into the lake below them. Rei's hair was draped over his body in a tight curtain, and his eyes were half closed, allowing only a tiny sliver of their beautiful amber colour to shine through.

"Please, Rei, wake up, please, I'm begging you, please!" Kai wept for his friend, not noticing that Jean Grey was lowering the two of them to the ground. "Rei!"

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