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Little help

Legolas sat alone on the eastern side of the Hornburg. It had been awhile since him and Aragorn fought.

" Then I shall die as one of them" Aragorn's words rang in his head. He hated himself, for what he had said to Aragorn.

He shouldn't have said it. He shouldn't have. But he did, and now he inflicted more pain on his friend. He was wrong on saying it but he was right. These people would die. Every last one. They would die, and his people were to blame. They should have done something.

He knew his people had foresight, and some probably knew of this battle. But they did nothing. Nothing.

Tears started forming in his eyes, at the thought of these people, most were just starting to live their life, and within a couple of hours they would die.

Legolas let his rage take over he grabbed a water jug threw it with all of his strength and let out all of his emotions with one scream. He fell to his knees and pounded the ground again and again until he felt blood running down from his now opened knuckles.

He heard footsteps behind him. But took no notice. Whoever it was, was watching him.

He reluctantly turned around to see a young girl, no older then six years old.

She was clutching a doll and was crying.

He stood and made his way over to her. She backed away from him.

" It's okay I won't hurt you". He said in a reassuring voice. He knelt in front of her. "What's your name, young one"?

She looked so frightened. She had a look of pure terror. Legolas almost laughed.

"There nothing to be afraid of, Iam Legolas". He held out his hand for her, but immediately put his hand down remembering the blood.

She was still crying but looked less frighten. "Iam Rose".

"That's a beautiful name". He said with a smile.

The girl stopped crying and smiled, then she noticed his ears. "Your, you're an Elf". Legolas nodded his head. Her eyes widened. She stared at his ears. He smiled at this. It was normal for a human child to be curious about his ears. "May I, um, can I um". She was lost for words but Legolas knew what she was trying to ask. He turned his head sideways and pushed some hair behind his ear. "You may".

She stepped forward and touched his ear. This of course made Legolas take in a sharp breath. The girl mistook this. She brought her hand down. "Iam sorry if I hurt you" she said.

"No you did not hurt me, you see Elven ears are very sensitive, I knew that would happen, if it would hurt me then I would have never let you touch it". He was smiling while saying this.

"Where are your parents young one"? This brought a look of panic on her face, and then she started crying. He held out his arms, and she fell in his arms, while crying on his chest. He soothingly stroked her hair and whispered Elvish words to calm her down.

"Please little one, tell me whats wrong". She looked up to his face and whispered, "They died". Then she broke into sobs. He gently picked her up and made his way to the cave where the women and children were. Once there he looked around searching for Eowyn. He saw many women holding on to there children for dear life. Then he spotted her. He made his way over to her.

"Eowyn, take her". Eowyn looked at the Elf then at the girl in his arms. Eowyn went to take the girl but the girl screamed and threw her arms around his neck. He stroked her hair and whispered "Rose I have to go, you must stay here". She held tighter to his neck. "Why can't I stay with you?" She said. "Rose, it would be too dangerous you must stay here with Eowyn, I promise you I will come to see you after the battle". The grip around his neck loosened. She looked him strait in the eye. "You Promise" she said tears still falling from her eyes. He nodded "I promise" He wiped the tears away and handed her to Eowyn.

He turned to leave. When he neared the entrance Eowyn put the girl down. As soon as her feet touched the ground she ran.

He was about to leave when Rose grabbed on to his leg. He smiled. She looked up at him. " Will we win this fight?" she said.

"We will win as long as we have hope" She shook her head. "There is always hope"she said. "Come back to see me Leggy". "Don't' worry little one I will". He knelt down kissed her on the forehead and left.

He walked around still feeling bad for what he had said to Aragorn. That's when he realized something. Hope. There was still a chance that they would win this battle. A small chance but still a chance. "There is always hope". Roses sweet voice filled his ears. She was right there was always hope. He stopped right in his tracks, turned and ran looking for Aragorn.

That little girl helped him realize what he was to blind to see before. Hope lies in those who believe. There was always hope.

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